Leaked Trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s Noah Raises More Concerns


This is clearly not what Darren Aronofsky or Paramount needed right now. A rough trailer for Aronofsky’s upcoming film Noah has leaked online just days after it was being reported that the director and studio were locked in a creative battle over final cut of the film. The video seems to have been shot on an iPhone and the trailer is longer than three minutes, leading many to believe that it was never intended for public consumption.

That being said, it’s hard not to feel a little bit worried about the film after watching this video. Although there are hints of some solid effects work, the whole thing feels pretty small scale… which is obviously not what you want for a Biblical epic. The acting is also somewhat questionable, as is the text that describes it as “the epic story of one man and the most remarkable event in our history.” The trailer has already been pulled off DailyMotion but for now you can still watch it over at Defamer. Check it out after the jump and let us know what you think.


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  • Ji-a

    Applauding after a movie is not dumb enough, now people are cheering for trailers?

  • milan

    hated the song in there, but some nice shots to be seen as well, not sure if i will be able to take it like a serious movie (coz its based on a bullshit)…

  • Porky

    I dont think its fair to judge this iphone trailer.
    Emma Watson is in it anyway so its a must see

  • Jr

    Have you never seen trailer footage from Comic-Con?

  • Ji-a

    Sure, but there is always some of the cast and crew attending. Makes the cheering a little bit more sensible. Maybe the Noah trailer was shown at the Annual Make Believe fair with the cast and crew, the story didn’t tell.

  • 15cansofhorses!1niteinhackney

    who in his/her right mind would even accept to direct a movie about noah? this darren should just pull out now why he still can is all i’m saying.. the story is preposterous, probably the stupidest bunch of hogwash ever devised

    also, hollywood should scrap every single project involving anything related to that collection of hokum commonly known as the bible.
    they’ll all flop, yeah, a burning bush just told me.

    hey, he was watching the trailer, it was just his opinion..

  • Christopher Harvey

    This seems (based on a terrible quality trailer) terrible.

  • Dan

    Some real high and mighty haters around here. I thought it looked decent. Accurate? No. But if you’re going to cast an Aussie and have him use an english accent, along with casting Hermione, then he’s obviously going for entertainment value.
    It’s like an Atheist/Agnostics AA meeting in here, and you come off like douche bags. You clearly have all the answers don’t you. Oh the irony.

  • Z

    Almost all of the trailer looked dire, but the final 30 seconds or so actually looked pretty decent. I am, at least partially, interested.

  • I didn’t necessarily dig the trailer (that song at the end is brutal) but I didn’t see anything in there to make me think the movie would be terrible or small scale.
    I’m psyched to see what looks like a time-lapse of an entire forest growing, the flaming sword shot was sweet, and everything with the ark set looks impressive.
    It’s also interesting that there’s a lot of prehistoric mammals hoping on that boat, I spotted Indricotherium and eohippus.

  • Jr

    Ok, good point.

  • parapa

    Visually looks very cool actually, it’s just I have no interest in these bible story movies. Such a waste of time. The notion that this may be marketed as a “true story” or whatever is downright insulting, though can’t blame Aranofsky for that

  • Just to reply to you

    Let us not forget the Passion of the Christ and the way it rocked hollywood and the rest of the world when it released. Pretty sure there’s an audience for Biblical epics. And regardless, I’m fairly certain you would have accepted Darren’s paycheck as well if you were offered the gig. But nice one dude! You sure know your stuff.

  • “no sir, i don’t like it”

    i know just enough to tell you it’s fiction. now, if darren tried to suggest that – by adding fictitious animals – the christians pounced at the studio folks.
    r u 1 of those ppl that have no idea what irony means, what the hell do you know about how accurate?
    & if i may add, how strange your concept of truth vis-a-vis entertainment value is

  • nxt time use a proper name ffs

    nah, there’s passion for christ, yes.
    but moses, noah? i doubt that very much.

    ya know, there’s more to movies than money and audience. which is something you don’t seem to grasp.

  • rusinchicago

    this is a non story as it was shot on cell photo off a screen and obviously is from internal company event. its fine, people need to chill out

  • Darth_Siskel

    Yep, Russel Crowe. He looks Iraqi :-D

  • Jonny Ashley

    I’m pretty excited by the visions that Noah is going to receive. And the way Crowe says “He’s going to destroy the world” means they’re not shying away from everything that’s complicated about that story for Judeo-Christians or non-JCs alike. I’m hoping for an epic Aronofsky fantasy movie.

  • Dan

    I don’t even know what you’re trying to say here.. Try English next time. Have a great day!

  • stud in school

    why thanks. k, i’ll try not to force the tongue, just this 1 point:

    “entertainment value” flows mainly from the epic story itself. accent is a non-issue here. just watch spartacus, ben hur, ..yul brynner and liz taylor playing egyptians. mythical, legendary or even historical characters give you a lot of freedom in that way.
    here’s another example, to maybe clear things out: why would tom cruise play stauffenberg with a german accent? just think about it: he’d be a german speaking german in the most natural manner. one could argue that it is better (and more accurate) to hear his words in english exactly the way you’d hear them in german: as clearly as possible.

    there is actually no connection between any particular english accent
    vis-a-vis entertainment value being detrimental to “accuracy” – you’ve
    argued none (non-sequitur).
    so, besides name-calling, your first post is also pretty dumb. was i clear enough this time?

    did you read about the meaning of irony yet?
    make sure to add “rhetorical question” in your search, just to on the safe side.

  • Johnson

    Does anybody know the title of the song?.

  • Tom Jameson

    It’s called ‘Spirit break out’ by Kim Walker from Jesus culture

  • Jenny Breton

    The song is actually by an English guy called Luke Hellebronth. Kim Walker covered it.

  • JenGreen1984

    The sneek preview trailer was shown at the Worship Central Conference and the reason people are cheering is that Luke Hellebronth is/was a member of Holy Trinity Brompton and composed the song… people are cheering because its exciting that, what we have veiwed as a simple worship song, has been snapped up by hollywood – whats wrong with that? It’s also nice that the song is written by a believer/follower of GOD and not a songwriter that is simply writing a hit for a film… there’s true belief in the words.
    the story behind the song, as we were told at the conference, is that when Luke played the tune to Tim Hughes (another writer/leader) and Tim said “yeah it’s OK, maybe a little simple” – and now, a few years on it’s being used in a hollywood movie….
    I have to say that the only thing WRONG about the trailer is the person that filmed it as we were all asked not to… for obvious reasons…
    Shame some people can’t just play by the rules….
    Don’t judge the film based on this poor recording…. albeit we were watching in a room full of Christians, it looks nothing but AWESOME :-)