Richard Linklater Starts Casting Spiritual Successor to Dazed and Confused


After completing his Before trilogy last year with Before Midnight and, most recently, his epic 12-year coming-of-age film Boyhood, Richard Linklater is continuing to look back to his past for inspiration on upcoming projects. He has been talking for years about doing a spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused, one that would not revisit any of the same characters, but would focus on a new group of friends starting college as opposed to finishing high school. A few more details have recently been revealed, including the fact that it will be set in a new decade and also revolve around baseball. What’s more, he may already have found his three main leads for the film. Hit the jump for more details.

According to Deadline, there are currently offers out to three actors to star in Richard Linklater’s That’s What I’m Talking About. The actors are: Blake Jenner (Glee), Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf), and Wyatt Russell (22 Jump Street). If they finalize the deals, the trio will play the three lead roles in Linklater’s next film.

The movie is reportedly set in 1980 and the plot revolves around a college freshman who “moves into the baseball house at his college and experiences a fraternity like lifestyle with his hard partying teammates.” When Linklater first started talking about a follow-up to Dazed and Confused, I don’t think anyone imagined that it would involve baseball, but clearly he loves the sport. His 2005 remake of The Bad News Bears remains one of his most commercially successful movies to date, and Linklater himself went to college on a baseball scholarship. Are you looking forward to That’s What I’m Talking About and do you think he can replicate the magic of Dazed and Confused?

  • filmstache

    This guy is one of our living legends and I’m in for watching anything he does. I live in a small town in the Midwest so i always have to wait until the video release to enjoy his movies.