Film Junk Premium Podcast #29: Godzilla


With a new Godzilla movie hitting U.S. shores this month, it was finally time for us to delve into the intimidating history of Gojira and explore the madness of Japan’s best-known kaiju films. We attempt to cover the highlights from 60 years of monster mayhem starting with the sombre 1954 original through to the colourful and campy ’60s and ’70s flicks and eventually getting to the kickass ’90s entry Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. Of course, Roland Emmerich’s much maligned Godzilla also gets plenty of attention as well, for better or worse. In general, we do our best to dispel some myths while learning to love the King of the Monsters. So is Godzilla vs. Hedorah a misunderstood masterpiece or just pollution porn? Can a man in suit creature be superior to CG? Is Jay’s hatred for Godzilla: Final Wars rate bait or is it totally justified? Download this month’s premium podcast and find out if size really does matter.

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  • Sam

    Almost done listening. Great premium again guys.

    And yes Sean, the slug-like thing in Destroy All Monsters is Mothra in pupa stage.

    And I will say it probably does help to watch a few of the other movies before Destroy All Monsters. In preparation for this premium, I did squeeze in Mothra, Mothra vs. Godzilla and Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster and it helped a bit, though I still had no clue about a lot of the other monsters, though like Frank, still enjoyed the hell out of them.

    I do have some work to do as I plan to catch up on the rest of them over the next few months, probably spread out a little more nicely though than now.

  • kyri

    so awesome Thank’s for the show lads!!

  • Sam

    About what the proper pronunciation of Biollante is.

    I personally would have gone with the way you guys say it (Bio-lawn-tay) and probably still will, but Godzilla vs. Biollante was the only movie I actually watched the dubbed version of and they pronounced it Bio-lan-tea

    Logicially, I should probably ignore you guys and go with the dubbed version, but I hate the way that sounds.

  • devolutionary

    Still need to watch a couple before settling into this edition. Haven’t seen Final Wars yet though Jay’s 0/5 has me feeling bi-polar with anticipation. Just for the sake of it, I’m going through the other non-essential Godzilla flicks on Crackle as well.

  • Tommy


  • Tommy

    For future reference, there aren’t silent vowels in Japanese names. Ma-Fu-Ne, Ya-Ma-Ne, Wa-Ta-Na-Be

  • iammattz

    Not to jump all over Frank’s storytelling even more, but what the heck is a “Run through”?

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    At the end of “Godzilla vs. Destroyah”, it’s implied that ‘Junior’ absorbed all the radiation caused by Godzilla’s melt-down and Junior became the new Godzilla.

  • Sean

    It’s when they have early screenings of movies for theatre employees.

  • Sean

    Interesting. I got the fact that Junior had taken his father’s place, but I didn’t get the part about him absorbing the radiation. I guess that makes sense though.

  • Sean

    I’m sure I’m wrong. I usually am. :)

  • Robert Reineke

    Going over the Mothra movies, if this genre is revisited, might be a nice followup to this premium. No monster might have a more elaborate background and the discussion about the faerie girls from Infant Island should be fun.
    Besides, you could cover Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster and Frank can complain about how The Avengers ripped it off.

  • Arnold Schizopolis

    I agree with Frank. Jay dropping his rating of Godzilla (1998) 1 1/2 stars within 8 months of re-watching is life-changing. Next thing we know, in 8 months, we’ll find out that Jay is a born-again christian.