Film Junk’s Best and Worst Movies of 2013


At this point I think most people are probably getting burnt out on year end lists, but before we can close the book on 2013 here at Film Junk we have to collect our own top 10 lists into one convenient, easy-to-read post. Here you will find a breakdown of our favourite movies of the year, least favourite movies of the year and also some separate lists for best documentaries of the year. For further discussion on how we arrived at these picks, you’ll need to listen to episode #448 of the Film Junk Podcast. What were your favourite films of the year? Hit the jump to check out our best and worst movies of 2013.

Frank’s Top 10 Movies of 2013


1. The Wolf of Wall Street
2. Her
3. Before Midnight
4. Inside Llewyn Davis
5. Captain Phillips
6. Gravity
7.The Lone Ranger
8. All Is Lost
9. Nebraska
10. The World’s End

Frank’s Bottom 5 Movies of 2013


1. Now You See Me
2. Grown Ups 2
3. The Heat
4. The Hangover III
5. Epic

Jay’s Top 10 Movies of 2013


1. Under the Skin
2. Her
3. Gravity
4. Captain Phillips
5. Inside Llewyn Davis
6. Before Midnight
7. All Is Lost
8. The Wolf of Wall Street
9. Stoker
10. Prisoners

Hon. Mentions: Pacific Rim, Prince Avalanche, Mud, 12 Years a Slave, Behind the Candelabra, The Dirties, You’re Next, The Place Beyond the Pines, Iron Man 3, The Counselor, The Spectacular Now

Jay’s Bottom 5 Movies of 2013


1. Now You See Me
2. R.I.P.D.
3. The Hangover: Part III
4. Carrie
5. Kick Ass 2

Jay’s Top 10 Documentaries of 2013


1. Tim’s Vermeer
2. The Expedition to the End of the World
3. Jodorowsky’s Dune
4. Maidentrip
5. 12 O’Clock Boys
6. The Last Station
7. The Crash Reel
8. Bending Steel
9. At Berkeley
10. Northern Light (had Platform Moon here but realized it was from last year)

Sean’s Top 10 Movies of 2013


1. Her
2. Before Midnight
3. 12 Years a Slave
4. Gravity
5. Captain Phillips
6. Frances Ha
7. Rush
8. The Wolf of Wall Street
9. Prisoners
10. Stoker

Hon. Mentions: Fruitvale Station, Blue Jasmine, Only God Forgives, The Conjuring, Prince Avalanche

Sean’s Bottom 5 Movies of 2013


1. The Hangover: Part III
2. Movie 43
3. Oldboy
4. A Good Day to Die Hard
5. Upside Down

Sean’s Top 5 Documentaries of 2013


1. The Act of Killing
2. Stories We Tell
3. Jodorowsky’s Dune
4. 12 O’Clock Boys
5. A Band Called Death

  • Jameson

    My top 10 were 10) Stoker 9) Star Trek Into Darkness 8) Blue is the Warmest Color 7) Nebraska 6) Mud 5) The Hunt 4) 12 Years a Slave 3) Upstream Color 2) The Wolf of Wall Street 1) Her
    Honorable Mentions: Blue Jasmine, Gravity, Prisoners, The Spectacular Now
    Didn’t get to see Captain Phillips or All is Lost

  • RockJoker

    I didn’t seen any of last 2-3 months films. Gravity included. So, for now this is my top 3 of 2013:
    1. Only God Forgives – for what an amazing trip to another world it was
    2. The Hunt. No comments.
    3. Prisoners – mostly for one of the greatest perfomances of the year by mr. Jackman, mr. Gyllenhaal and mr. Howard (whom no one seem to mention, in talking about this film) Great great operator work and whole moral dillema of the movie. Great film.

  • RockJoker

    My bottom 5 movies:
    1. Movie 43 (yeah, nothing original here)
    2. The Philosophers (what a stupid pile of shit)
    3. White House Down (maybe the most boring action movie i’ve ever seen in my entire 21 years) / The Lone Ranger (maybe the most boring adventure film i’ve ever seen in my entire 21 years)
    4. Machete Kills (cheep and boring. where is RR that made “Planet Terror” and “From Dusk till Down”?)
    5. R.I.P.D (nuff said)

  • Falsk

    I POSTED IN THE WRONG FORUM. I’M SO ASHAMED. Sorry Film Junkers. You’ll just have to admire this album art TWICE.

  • jackson

    I saw that Now You See Me made a lot of bottom lists. Although I didn’t think that movie was spectacular I didn’t think it was as bad as the reviews it got. Although Mark Ruffalo is a boring actor and almost everything he does is tepid.

  • Flo Lieb

    Surprised that “Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa” didn’t make Frank’s list (probably thanks to “All is Lost”). Seems to be one of those candidats who are so “bad” (i.e. not good enough) they’re not even worth to be a honorable mention

  • Film Junk Fan 15

    Why is Gregs Top 10 Not on here????
    Why is Shannon’s Top 10 Not on here???

    Why is Colins Top 10 Not on here???

  • Sean

    Shannon declined to be included while Greg and Colin weren’t really regular contributors on the site this year. If they do have top 10 lists I’d still be happy to update the post.