Film Junk Podcast Episode #446: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


0:00 – Intro
8:10 – Review: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
1:02:35 – Headlines: Interstellar Trailer, Godzilla Trailer, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer, Jupiter Ascending Trailer, Joaquin Phoenix Wanted for Batman vs. Superman Villain
1:21:55 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Extended Edition, A Night in Casablanca, For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism, The Lovely Bones, Before Midnight, Harlequin, Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?, Citizen Ruth, Gentleman’s Agreement, A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas, Fanboys, Passenger 57, 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic, Warrior, Frozen, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Pacific Rim, Red Dawn (2012), The Image Revolution, Dear Mr. Watterson, Crocodile Dundee, Grumpy Old Men, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Overboard, Trance, Stoker
2:44:30 – Junk Mail: Amazon Pulls Digital Copy of Disney Movie, Novelty Movies as Gifts + Favourite Christmas Specials
2:57:55 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
3:03:45 – Outro

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  • Sean

    Before anyone says anything, yes I fucked up the numbering on this episode.

  • DrewNugent

    We love you Sean.

  • Sean

    Thanks buddy.

  • ECONOMYpolitica

    You guys do podcasts in addition to shiA lEbouf coverage?!? Impressive.

  • Ripplesdip

    In Britain, we say Mum for Mom. Bond does not say Mum, he says Maam, and it sounds like “mum” a bit. I believe first time you say Hi to the Queen you refer to her as “Your Majesty”, and then from that point forward “Maam”. The A sound in Maam in Britain sounds more like an “ah” whereas Americans say Maam as “mam”.

    I haven’t lived in the UK for over 10 years now anyway so I may even be a bit off with my facts, even if I am British.

    Fuck this anyway….I hate the “new” pronumciation of Smaug.

  • devolutionary

    First time in some months that I managed to see the main discussed movie before the podcast came out.

  • Essie

    As soon as you said Skottie Young was the guest and not Reed my heart sank. Thanks for the show, guys.

  • Essie

    Oh, and two questions. Do you think the Christmas premium will be up before Christmas? And are you guys still doing a top 10 films of the year show? Thanks!

  • Sean

    Christmas premium should be up before Christmas. The year end show will be happening but probably the first week in January.

  • philliam

    what films are being discussed? if you don’t talk about A Christmas Story I might have to kill all of you…

  • kent88

    Please tell me Reed will be present for the Christmas premium. He was last time.

  • Tommy

    I really really want to hear your opinions on 48fps. Maybe next year?

  • Sean

    Check out last year’s episode where we reviewed the first Hobbit movie.

  • Tommy

    Hmm. I had the memory of nobody catching the high frame rate, but maybe it was just not everyone.

  • crazyXcrazy

    “We also happen to have a very special guest with us….”

    Anticipation builds…..

    “We’d like to welcome back to the show”

    Cock in hand

    “Scotty Young”

    WHAT? Cock grows weaker……..:(

    No offense to Scott but jesus fucking christ bring Gregg back.

  • Boris the Blade

    Who the fuck would downvote this?

    He’s right: BRING GRECK BACK!

  • Essie

    Those who recognize that Greg made the show less insightful and funny. Film Junk has never been better. No offense to Greg but I think he’s much more suited for like Ball Junk.

  • kasper

    I’m a big fan of Greg and think he had many great years as a part of Filmjunk, but for the last long while on the show he felt burned out. Thankfully he seems to have returned to his old self with Balljunk, so he should jusk keep up with that and perhaps guest on FJ when it makes sense, like Reed – if he even feels like ever returning.

  • Tommy

    I, for one will only be satisfied when the show is perfected with the permanent fourth chair placement of Mr. Gerry Eng.

  • woo

    Great to hear from Skottie again, I enjoy his tumblr very much.

  • Mark

    Hmm… Filmjunk has, actually, been way better. I laugh out loud much less at the show now, and there are virtually no personal stories or random tangents anymore. I still enjoy it, but lets not pretend its even close to the glory years, when Greg was the main man.

    It amazes me to be honest that any long term listener could think the show is better without Greg. Everyone is different I guess, but even when Greg was in his supposed ‘decline’ he was great, and when FOR YEARS he was in his prime he was simply outstanding.

    And I listen to Balljunk, but I’m not a fan of American sports so it’s not remotely the same as a weekly fix. So yes, bring Greg back please.

  • Jakub Flasz

    Just to provide the evidence to further back you up on that:

    So, yeah… Go, Jay!

  • Ripplesdip

    Yes, thanks. Funny as I posted my comment after listening to the show in a 30 minute block during work. I felt a bit stupid fr going into it before hearing Jay say exactly the same thing. So a bit redundant…

    The link you sent, bang on on though I thought the American guy sounds like a sheep!

  • crazyXcrazy

    If you mean insightful being Jay becoming more critical and downbeat on almost everything then yes it’s better.

    Gregg was the buffer between Jay’s cynicism, Frank’s unique view on life/females and Sean trying to stay out of the middle of the road.

    “”I laugh out loud much less at the show now, and there are virtually no personal stories or random tangents anymore.”


  • Owozifa

    Did you guys ever discuss the Edge of Tomorrow trailer? I guess I’m blanking, because I swear the first time I ever heard of the movie was the trailer before The Hobbit.

    And just to cool Frank’s jets on one of his complaints (though I acknowledge the method by which they do it is totally a call back) the actual fact that Gimli is Gloin’s son cannot really be seen as such, because it is even referenced in the original Lord of the Rings movies, because that’s just who Gimli was. They didn’t “make him” Gloin’s son just for a joke. Now bringing Legolas into it is pretty blatant fanservice, but…

    A similar connection that people might miss is that Balin (the old dwarf) is who they find the grave of in the Mines of Moria in Fellowship.

  • Lori Cerny

    Re the junk mail about digital content… under “Amazon Instant Video Terms of Use” section e states thus,

    [.] You may download and store your own copy of Purchased Digital Content on a Compatible Device authorized for such download so that you can view
    that Purchased Digital Content if it becomes unavailable for further
    download or streaming from the Service.

    Basically, back up your digital purchases to a spare hard drive.

  • woo

    The Blu-ray gestapo hahaha I love it

  • I agree. It’s beyond me how someone would think the show is better now. Whatever “better” means, anyway. It’s still entertaining and I’ll keep buying every premium podcast, but the tone has noticeably changed.

    Discussions usually ended with someone cracking a joke. Now they often go on forever like it’s some kind of power game; like it’s not about having fun, but about being “right”. What used to be funny/friendly banter often feels really snarky to me now. On some episodes it was actually quite uncomfortable to listen to. So much that I realized, that some people have a lot more patience with others than I do.

    This is going to sound cheesy but being a long time listener, part of the fun of a new FJ episode was this idea of: “Well, let’s see what happened with these guys over the past week”, and the movie discussions, … yeah, they are alright, too.


    When that personal touch disappeared and the whole dynamic changed after Greg left with a rather half-baked explanation (sorry), something just felt odd. I guess, that’s what it’s like when you spent several years listening to the same group of people every single week.

    Let me be clear: I do not KNOW you guys, I’m aware of that of course, and you don’t owe your listeners anything. I just can’t help but feel like whatever I thought was unique about FILM JUNK is mostly gone.

    I feel so bad right now. I just had to let you know. Always remember: A complaining customer is a dedicated customer. Otherwise he’d just leave without a word, right?

    Having said that, I thought this episode was a lot of fun. I love you guys and I hope you NEVER stop doing this. Okay?

    Liebe Grüße, Ina!

  • Mark

    Very eloquently written, and I share basically every sentiment expressed here.

    A final observation: anyone up-voting negative comments about Greg’s tenure on the show must be A) a relatively new and/or uninformed listener, or B) idiotic. Seriously, what a joke. No wonder the show is not as good these days if that’s what the current/new listener-ship is like…

  • Daniel Faraday

    I’ve been listening to the podcast since early 2007. Back then, my daily commute took me from south Orange County to Century City everyday. It averaged about 2 hours each way. And many of those days commuting were made so much easier with the Film Junk podcast to listen to.

    From the first time I listened, I just loved to chemistry between Sean, Jay and Greg. It was an absolutely perfect mix. Since then, Greg has moved on and I am really sad that he isn’t part of the show anymore. I do think that Frank is a great addition to the show. But there was something about Greg that I not only liked but that kind of put the nastier parts of Jay in check IMHO. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Jay and his opinions. But ever since Greg left and Frank took a more prominent role, Jay, for me, has grown more and more insufferable. When Greg was on the podcast, Jay never really got after him like he does Frank. Maybe it was a respect, maybe it was fear of Greg. I don’t know. But with every passing week, Jay spends most of the podcast trying to come up with what he thinks are funny reasons to take shots at Frank. And I get it, he thinks it’s funny….. and sometimes it is. But over the course of the last couple of months, I have just grown tired of it. Frank says something…. pretty much anything… and Jay comes up with what he thinks is a clever dig at Frank and then we spend a good deal of the show with Jay’s insults of Frank. I know some people might find the whole thing funny but I am just tired of it. Instead of the show I used to love where the movies and reviews were the focus, it’s become the movie reviews and then the “Jay Show”. Where Jay disagrees with Frank and spends the rest of the show trying to find clever ways of telling Frank how wrong he is. It might have been funny the first time I heard it, but it’s become a regular thing and, pardon the pun, I’m Frankly tired of it.

    I love the podcast. I listen to it for a couple/few hours of escape every week. To immerse myself in the wonderful world of movies and TV and listen to people whose opinions I enjoy and respect. I can disconnect my brain from the real world for that time and remember what it is I love about cinema. But the direction things have gone lately…. I really can’t abide by anymore. For me, Jay has always been a bit of the snobbier side of the reviewing process and I loved that about him. But he really ought to limit his snobbier side to the things he likes and dislikes about the movies/tv shows he’s reviewing. But spending most of every podcast trying to take shots at Frank is old and a complete turnoff. I am pretty sure it’s nothing personal and I doubt Frank even cares. But it’s like bad behavior on a reality show that seems to get approval when it shouldn’t.

    Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to listen. It’s the best podcast on the net…. by far! I just hope that you know, as a long time listener, I much prefer it when Jay isn’t spending the majority of the show looking for opportunities to take shots at Frank. IMHO he does it far too often.

  • Essie

    Trying to defend your opinion by saying that anyone who disagrees with you must be this or must be that is a sign of insecurity. It’s okay to have opinions.

    Greg knew virtually nothing about film. He would express why he liked something by saying it was ‘awesome’ and why didn’t like something by saying it was ‘stupid. Listen to him try to grasp Dogtooth. Even if the show is about being funny, which I do agree with, that level of film ignorance shouldn’t be a part of a film podcast.

    I find the show 100 times more hilarious now without Greg. Jay and Frank’s back and forth isn’t uncomfortable because they are clearly playing with each other. If anything the relationship with Jay, Frank, and Sean, who seemingly edit and contributed to the meat of the show and Greg was awkward because there was a hint of resentment. And who could blame them?

    The new format allows smart film discussion and smart comedy, whereas with Greg the show would have brilliant flashes of that but would be bogged by shallow film discussion and passe humor. Greg works perfectly with a sports audience that is maybe a little more meat eating, and a little less thoughtful than a film audience. Sports deal in facts – this team won, this team lost – so expressing opinions becomes less about actual knowledge of the topic and more about, well, fact. He’s great on there. And I appreciate so much what these three do nowadays,.

  • Mrespony

    Most disappointed with how Martin Freeman is portraying Bilbo. Pretty sure that’s not his fault, I think he was a poor choice.

  • Victor

    Jay watched a Marx Brothers film for the first time and was surprised it was funny? (It was even one of their weakest ones.) What will we get next week? An Astaire-Rogers film and the astonishing announcement that there was dancing in it?

  • Victor

    The quote from The King’s Speech: “It’s ‘Your Majesty’ the first time. After that, it’s ‘ma’am’, as in ‘ham’. Not ‘ma’am’, as in ‘palm’. ” Only the queen is referred to by the the ‘ham’ rhyme. Neither ‘ham’ nor ‘palm’ rhyme with ‘Mum’ in British English. ‘Palm’ sort of rhymes with the American ‘Mom’, which is where the confusion starts. Jay got it wrong, as usual.

  • Victor

    Agree completely. I wish Frank would stop laughing at Jay’s snarky comments. He’s only encouraging him.

  • Yerp

    Though I don’t agree 100%, I have a lot of respect for Daniel’s comment. I am also a huge fan of Jay’s. Having said that, there is a lot of validity to his comment. A lot of times the podcast can veer a little too close to awkward imo. Frank’s obviously is an extremely good-natured guy with a very thick skin, but why test it so much? I get that most of it is put on for the show and not indicative of real life but too many moments seem like Film Junk directed by John Cassavettes or Lars von Trier. Bit intense, I’m just trying to get to work here.

    Admittedly, when Jay starts wilding out on Frank, I am almost always on Jay’s side…but can’t he just walk it back a smoodge? Have to admit Greg may have been an effective muffler for Jay’s pitiless nihilism, but I do think the show’s been better than ever since the change. Even with Jay’s antics there is way way less cringing and eye-rolling.

    Just want to end on a note of gratitude and thanks for putting out the best podcast on the net, and the most vital and exciting film conversation out there whatever the media. I care more about the FJ take, than whoever…Pete Travers, Owen Gleiberman, MAnohla Dargis fookin AO Scott, the whole vapid and senile newspaper/rotten tomatoes gang, Film comment, Sight and Sound. Maybe J Hoberman has you by a nose, maybe Cinemascope (they love Tony Scott too!).

    Anyway apologies if this reads as a cheap shot. You guys are kind of on the edge of being everyday dudes and public figures, really hope this isn’t a personal attack or trolling. Hope this comes across with all the respect and admiration I have for all of you and this amazing thing you’ve built and hopefully will continue to build for years to come.

  • DanLorien

    I want to put in a word supporting Jay’s banter with Frank. I think it’s the best part of the show. It’s exactly the kind of thing that distinguishes this podcast from all the other film podcasts.

    Frank can take it. He puts up a good fight. He had a great rant a couple weeks ago about Moms. And Jay adroitly interrogated him about it. Gold.
    This is what modern comedy looks like. This is the edge people are always talking about.

  • DanLorien

    I think Jay was being sarcastic. He was drawing attention to alot of things that are NOT funny about the Marx Brothers– eg, Harpo’s harp playing, Chico’s piano playing. Most anyone watching those long musical interludes today would not find them funny.
    But I could be wrong.

  • Sam

    I also want to defend the banter as well between Jay and Frank. Does it happen often? Yeah it does, but I always find it funny and to be honest, I’m mostly on Jay’s side on all of them and it’s nice to see Jay call Frank out but even nicer to see Frank be able to defend himself and take it all in good fun.

    Do I miss Greg? Yeah, he was great but the show is still great in my opinion. I still give Greg credit for being the only member to have Barton Fink in his Top 100.

  • Mark

    Whatever Essie. You’re the one that’s got your way and is receiving the show you want to receive, so to spend so much time belittling and disparaging a guy who made many many people happy for so long seems both snobbish and mean spirited… Frankly,it only further strengthens my opinions on the state of Filmjunk that you suggest I’m so insecure about.

    The way you write would suggest to some degree that Greg was an obnoxious, unintelligent person who couldn’t string three sentences together, and that his opinions were worthless because he didn’t douse them in pretentious critical ramble. What a load of rubbish. Sure, he offered a more everyman approach, but that is one of the things I liked about how the show used to feel. It captured people sitting around talking featuring 3 or 4 different personalities who had various film (and life) experience and ways of expressing themselves. It also happened to be insanely charming and genuinely laugh out loud hilarious. And most importantly, it was RELATABLE.

    I’m glad you and no doubt many others enjoy the more geeky, repetitive and cliquey feel of the current show. No doubt you feel part of that clique- Good for you. But if I were as rude and snobbish about one of the current presenters as you were about Greg I’d probably get banned. Again, whatever. Needless to say, we won’t ever agree on this. The difference is, you’re in far less of a position to complain: you have what you want, enjoy it. Just don’t crap on other peoples opinions who have listened to every show several times over the course of many years. Some of us know what we liked too.

  • Lori Cerny

    You need to record a new intro as your say your premium podcasts are still 99 cents.

  • Lori Cerny

    Maybe Greg will have a resurgence a la John Travolta. Greg & Frank are very good on Ball Junk.

  • Lori Cerny

    “Frank is a great addition to the show”

    This should be Film Junk’s official meme!

  • Lori Cerny

    I did not down vote because “Those who recognize that Greg made the show less insightful and funny.”

    I down voted because it was very offensive to Film Junk’s guest.

  • crusty stud

    i strongly disagree there, buddy. listen, i respect these guys, the decision is theirs to make asoasf.

    it would be sweet to ocasionally hear him, more often than reed or scott per instance – not that there’s anything wrong with their partake. it just.. it saddens me. i miss greg

    btw my [mental]cock stayed hard the whole three hours, great podcast.

    now, i don’t expect banta about whatever just for the sake of it. no pandering :D ..evolve, try bigger shoes, be snappier.. excelsior, as they used to say back in the days of flanking tactics

  • Niclas

    I don’t really understand the negative comments about Skottie. Yeah, Reed’s a great guest but so is Skottie. He had a lot of insightful comments and was obviously a fan of the show. Seemed like a really likeable character.

  • traynor

    I liked it both ways. I thought Greg’s absence would bug me, but I haven’t missed him. I like the show as it is.

  • traynor

    Thanks for announcing Beauty Day on Hulu. I watched it and loved it. If I had millions to invest, I’d give it to Jay for his first big budget feature.

  • Daniel Faraday

    Hello Film Junk community. I guess my last comment sparked some interesting dialog/debate. I just want to make something really clear…. There’s not another podcast on the net that I get as much enjoyment out of. I used to be a giant Kevin Smith Smodcast fan. But ever since I found Film Junk, I have been and will continue to be a huge fan.

    Please don’t get me wrong… I love the whole crew, Jay included. I love the sheer volume of Jay’s knowledge and almost every week, Jay will talk about something he watched that I either never heard of or never really cared about until he reviewed it and made it a must watch for me. Especially the older stuff he regularly talks about. Until I started listening back in 07, I was kind of a snob when it came to anything pre-70’s. I’ve since been blessed to have heard Jay’s recommendations and have really enjoyed watching the movies he talks about.

    I guess all I was really trying to say is that, at times, I feel like the Frank/Jay banter gets old. And also, I really do miss Greg. I totally understand why he left and completely respect that. I truly hope Greg is doing well and I do look forward to the promised, occasional visits from him on the show.

    All that being said, the show has been and continues to be absolutely amazing! I go looking for the new show starting late on Sunday nights. And I keep checking back until I see the new episode, sometimes dozens of times a day. I must have checked back at least 50 times over the course of the last week when this episode wasn’t up early in the week like it usually is.

    I really hope that Jay and the others as well as the rest of the listeners know that my criticism was never meant to label or insult anyone. I guess I just needed to kind of say my peace and move on.

    I take daily walks while listening to the show and regularly can’t help but laugh in the most inappropriate of places. It’s almost a weekly occurrence that someone will ask me what I am listening to and I always make sure to proudly tell them that I’m listening to three of the funniest Canadians in the world talking passionately about movies.

    I’ll end on this… Back during the review of the new Thor movie, I believe it was Frank and Jay talking about Natalie Portman vs Jamie Alexander. They were talking about how Jamie is really smoking hot and if they were Thor and given the choice they would have a hard time justifying Portman over Alexander. I was in a CVS at the time and laughed really loud since I always thought the exact same thing. The cashier there asked me what was so funny. I explained the debate. I didn’t know Jamie’s character’s name off the top of my head. He said, “Oh yeah! Sif! Hands down… Sif over Portman! She’s a smoking hot demigod! What’s not to love?” I gave him the link to the site and pretty much everytime I see him now we talk about the latest episode of the show.

  • Mrespony

    Oh, and I think Spike Jonze should give you a cut of my ticket money for Her. I wasn’t interested in seeing it until this podcast, had honestly forgotten about it.