Game Junk Podcast Episode #20: E3 2014


0:00 – Intro
8:00 – E3 Discussion: Microsoft
40:30 – E3 Discussion: EA
57:15 – E3 Discussion: Ubisoft
1:19:40 – E3 Discussion: Sony
1:54:30 – E3 Discussion: Nintendo
2:14:30 – Top 5: E3 Announcements / Highlights
2:23:35 – Games We Played: Peggle 2, Child of Light, Dead Rising 3, Super Monkey Ball Bounce, Super Time Force, Mario Kart 8, Tearaway, Fez, Ni No Kuni, The Walking Dead: Season 1, The Last of Us, Final Fantasy XIV, Thief, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Persona 4 Golden, Mario Golf: World Tour
2:48:35 – Junk Mail: Intellectually Engaging Games, Most Impressive Wii Games, Favourite Last-Gen Games, Catching Up on Last-Gen Games, Animal Crossing + Kingdom Hearts + Viva Pinata, Sports Sim Games, Games We’d Force Each Other To Finish + Scariest Game World, Games That Stumped Us, PS4 Blu-ray Player, Getting Stuck on a Final Boss, Long Strategy Games, Remastered Games + Rapid Fire
3:33:20 – Upcoming Releases
3:34:40 – Outro

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  • Jay

    Awesome. Unexpected Game Junk is the best Game Junk.

  • Thurston

    Oh hells yes! Give it to me Game Junk.

  • woo

    Ha Filsamech! Yes! Mega64!

  • Essie

    Thanks for the recs. Pokemon games sound exciting. I don’t think my choices are that cliche, I don’t hear you guys talking about them all the time. Animal Crossing is probably the best game ever and to say Viva is better is kinda silly, even though I love both.

  • Essie

    Also Frank, I want to vote for you game but I don’t have a steam account. Does it cost money to sign up?

  • HuckCity

    Nope, it’s free….but you may need to have purchased at least one game???

  • Yesssssss! This is awesome, Game Junk got me back into gaming and this week I followed my first E3 ever. So here I am waiting on the IGN podcast for a debrief and ‘hello’ Game Junk, comes outta nowhere and pips them. I’m so pumped for work tomorrow.

  • kyri

    , I just signed in – tried to vote but I got an error alert saying I am not privileged enough :(


    I tried to search for Lost Orbit from Steam but the game wasn’t listed, (??) I found the link directly from the LostOrbit website..

    , I know how stressful it is to make last minute changes to problematic code :((

    but ->Always test on multiple machines man. What were you thinking!!!!!!!!!!

    much love though


  • Sam

    Game Junk is always the best, but for you I would also recommend the Giant Bombcast. Better/Funnier personalities than IGN (I like IGN), more informative, and they always have Daily Recaps during E3. I still haven’t listened to them this year but they’ve been consistent throughout the years.

  • HuckCity

    Discussions about consistent, regularly scheduled podcasts are not allowed in Game Junk comments ;)

  • Bandit Manatee

    Love that feeling when I randomly check the filmjunk site and find a new gamejunk episode out of nowhere. Thanks guys!

  • pcch7

    In that case, the Bungie Podcast comes highly recommended as it is even less regular than Game Junk right now. They used to do one a month a couple of years back. They did a few leading up to january but nothing since. Even so, it’s a great podcast. I listen to the old ones sometimes when I work out or whatever and it’s interesting now because Marty O’Donnell is on quite a few of them. Wonder what happened there. Anyway, it’s a great listen to have on and it gives some insight into creating games.

  • pcch7

    Nice! What’s the intro song Sean? Sounds groovy

  • Colin

    You may want to investigate Disney Magical World for 3DS or the more recent Harvest Moon/Rune Factory games… I think those would be up your alley.

  • Sean

    Intro: 6955 – Light_What_t (from Super Time Force)
    Outro: 65daysofstatic – Debutante (from No Man’s Sky trailer)

  • devolutionary

    Love 65daysofstatic. They even did their own original reinterpretation of the Silent Running theme.

  • According to Aonuma, the E3 Zelda footage was all in-game:

    Also… Frank, can we set up a Game Junk Mario Kart 8 tournament?

  • pcch7

    Frank has never played Grim Fandango? WOW! You don’t know what you’ve missed man, it’s amazing.

  • Sam

    I’m not a huge RPG or JRPG guy, but Persona 4 is easily one of my favorite games on the vita. I never put too much time into a game and definitely prefer shorter games like you guys…but I easily sunk in lime 100+ hours over a couple months on Persona 4 Golden. But considering giving another replay.

  • Essie

    Disney Magical World seems awesome! Thanks so much for that rec. Ordered it on Amazon just now and I can’t wait to get it.

  • pcch7

    Oh, Heroes 3 is awesome. I haven’t liked any of the ones after it though.

  • Thanks man, that’s good to know for when I need to fill in the corners ;)

  • Falsk

    Don’t worry, everyone–I promise to ALWAYS be last. #CantDrift #WontDrift