Film Junk Podcast Episode #466: Godzilla


0:00 – Intro
8:03 – Review: Godzilla
42:01 – Headlines: Interstellar Trailer, Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer, Alfonso Cuaron to Direct Harry Potter Spin-off, Cineplex to Charge Extra for Middle Seats
1:04:54 – Other Stuff We Watched: Monsters, Blue Caprice, Halt & Catch Fire
1:15:12 – Junk Mail: Twin Peaks Blu-ray Placement + Buying Blu-rays with Low Video Scores, Q&As at Film Festivals, Does Jay Cry During Little House?, What Makes a “Master” Filmmaker, Walking Backwards to Get Into a Movie for Free + Rapid Fire
1:43:03 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray / Coffee Gate
1:54:02 – Outro

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  • Kasper

    I was first expecting this to invade tomorrow. Thanks a ton, Frank!

  • Kurt

    Welcome to the post Kurtzman/Orci blockbuster screenplay writing. I liked the look and the strategies of the film, but oh boy, what a shitty script.

    (Oh, and congrats on Frank Room237-ing this movie in the opening minutes of the show.)

  • Kasper

    PS. Sorry for the pandering.

  • Jesus Bastard

    Hey guys, here’s a crazy idea: during Sean’s hiatus perhaps you could……………BRING BACK GREG?!?!?!?!?! Or Reed for a handful of episodes?!?!?!?!!??!!?!? Not that we won’t miss Sean, but damn it’d be nice to revisit the Gasman or Reed or, hell WHY NOT BOTH?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Bandit Manatee

    Hope you aren’t gone for too long Sean…. but hope you also enjoy your break.

  • Kasper

    While I’d love it if there’d be some classic Film Junk guests visiting Site B or Site C in the coming weeks, I also kinda hope the boys will surprise with some brand new and interesting guest for one of the shows without Sean.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Oh my god, you guys are the weirdos who sit in the aisles… how embarrassing. I always assumed those were just for casual moviegoers and geezers. ;)

    I’m more in line with Kurt Halfyard and Andrew James’ thinking that dead center in the back 2 rows of the pit are the best seats.

  • Gerry

    Greg and Reed together, for each show, please, skyping in if necessary.

  • jarny

    coffee gate was awesome

  • kent88

    Guys, if you (Frank mostly) wants to stop watching/discussing trailers on the show that would be fine with me. Those discussions never amount to much more than “I’ll see it” or “Looks good!” or “Why isn’t Wally Pfister shooting this?” anyway so…

    Let’s move on from needless speculation. Let’s talk about INTERSTELLAR when it’s actually in theaters.

  • iammattz

    Sad to hear about the hiatus Sean but hope you enjoy it! Looking forward to hearing that silky smooth vibecast intro in the coming weeks.

  • Sean

    We’ll do our best to keep you guys happy. Keep in mind, bringing on guests also requires the guests to dedicate their time as well, it’s not just up to us.

  • Tim

    Totally agree.

    Even more pointless are those endless comic book movie casting rumors. Incredible waste of time. And painful for all listeners that don’t fall in the obsessive fanboy/geek category.

  • M.C.

    I miss Reed… He was the only one that could bust Jay’s balls.

    Frank on the other hand is being played by Jay like a well-tuned fiddle.

  • 1138sw

    Whoa! Break Sean!? Any idea how long? Hope it’s only a temporary hiatus! Will definitely miss you on the podcast!! Love the work that you have accomplished on this site!

  • Andrew James

    Frank spends the first 15 minutes pissed about the similarities between Godzilla and JP. But then praises the sound design / roar of Godzilla. What in the actual fuck? They’re the same sound effect! The Godzilla one is just longer (which I admit is kind of cool). Otherwise the sound design in this movie was pretty uninspired: Transformers meets Jurassic Park.

    Start at 1:00

  • Frankie Knuckles

    I don’t remember all the nuances of the roar, but to the best of my memory I thought they added some nice layers (queefs) to make the roar sound closer to the original classic godzilla roar. A bit more unnatural sounding but still coming from a beast.

  • Jacob

    Sorry I’m not speaking up till now Frank but I was a little disappointed too to find out there were multiple monsters in Godzilla when I read the Film Junk post. Also I’d like to add my vote for some Greg and Reed. Even if it was just for the main review.

  • devolutionary

    Family Drama is the best kind of drama for the sake of drama! Wouldn’t you agree Frank!?

  • DRibble

    Great pod as usual guys….loooking forward to an end of season GOT discussion

  • dolfinack

    Greg! Greg! Greg! Yes!

  • dolfinack

    Break? Ouccch. Is this just a Sean break or a FilmJunk break? Say it isn’t so!

  • Kasper

    I completely disagree. The Interstellar talk was very entertaining. It’s no coffee gate, but still good.

  • Maureen W.

    Matt Singer was on / Filmcast and he thought the name Ford was for Harrison Ford which is just as lame. They also discussed similarities to JP, you’re not alone Frank!

  • Noodles

    Sean, here’s how you pronounce Watanabe:

    Binoche is also in there. It’s a pretty good website for this kind of stuff.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I thought there was going to be a spoiler discussion at the end of the show? That being said, have a great break Sean and I volunteer to stand in as the bald mellow guy – just tell me how to log in :) Seriously though, if Greg and everyone are OK with it, I would love to hear him more often with some guest appearances!

  • scoobydelite

    Thought Aaron Taylor Johnson was pretty brutal, Sam Worthington-esque if you will. Any action scene with his character would have much more involving had there been an ounce of engagement with him.

  • Gerry

    I presume by ‘roar’ you are talking about the sound of the tripods from Spielberg’s War Of The Worlds which manifested during the monster battles.

    It felt so inorganic and mechanical I didn’t think that’s a wierd roar, I thought what’s the tripod sound doing in this movie.

    Greth Edwards really has a hard on for Spielberg movies.

  • Brian_M

    Agree with Frank regarding the hard on Gareth Edwards has for J.P. and Speilberg in general – I mean the main human character’s surname is Brody!

  • Sam

    I find it hilarious picturing Sean just casually walking up to Frank’s bag immediately after he sets everything down, opening the bag with the purpose of getting Jay’s blu-rays to return them to their rightful owner. Like if it was his duty.

    Loved coffee gate.

  • Sean

    It was more that Frank put the bag down right in front of me and I was starting to set up the equipment. The Blu-rays just happened to be on top so I had to take them out to get to the other stuff.

  • Thurston

    Hmm yeah. Do ya feel it? I’ve got to make a confession y’all. My body is tingling sweetly all over. Vibe Cast is coming baby! Ohhh daddy likes the Vibe Cast something fierce. My main man Jay and my brother from another mother Frank are goin’ lay it all on the line. Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some Sean. Heck, ain’t nobody better in the podcast biz that that brother. But sometimes you got to bust a vibe. Until those mothers turn out the Vibe cast I’ll be soaking in my bubble bath, surrounded by candles, sipping bubbly. Just feelin’ that vibe….