The Expendables 3 Roll Call Trailer and Character Posters


When the first teaser trailer for The Expendables 3 hit the internet back in December, there wasn’t a whole lot to see other than a group shot with a giant list of names. Now this week Lionsgate has released a new “Roll Call” trailer that gives a few brief glimpses of action (including an intriguing train set piece) before once again running down the huge roster of action stars both new and old. They’re definitely marketing this as the final installment, although whether or not that ends up being true probably depends on how well it does. What do you think, does this look any better or worse than the first two movies? The Expendables 3 hits theatres on Aug. 15th; check out the trailer and an assortment of 16 character posters after the jump.

















  • 5OF4

    Looks bad ass.

  • Kasper

    Definitely the best cast yet. How good the movie will turn out is a whole other matter, but I’m positively surprised. I’m definitely vibing with The Expendables 3 so far.

  • devolutionary

    Honestly don’t even care about seeing the movie (that simple trailer and posters are enough for me). Man, I really love staring at those posters though, haha!

  • Jameson

    Not gonna lie, my favorite casting choice here is Kelsey Grammer.

  • LordAwesome

    I don’t know half of these people.

    The big fun of the first Expendables was seeing all the action heroes I knew together. Who the fuck is Kellan Lutz? Why do I care?

    Bring in people like Kurt Russell, Jackie Chan, Nic Cage. Hell, even Christopher Lambert!

    I hope the director is better than Simon West. The direction of EX2 was easily the weakest part of the film.

  • Essie

    That’s right I’m in it.

  • Captain Fram

    Such a simple twist on the usual character poster thing. Love it.

  • Are you Kelsey Grammer?

  • Bas

    As a professed hater of character posters, I have to say these are pretty sweet!

  • Bas

    With his outfit he reminds me of the old fart in The Walking Dead

  • Flo Lieb

    Terry Crews is the best!

  • Andrew Lincoln

    I hope GRAMMER becomes our next big action star.

  • Essie


  • My favourite food is tossed salad and scramble eggs. Just thought you should know that.