The Movie Review Show #9: June 23rd, 1991 – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

To make up for the fact that our next premium podcast is a little late this month, we decided to dig deep into the Film Junk vault to bring you a special treat. This lost episode, recently discovered on cassette tape, is the earliest known incarnation of the Film Junk Podcast. Recorded back in 1991 when we were all still in elementary school, the sound quality is a little rough but hopefully you will still find it to be listenable. Enjoy!

0:00 – Intro
11:00 – Headlines: Ron Shelton to Direct White Men Can’t Jump, Director of Hudson Hawk to Direct The Good Son, Gary Oldman to Star in Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, Problem Child 2 Trailer, Terminator 2: Judgment Day Trailer
26:30 – Review: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
1:07:08 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Rocketeer, What About Bob, Stone Cold, Young Guns II, The Stuff
1:46:22 – Junk Mail: Is it Worth Upgrading to a Laserdisc Player?, Buying a Super Nintendo + Best Movie-Related Video Games, Favourite Video Rental Stores in the Niagara Region, Is Bart Simpson a Poor Role Model For Kids?
2:12:50 – Upcoming VHS Releases
2:16:15 – Outro

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  • ChrisJPN

    When I first started listening to FJ, Sean’s delivery kind of reminded me of Scott Aukerman, if he was really sleepy.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Awesome! Thanks guys!

  • german critic

    Genius: Implanting the seed for Frank’s belief that the hoverboard from back to the future is real!

  • Oh, and by the way; Jay was such a pretentious douche bag already back then :)

  • Jason Hermsen

    Great show, “movies with history” is a meme. Allusion to Chin but no Gas Man? I could see him being like Todd from Beavis and Butthead and crashing the show for a couple of minutes or a skit where Jay steals from him at the video store and says he would never work there.

  • Bas

    Very cool guys! One question: am I right in assuming that some of the stories (like Jay and his shoplifting cousin – cousin, right?) where actual stories from your childhoods?

  • Andrew Boley

    Oh my fucking god!

  • Matt the Kiwi

    I am totally upgrading to a laser disc player – no rewinding? I am so in! This whole podcast is my new ‘happy place’. Pure genius and so on the money with regards to the way pre-teen boys talk that I was at least 45 minutes in before I clicked that something was up. Thanks for the gift guys :-))

  • Bridget

    Thank you guys. This is my new favorite thing – loved it!
    “I went fishing once with my dad and we used a piece of ham” – I had to pull the car over for that, could not stop laughing!

  • Ozymandias

    Probably the best podcast episode I’ve ever heard. You guys were totally like the Stand By Me crew. Frank = Jerry O’Connell, Sean = the main kid, Jay = Corey Feldman/River Phonix.

  • Andrew Lincoln


  • Brad Mull

    Wow, considering the release date I’m cautious to nit pic, if its real, I thought Greg would be there somewhere. If its fake, man you guys went to town, great work

  • FoxMulder

    Wow, the time you guys are investing for brilliant things like this is just remarkable! Absolutely fantastic!!

  • Lior

    They don’t actually know each other since childhood. Consider this a “what if” alternate universe scenario.

  • Kim

    Yes, I was just planning to comment that it was exactly like Muppet Babies!

  • Chris

    Oh my fucking GOD I am twenty seconds in and HOWLING with laughter. I lost it at Frank saying “I’m Frankie!” You guys are the fucking best. Love it.

  • Noodles

    This was pure genius guys, love it.

  • Claudio

    this is absolutely awesome! thank you very much for this little flashback to my childhood.

  • crowbarpress

    I listened to this last night and laughed all the way through. The movie “Stand By Me” kept coming to mind the whole time. Great, great stuff! Post more of these!

  • Paul Andrews

    A work of genius. I’m flabbergasted.

  • Officer Hanson

    sounds hilarious, you guys sounded hot!

  • chris

    I was listening on the train ride home and absolutely lost it when little jay ask little frank if he ever fingered a girl… priceless. Awesome job guys.

  • Matthew MacGyver

    It’s genius. I have no idea how much time you guys put into this… but man… I am laughing so hard. You’ve hit on something great here. I would love a spinoff series with these “characters”. This is art.

  • Hal Kastiel

    This one. creeped. me. out.