Ghostbusters 3 and Men in Black 4 Will Definitely Be Reboots


Earlier this week, we reported on the news that Bad Boys 3 was back in development at Sony and that they had hired a new screenwriter to get the ball rolling again. Buried in the original article from Deadline, however, there was another somewhat surprising revelation (surprising to me, at least). The Bad Boys sequel was compared to a couple of other big sequels in the works at Sony: Men in Black 4 and Ghostbusters 3. It was pointed out that unlike these other two sequels, they wanted to get the original cast back for Bad Boys 3. Maybe I’m missing something, but I think this the first time we’ve heard flat out that Men in Black and Ghostbusters are getting rebooted. The actual quote from the article is as follows:

“Sony is trying to do this with the original cast, which makes it different from the other big franchise reboots in the works, Men In Black and Ghostbusters. Those are being rebooted. With Ghostbusters, that has a lot to do with Bill Murray being unwilling to reprise his signature role. With Men In Black, the deal making on that film got to be prohibitively expensive with all the talent and producer back ends, to the point it was becoming impossible for the studio to make money.”

I did some additional reading on both projects, and it seems that the reboot word has been thrown around before, but always very cautiously. Here’s what Barry Sonnenfeld told MTV about the end of MIB 3 last year:

“The fantastic thing about Men in Black 3 is that it totally closes out the trilogy, it answers questions that you didn’t even know you should be asking, it leaves you emotionally warm and sad and happy, and it could also reboot the franchise. But I can’t even begin to tell you how to interpret all of that. [Laughs] But I would say this: If your interpretation is that Men in Black 4 will only star the worm guys and Frank the pug, you are wrong.”

Sony recently hired Oren Uziel (The Kitchen Sink) to start writing the screenplay for Men in Black 4, but Will Smith has repeatedly said that he’s not very interested in doing a fourth movie. Could Josh Brolin be taking over the reins of the franchise?

As for Ghostbusters 3, Dan Aykroyd confirmed last year that Bill Murray would definitely not be involved. Now it sounds like they are potentially taking the project in a different direction. Aykroyd appeared on Larry King Now back in May, and here is what he had to say:

“It’s based upon new research that’s being done in particle physics by the young men and women at Columbia University… Basically there’s research being done that… I can say that the world or our dimension that we live in, our four planes of existence, length, height, width, and time, become threatened by some of the research that is being done. And Ghostbusters, new Ghostbusters have to come and [solve] the problem.”

He confirmed that there would be a new cast, but when asked if he or any other original cast members would return, he said simply, “Think Star Trek.” So it sounds like in both cases they will use some sort of alternate timeline thing to explain the existence of a brand new cast, and the original cast members (if they appear at all) will be analogous to Leonard Nimoy in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. I think this changes our expectations for both of these projects considerably, and I seriously doubt they will end up being called Ghostbusters 3 and MIB 4. Are you okay with the idea of rebooting Ghostbusters and Men in Black? Do they really have any other options?

  • Strybeck

    Or they could not do the movies altogether. How about that?

  • ProCynic

    I wish someone would reboot that annoying word reboot!

  • Mrespony

    Trust Bill Murray, this is a bad idea.

  • dan

    I personally I’ve been waiting for ghostbusters 3 for half my life I just hope when they do this they do it right I don’t ruin it as far as Bill Murray I think that he’s being a selfish little jerk but I wish him the best I hope they don’t bring on a some stupid hack cast

  • sirmichaelvalentine

    first i think rebooting min in black is stupid the 3rd is a huge success ether if your a fan of the 3rd installment of not it is a good movie (have not seen it yet) but i did hear from alot of people that its a great film but just doesnt make you feel like ur watching MIB more like your watching back to the future 4 with will smith. they need a script like MIB 1 or 2 featuring both will and tommy as main characters with NO time travel story they might as well wheel in micheal j fox for back to the future 4 if Hollywood wants a time travel story that badly.

  • sirmichaelvalentine

    secondly for ghostbusters 3 i think rebooting it is the best idea i am one that didnt want to admit it but our beloved 3rd with the original cast isnt ever coming if anything we’ll have a 3rd with 2 originals mainly aykroyd and hudson cause ramis does not even look like egon anymore. plus aykroyd said the wrong thing i do understand he has been tring to get sony to move forward faster but saying they cant make it without the originals is not a good idea cause sony will prove him worng even if they have to shit on the 3rd film to do so it sucks.

  • Hannah Fontana

    Time for a mashup – Ghostbusters in Black

  • charlituna

    MIB4 yes! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I’ve watched MIB3, MIB2 & the first one so many times, I can just about do all the parts in all the scripts! and don’t even think about the Jaden kid … Will S., TLJ, even Brolin if want to do another trip to past – whatever, but forget the kid.

  • Jüri Vaitmaa

    ghostbusters have to be rebooted because one of the actors are already dead and the others are quite old by now. MIB on the other hand could potentially continue with the same charachters and style without rebooting until mib 5 (including wills son jaden as an agent)


    I wouldn’t want to see MIB – IV without Will Smith!

  • DoomGuyBFG

    I would actually like to see Ghostbusters continued rather than rebooted. I think they can make it work with only two original Ghostbusters remaining. The Ghostbusters have been shut down once again, only this time by Ray himself, after their last case went horribly wrong, resulting in the death of Egon. Peter quit and has since moved on, marrying Dana and raising a family. Ray had taken up school, earned a degree in physics, and became a college professor. Winston became a firefighter chief and the two remain in regular contact with each other, doing discreet side jobs so Ray can continue his and Egon’s research. After discovering something huge on the way, he brings in some promising young students from his class to train in the ways of Ghostbusting. They could even bring in Rick Moranis, since Lewis has some experience Ghostbusting (even if it was shooting at a wall of slime), and as comic relief. I think rebooting would be a bad idea, but continuing the series using this format could possibly work while keeping the series’ integrity intact. I understand that without Harold Ramis (okay, okay, and Bill Murray too), Ghustbusters will never be the same. But I once watched a fan-made movie called Ghostbusters vs Freddy Krueger and I must say I was fairly impressed. If a handful of fans with a low budget could make it work, then Dan Akyroid can do it too.