Spring Breakers Sequel in the Works, Harmony Korine Will Not Direct


Harmony Korine is probably the last director that anyone would ever expect to repeat himself, so when people started to talk about the possibility of a Spring Breakers sequel last year, it seemed pretty unlikely. On the other hand, the movie is easily his most successful film to date; it made over $31 million worldwide while none of his previous movies even cracked $1 million. Last year Korine himself revealed that he was contemplating a remix cut of the film, but we haven’t heard much more about that project. Now this week it has been announced that a sequel is indeed in the works, and although Korine himself will not be writing or directing it, the script is being written by Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting). Hit the jump for more details.

The news comes courtesy of Screen Daily, who report that Wild Bunch will begin shopping a Spring Breakers sequel at Cannes this month. The movie is tentatively titled Spring Breakers: The Second Coming, and it will be directed by Swedish director Jonus Akerlund (Spun) from a script by Irvine Welsh. No word on whether or not Harmony Korine will have any involvement as a producer.

They claim that it will feature a mix of old and new cast members, although it does not seem likely that James Franco will return. It is not being envisioned as a direct sequel and instead the Spring Breakers will be back to “do battle with an extreme militant Christian sect that attempts to convert them.” It seems like the project could still go either way, but at least they have assembled a writer and director that could potentially do the original justice. Would you watch a Spring Breakers sequel that doesn’t involve Harmony Korine or James Franco?

  • DrewNugent

    I love Spring Breakers… like alot. But this sounds terrible and I really hope it doesn’t happen.

  • woo

    I loved Spring Breakers and this is the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard.

  • Sean

    I went to DePaul and the producer of this movie was actually my teacher. He said that for the sequel he wants to make something much more “commercial.” He’s a nice guy, but I am positive that this sequel will be weak in comparison to the original.

  • CrazyxCrazy

    Hopefully it will be watchable this time

  • Tommy

    That’s a perfect team of writer/director for a ridiculous movie. In.

  • Maureen W.

    I’m really not understanding all these sequels and reboots that are being contemplated. I read yesterday there is talk of rebooting the Smurfs. Really?? Is Hollywood really that scared to take a chance?