Ball Junk Podcast Episode #9: World Cup 2014


OLEEEEE! OLE! OLE! OLE! OLEEEEE! OLEEEEE! The Ball Boys are back for Episode 9 of the Ball Junk Podcast and this time we break down World Cup 2014! We make our picks and agree that the jerseys are just as important as the games. We throw down over the NBA and NHL Finals and talk about the new film Million Dollar Arm. Plus, we visit Balls Around the World, answer your questions in Sack Time and Frankie takes the Gas Pedal. Don’t be a ‘Stickler’. Download this now. Balls!

0:00:00 – Intro
0:06:15 – World Cup 2014
0:50:09 – NBA Playoffs
1:23:00 – NHL Playoffs
1:35:17 – Review: Million Dollar Arm
1:45:25 – Balls Around The World
1:56:43 – Sack Time
2:15:14 – Gas Pedal / Outro

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  • Kasper

    Say whaaaaaaat. I wasn’t expecting a new episode anytime soon. Awesome!

  • Boris the Blade

    Please make live podcast for the WC-finals in Brazil.


  • Lisa

    Frank, Croatia has Luka Modric, one of the best midfielders in the world. Som they’re not all that bad.

  • Markus

    Got really uncomfortable hearing you talk about prostitutes and women the way you did this episode, and it sounded as if Frank got uncomfortable too, and that suprised me since i know how Frank feels about women in general from listening to Filmjunk (too be fair, I think he’s an awesome person MOST of the time and i pretty much Always laugh when he laughs, and he’s probably not 100 percent serious in most cases, but it’s still there..). I get the “man-to-man we love sport”-mentality (or really, i don’t) Love listening to you guys eventhough i’m really not into sports but this episode was probably my last one. But i bet for every one person like me, there’s 10 guys who love the style of the show so keep on trucking! Hope to hear your voice on the filmjunk some time again soon Greg!

  • Lisa

    I also forgot Mandzukic, who playes as an attacker for Bayern Munich. Srna (captain) and Rakitic are pretty good players too.

    So don’t write off Croatia just yet.

  • Sam

    This episode came a couple days too early. I now wish I could hear Frank and Greg, being O’s fans, talk about Manny Machado and how much of a punk he was this weekend.

    I hate the A’s but I can’t defend anything Machado did this weekend.

  • kyri

    Better use your money on a better investment Knuckles

    If USA even manages to qualify to the next stage (Round of 16)

    I will donate $100 to then next premium.

    No way they qualify.

    Croatia will not pass either.

    They could get a tie against Brazil though (something like a 0-0) good bet.


    Thoroughly enjoyed the show lads, as always..

    much much love

  • devolutionary

    Better betting stakes are whether the US will even score a goal in the tournament.

  • Mike

    I got that feeling too..

    Greg’s “humorous” sexual remarks especially about very young girls on Filmjunk always made me squirm, whereas Frank’s disdain for females (“You hate women.” J.Cheel) seems to come more from a point of fear and confusion, similar to a preadolescent boys’ attitude towards girls.

    Frankie, u need to vibe with them X chromosomes, bro~