Film Junk Bonus Podcast: Movie Organization Manifesto, Part 4


Just when you thought there was nothing left to say about organizing a movie collection, we reconvene after a year and a half to tackle a variety of new topics including the general and special theory of collectability, the potential risks and rewards of selling your slip covers, Letterboxd usage, the benefits of conserving space and whether or not we see ourselves making the move to digital. In addition, we also try to answer as many listener questions as possible, giving advice and tough love to DVD and Blu-ray collectors in need of counsel. Remember, the Movie Organization Manifesto isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. (If you missed the previous installments in this continuing series of podcasts, you may want to listen to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 before you check out the latest episode.)

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  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    I should have waited on asking here, as my question DID pop up towards the end (I also asked about movie titles that begin with punctuation), but I think all it got was an “out of order” from Frank without any sort of explanation. Thanks for elaborating, Sean!

  • Sam


    And I think now in retrospect, Frank will agree that it was a GLARING omission!

    I think it’s a separate discussion especially if you’re talking commandments of how to properly use Letterboxd. Similar to his reciting of some language used on Letterboxd of what the purpose is, the five-star rating system is a mandate by Letterboxd and to ignore certain star-ratings to fulfill personal needs should be against the rules and I’m sure Frank will amend his commandments accordingly.

    I love you Sean.

  • Samb

    Really, 2011? Christ on a cracker….

  • MisterQuigley

    If you guys hadn’t played that Bay clip on last weeks Vibefest, that 4K long-ass convo would have gone right over my head. Just another reason while Bay rules all…

  • I hate them too but I have the Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz ones, since they’re better than the regular packaging at least. The Jurassic Park one is the worst.

  • I’m the one who asked that question, so thanks for answering in specifics. I have 0 deductible currently anyway (or very low, like 100-200), so I think I can sleep easy. It’s nice having an up-to-date catalog just in case something were to happen, for which I use the My Movies app for android.

  • You could also circumvent the Die Hard conundrum by buying the UK version of LFODH, which I believe is “Die Hard 4.0,” though that in itself is just disgusting.

  • So then, will you have Superman, Man of Steel, and Batman v. Superman all under S? That seems even more fucked if you ask me.

  • Falsk

    I see stuff like this constantly on Pinterest–arranging bookcases by color–and it cracks me up. Are you kidding me? As a designer I love it, but as an anal retentive nut-job I would lose my mind trying to find things. “Was it lime or chartreuse?!” Noooo thank you.

  • devolutionary
  • brandonclaus


  • Fuck. Shoulda got those.

  • Jay Cheel

    There’s nothing worse than a steelbook with a blue strip painted across the top. BARF.

  • Brittany Gresang

    You can’t help people who are a slave to the alphabet.

    To answer your question, of course not. Just don’t buy Man of Steel or Batman vs Superman until they release an appropriate box set (presumably the Justice League box set).

  • Regine

    Christmas came in July! After hours of sheer amusement of religiously listening to the previous 3 editions now comes the fourth one. Quite unexpectedly as well. My day is made. Thank you so so much!

  • This is sort of where I see the problem with this school of thought. You then end up becoming more of a slave to multiple-release-packaging, rather than the alphabet. You have to wait for movies in the same franchise to be released in a collective box set (like they did recently with the X-men trilogy, First Class, X-Men Origins, and Wolverine), which they will often do in the middle of a franchise’s run. The nearest example I can think of is when they would release those stupid “Years 1-5″ boxes of Harry Potter. The collection isn’t complete because there are still 3 movies yet to be released.

    The same is true with the X-men thing. You can buy that collection of X-men related movies, but you’d be missing Days of Future Past and any future X-men films, which would then be weirdly on their own. The Wolverine thing is even weirder because what will happen if they make Wolverine sequels? Will you then have 2-3 W movies under X? What about when the Gambit movie comes out?

    I agree, putting franchise movies together is a tantalizing prospect, but for me it creates more problems than it solves. I have a friend that circumvents this by just having a “Franchises Shelf,” which is probably the best compromise I’ve heard so far.

  • Did you guys come to a clear consensus on the Planet of the Apes thing? For me it falls in line with Frank’s point about Harry Potter, where if the films were broken up across the collection I would forget which order they go in, or even how many there were. What should I do with ROTPOTA and the new one?

  • Brittany Gresang

    Well the good thing about X-Men (so far) is that they keep making additional box sets to stay up to date. And yes, my sorting may require buying something more than once. It hasn’t happened yet, and those kind of upgrades also take years to happen.

    If Wolverine or Gambit truly become separate entities, I’ll worry about that then. But it seems like they are willing to make box sets to make me happy. And I know it’s sacrilegious to some to add additional movies to box sets, but I do every chance I get. They put a place for Skyrim in the Bond box set because they get it.

    With The Hobbit for example, I won’t buy part one, or part two, until all 3 are available. And in their case, they will surely release the Hobbit Trilogy box set, and then later release the complete LORT & Hobbit box set. I can wait for the complete package. I bought LORT trilogy box set 2 years ago. So I will have had that in my collection for a good 5 years before the complete edition is released. At that point, I won’t mind repurchasing the original trilogy within the complete box set.

    I probably would have a dilemma with the Marvel movies but the Phase 1 box set works for me too. I can wait to buy Thor 2 until they release Phase 2. I’m not worried about buying movies the day they are released. The box set mold may require more patience than some collectors can stand. But besides waiting to buy certain releases, it allows me to sleep like a baby.

  • Deven Science

    My brother had his massive movie collection arranged by color for many years. I railed against it to him. Only he knew where anything was.

  • Tony D’Amico

    Great episode guys, but I need a clarification on a Letterboxd issue. When you say “log it” within 24 hours, No problem. But what if your schedule only allows you to make the diary entry and give it a rating initially. I tend to come back on the weekends to actually write the reviews. I hate writing 2 to 3 sentence reviews and like to take a little more time to put down my thoughts, but I always give the film a star rating right away. I just wanted you to clear that up for me.

    Oh and thanks for the heads up on the Criterion sale at B&N Jay.

  • Sean

    Makes perfect sense to me. Some of us don’t even have time to write reviews. :)

  • MovieViewerMan

    Great episode guys. I always enjoy the manifesto talk.

  • Z

    excuse me while i vomit…

  • Maureen W.

    Hey guys, here is how I came across the top Letterboxd films:

    I’m not sure what the algorithm is but it is a pretty interesting snap shot to me of how filmgoers’ tastes run nowadays.

  • bobsponge42

    “Special features are definitely a consideration, but the truth is I don’t watch many of them anymore.”

    Yet another reason digital pricing is absurd. You get less and pay more. This isn’t even mentioning the horrific lock-in problem where purchasing films from one seller means you’re locked to that seller’s platform.

    Lower the prices, allow us to store & access the video anywhere we want, and maintain the quality of the video to at least blu-ray levels – then I’m all-in for digital. Until then, I’m waiting.

  • Jr

    “When in doubt, spell it out.”

  • Jr

    What about “when in doubt, spell it out”?

  • On the subject of slip covers: a lot of times a movie is released with a slip cover AND without a slip cover. Or only the first pressing has the slip cover and subsequent presses don’t have it.

    What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO??? Lol

  • Xidor

    I disagree with splitting up the James Bond films and putting them in Alphabetical order. I have them between 2Gunds and 12 Monkeys. Since they all have 007 on the spine, I make an exception and use the number. I am not aware of another series that has a consistent number on them and having them together at the beginning of my collection is a nice feeling.

  • Xidor

    What is the minimum amount of Blu Rays you need to buy in a week to keep the shakes away and feel like a man? Can you get by with buying only 2 or 3? I need to come up with some kind of arrangement with my wife.

  • Sorry guys, I disagree with Alphabetizing and let me tell you why. I set up my collection so that when I am in the mood to watch a movie, it helps guide my thought process regarding what movie I want to watch. When you go to watch a movie do you say “I’d love to watch a movie that starts with the letter C”. NO! You think about a particular genre or Actor/Actress. I organize by Genre and I realize that a few movies could cross over into 2 different genres, but for the most part, you can decide right away where a movie goes. Then after the genre is decided, I break it out by Lead Actor or Actress whenever possible. What if there are more than 1 leading actor (Example Amer. Gangster Crowe and Denzel) Well, I pick my favorite character in that movie….Denzel….Is it as exact as alphabetical, no. But is it way more fun and will it inspire more discussion and get the wheels turning, absolutely. Carry on…