Explorers Remake in the Works


Looks like yet another ’80s film is being lined up for a remake this week, although in this case it is a somewhat forgotten movie that wasn’t a huge blockbuster on its initial release. Explorers, Joe Dante’s follow-up to Gremlins, was released in 1985 and grossed just under $10 million at the time. It was notable, however, for marking the feature film debuts of both River Phoenix and Ethan Hawke and also for having decent special effects by ILM. The story revolves around three young friends who build a homemade spacecraft and embark on an adventure to another galaxy. While it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would pass muster nowadays, when I was a kid there was something about the movie that really captured my imagination (I also thought the goofy aliens were pretty funny… go figure). Will today’s audiences respond in the same way? We’re about to find out.

According to THR, Paramount’s low-budget Insurge label is in the process of setting up a remake of Explorers. Geoff Moore and Dave Posamentier (Better Living Through Chemistry) have been hired to write the script while Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) are on board as producers. No director has been hired yet, but as you would probably expect, Joe Dante does not appear to be involved.

While the original film wasn’t an Amblin Entertainment production, it does feel like many of the movies that Spielberg directed and produced in the ’80s. Those kinds of movies are far and few between nowadays with J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 standing as one of the few recent throwbacks (the upcoming Earth to Echo also looks Amblin-influenced). Sadly, they are reportedly looking at the upcoming Michael Bay-produced time travel film Welcome to Yesterday as a possible template for the new version of Explorers. What do you think, is Explorers ripe for a remake?

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  • Owozifa

    If this means the insanely out of print movie will be released on Blu-ray I don’t care if the remake sucks. I love this movie.

    Michael Bay can die in his own explosions.

  • Colin

    Explorers is a good movie with a terrible ending (possibly terrible third act)… hopefully the remake fixes that

  • T. Heilman

    The only good thing about remakes, new blu releases. I remember liking this too, like to show it to my kiddie.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    This was the movie of the 80’s for me. It helped I was the same age of the characters but this is what I went to sleep at night dreaming about. Yes, the 3rd act was a huge let down but unless they had plans for sequel after sequel it seemed like the only way to have any kind of satisfactory end to this film. I’d rather see a ‘similar’ movie than a remake…but I guess Super 8 was already that film.