Film Junk Podcast Episode #498: Inherent Vice and Best of 2014


0:00 – Intro
4:00 – Review: Inherent Vice
35:00 – Feature: Top 10 Films of 2014
1:38:20 – Feature: The First Annual Junkies
2:07:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Stranger By the Lake, Into the Woods, Locke, Citizenfour, Stretch, Frank, Virunga, Calvary, The Babadook, We Are the Best!, The Imitation Game
2:41:00 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:42:25 – Outro

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  • knuklerboss

    yes new show!
    not gonna kill myself this week!!

  • Colin

    At least not for the next two hours, forty-five minutes… after that, who knows?!

  • Colin

    Have not listened yet, have to resist the urge to jump directly to “The First Annual Junkies”

  • Lark

    Jay, it was so refreshing to listen to your review of “Stranger by the lake”!
    You were just talking matter-of-factly without feeling the need to loudly and obnoxiously proclaim your own sexuality, like most (insecure) straight guys would have done. Not threatened by loads and loads of dicks that Mr.Cheel~

  • devolutionary

    Just started the episode now. Having just finished reading the book (Inherent Vice), interested to see your take on the movie, gentlemen!

  • Captain Morgan

    So jazzed for this.

  • Essie

    Thank you guys for another wonderful year. The amount of work you all put into the show, not just what we hear but behind the scenes too, is so loved and appreciated.

    The number of times Frank says Noah looks good in this episode is amazing.

  • ABandini

    Can someone please post their top 10 lists here? I was listening to it while commuting and couldn’t take note =/

  • ABandini

    I read ANAL JUNKIES and felt like jumping directly to it myself.

  • Sam

    1. Birdman
    2. Nightcrawler
    3. Boyhood
    4. Force Majuere
    5. The Drop
    6. Under the Skin
    7. Fury
    8. Enemy
    9. Snowpiercer
    10. The One I Love

    1. Foxcatcher
    2. Nightcrawler
    3. Snowpiercer
    4. Manglehorn
    5. The Guest
    6. Grand Budapest Hotel
    7. Enemy
    8. Whiplash
    9. Only Lovers Left Alive
    10. Birdman

    1. Noah
    2. Nightcrawler
    3. Grand Budapest Hotel
    4. Gone Girl
    5. Interstellar
    6. Foxcatcher
    7. Boyhood
    8. The Guest
    9. Inherent Vice
    10. Birdman

  • ABandini


  • Sean

    Thanks for listening Essie!

  • Ji-a

    But Frank with the “social media visualization” you do get the performance when these text messages or tweets pop on to the screen. You get the actual message, you get a reaction and action from the character i.e. performance. All in the same shot. It’s certainly more visual and effective than cutting to a small screen and back or reading aloud.

  • Rachel Linewski

    What the fuck is Mangelhorn, Jay? That never came out!

  • Jay Cheel

    I saw it at TIFF. David Gordon Green’s latest film starring Al Pacino.

  • Rainycat

    Well said Essie, exactly what I was going to say. Happy new year to the crew and all film junkies out there. Cheers

  • devolutionary

    It probably helps your IMDB reference if you spell it correctly as Manglehorn.

  • Sam

    Jay had a thing for compound word title films this year. If only he also included Boyhood!

  • ABandini

    I’m surprised to see The Guest on Jay’s and Frank’s lists. That movie was so underwhelming :(

  • devolutionary

    In lieu of the Top 10, in case someone is equally interested in the Junker’s Junkies Awards, here it is. I’ll push it down the comment box in case you want to avoid spoilers. Winners with post-asterisks (********)











    The Sacrament
    Willow Creek ***********
    The Interview
    V/H/S Viral

    BABY BLU QUICK AWARD (Best quickpick bluray pick to put on in the background – BBQ):

    Noah ********
    X-Men DOFP
    Edge of Tomorrow


    St. Vincent
    Exodus: Gods and Kings
    The Monuments Men ********


    Big Eyes
    Exodus: Gods and Kings ********
    Dumb and Dumber 2


    Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    Avatar 2,3,4
    Ghostbusters 3 ********
    The Untitled Steve Jobs Biopic
    The Warner Bros. DC Comic book movie: Suicide Squad


    Kim Jong Un in the Interview
    Bryan Cranston in Godzilla
    Gwen Stacy in Amazing Spiderman 2
    Good Looking Dwarf in the Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
    The Lead Dwarf in the Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies ********


    TV Stunt Casting
    Visualization of Tweets/Text/Facebook Posts,etc. (Social Media) ********
    Sci-Fi stories buried inside an Indie Drama
    Shared universes of films that are loosely connected by characters


    Prev Winner:
    The Lotus (3-pt landing technique)

    Current Winner:
    The T-Bone Surprise (car t-bone surprise as shock value)

    THE PAYCHEQUE AWARD (actor in everything!):

    Kevin Hart
    Scoot McNairy ********
    Jai Courtenay
    Mia Wasikowska
    Liam Neeson

    MCCONNAISSANCE AWARD (career resurgence):

    Kevin Costner
    Michael Keaton
    Reese Witherspoon
    Ben Affleck
    Bill Paxton ********

    THE WET NOODLE ENDING AWARD (movies we generally liked where the ending let us down):

    Interstellar ********
    Into the Woods
    Edge of Tomorrow

  • Sam

    I enjoy Jay’s documentary list. Have been waiting to check out Look of Silence and An Honest Liar.

    I’ve mentioned it before in the comments, but a documentary I enjoyed a lot that I think Jay would at least find interesting is Mistaken for Strangers.

    Give this 75 minute doc a shot. Definitely don’t have to be a fan of The National to enjoy.

  • Jay Cheel

    I had it on my to-do list but it just didn’t make it before the end of the year. I plan on checking it out soon.

  • Rachel Linewski

    Oh excuse me for my accidental misspelling. I looked it up on IMDB and it still came up.

    My point was is that it never got a release date here in the U.S so I never heard of it and was surprised it counted for this year. On top of that, no one on the show discussed what it was, who directed it, etc. I’m not a film expert, so excuse me for me misspelling it by switching two letters, jeez.

  • pcch7

    Loving the Celebrity Apprentice idea by the way.

  • Joe

    Please let Doug Nagy be one of the guests on 500.

  • Sean

    Yeah we definitely should have given some additional info on this movie in particular. We talk about it more in-depth on this year’s TIFF episode. IFC will release it sometime in 2015 I believe.

  • pcch7

    Interstellar should be nowhere near a top 10 list imo.

  • Jacob

    Apprentice Junk!!! Yesss!

  • Jacob

    I second Essie. Thanks for another year of such a great podcast. Filmjunk can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. Thanks guys!

  • Rachel Linewski

    Thanks Sean. Interested in checking it out for sure!

  • Jameson

    Great episode! I feel like I’ll need to give Inherent Vice another spin too. I guess everyone had different lists after all!

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I was listening to some Film Junk episodes from 2006 recently and Sean and Jay were sick of ‘Ghostbusters 3′ rumors over 8 years ago.

  • Tommy

    Grand Poo Da Best

  • Flo Lieb

    Indeed, guys, thanks for all of your hard work and time invested in such a hobby that gives pleasure to so many people!

  • kent88

    Suggestion for next week: Selma and American Sniper.

    You wouldn’t even have to go to a movie theater to watch them if you know what I mean ;)

    Please don’t review REC 4 when there’s so many interesting movies out.

  • XabierC.

    Great movie. I did not understand the actions of the protagonist until I read that the man with the mustache was a metaphor for AIDS.

    Beautiful ending scene.

  • Rohan Michael Morbey

    Exodus not getting an extended cut says Ridley Scott… Force feed voided, Frank!

  • j-diggle

    Have any of you guys seen The Long Goodbye? I think that’s the clear inspiration for Inherent Vice.

  • Len F.

    Freaking loved The Junkies; hope they become an annual tradition. Well done gentlemen.

  • Colin

    He could be the only guest and I’d be cool with that… there has been a Doug Nagy shaped void in the FJ universe for far too long.

  • Colin

    I love that the Wet Noodle Ending Award (movies we generally liked where the ending let us down) features multiple movies on the host’s bottom of the year lists.

    Classic FJ

  • Colin

    He would prefer it if you call him Dunk…

  • Sean

    I’ve seen it. It’s definitely an influence, although in the case of The Long Goodbye, Altman took a more traditional noir story and transplanted it to the ’70s whereas P.T. Anderson’s movie is based on a book that was already in that era. Either way, I liked The Long Goodbye a lot more on a first time watch. Which is not to say that Inherent Vice couldn’t eventually surpass it in my mind.

  • Sean

    I think our description was probably not quite right. What it was supposed to mean is that regardless of whether or not we liked the rest of the film, the ending sucked.

  • Colin

    We should start a repository for T-Bone Surprise clips from movies… I’ll start us off with a couple:

  • devolutionary

    I’d include the comedic bits of California Split as well. PT Anderson has long been known for being inspired by Altman films (like Magnolia –quasi-similar to Shortcuts), Boogie Nights, and Punch Drunk Love.

  • devolutionary

    The ridiculousness is Frank’s rating scale (brought up last week) between a “…5″ and a “HARD FIVE!”. I thought that’s what a “HEAVY” 4.5/5 was originally supposed to be? Maybe we should open up a special “6” outta 5 on the Frank-o-meter?

  • I cannot wait for Trump Junk (which I can only hope will be the name of the Celebrity Apprentice podcast).

  • TJ

    Sorry for the off topic post but do any other listeners keep archives of past podcasts? I thought I had a copy of #308 Mr. Nobody, and I finally watched that POS because I remembered how hilarious that review was, but it turns out I only have episodes back to #312 or so. If someone could help out that’d be awesome.

  • Captain Fram

    Cheers for another awesome year of podcasting. I don’t think 2014 will be remembered as one of my favourite years, but Film Junk was definitely a bright spot in there. Proud to be a Junker!