The Final Member Trailer


There are quirky documentaries, and then there are quirky documentaries. Jonah Bekhor and Zach Math’s film The Final Member centers on one man’s quest to secure a human penis specimen for his penis museum. If you’re not sold based on that outrageous concept alone, take a look at the trailer for the movie, which is being released by Drafthouse Films this April.

Although it might seem like a movie that is getting attention solely due to shock value, after watching the trailer it is clear that there is something more at work here. Sure, the idea of a penis museum is kinda strange, but the desire for two men to have their “legacy” preserved for future generations is pretty much universal. The Final Member premiered at Fantastic Fest in 2012 and will hit select theatres and VOD on April 18th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Boris the Blade

    He decides to tattoo his penis, which will to to a museum, with the American flag…why doesn’t it surprise me?

  • Andrew Lincoln

    Alternate title time: Cockblocked

  • Jr

    Cause you’re judgemental of people based on where they are from.

  • Steve

    The name of this site takes on new meaning after watching this trailer.

  • kyri

    I once saw a Documentary named “Dr. Money and the Boy with No Penis” about a Canadian kid that he lost his penis during circumcision and his parents tried to raise him as a girl… :/ so many penis stories