Asian Godzilla Trailer Reveals Multiple Monsters


Up until now, Warner Brothers has done an admirable job of marketing Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla without giving away all of the goods right up front. Now that the release date is just a few weeks away, however, they are starting to unleash some of the stuff that they’ve been holding back. A new Asian trailer for the film has been released online this week and offers the best look yet at the King of Monsters. But that’s not all… it also confirms what has been rumoured for months now: Godzilla is not the only giant monster in this movie. It looks to me like Edwards has perfectly balanced the elements of human danger and large scale destruction with the epic kaiju battles that hardcore fans are dying to see. Godzilla hits theatres on May 16th; check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

  • Scott Webster

    I was already all the way in…now I’m shoving my balls in there, too.