Reminder: Film Junk Live Pre-Oscar Podcast Today at 5 PM EST!

Just a quick reminder that we will be recording our annual pre-Oscar podcast live on Ustream starting today at 5 pm EST. When the time comes, the video embedded above will go live (although the feed will be audio only). If you want to follow along in the chat room, you’ll have to click over to our Ustream channel. The chat room will remain open even once the podcast is over so that the discussion can continue as we watch the Academy Awards with you.

Also, if you have not yet joined the Film Junk Oscar pool, head over to Fun Office Pools and make your picks. It’s free to join and the winner will get a $50 Amazon gift card. Not too shabby, right? For those who can’t make it, the podcast will be posted up as per usual a day later. I think that about covers it. Talk to you guys later today!

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  • pcch7

    This is exhilarating!

  • csidle

    Have I got the time right if I think it starts in 12 minutes?

  • jarny


  • Chris

    7:15 and stream is down? Is it just me?

  • Essie


  • Colin

    Any word on when the recording will be available for download?

  • Sean

    Should be up later tonight but in the meantime you can listen here:

  • Kasper

    Editing anything out of the live recording, or mainly just removing awkward pauses and adding intro and outro?

  • JJ92

    As a loyal listener (nearly 5 years!!!) i demand that every show needs to be a video show on ustream or google. please?

    There’s no chance of this is there? :(

  • I prefer the directors cut over the dailies… erm… less awkward pauses.
    But I DID notice you can watch past ustreams, I’m about to watch Greg’s famous Outlander faux pas.