Game Junk Podcast Episode #17: Too Many Games, Not Enough Time


0:00 – Intro
05:42 – Headlines: Steam OS + Steam Machines + Steam Controller, Nintendo Announces 2DS, Xbox One and PS4 Launch Titles
57:49 – First Impressions: Grand Theft Auto V
1:08:50 – Hot Button: GTA Online Launch
1:20:00 – Games We Played: Battlefield 3, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, The Puppeteer, Halo 4, Star Trek, Fifa 14, Madden 25, NBA 2K13, NHL 14, Ducktales Remastered, The Last of Us, Ni No Kuni, Saints Row the Third, Tomb Raider, Mark of the Ninja, Hitman: Absolution, Wipeout 2048, Dragon Fantasy Book 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Disney Infinity, Kindom Heart Remix 1.5 HD, Star Wars Pinball, Rayman Legends, Diablo III, Pikmin III, Wonderful 101, Wind Waker HD, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, FarCry: Blood Dragon, Steamworld Dig
2:20:36 – Junk Mail: Blind Devotion to Franchises, Multiple Characters and roleplaying in GTAV and All Games, Pop Quiz from Philip, Programmers in the Game Industry, AAA IP vs. The World, Timeless Games, Wide Angle FOV + Prerendered Backgrounds + Button Mashers
2:51:50 – Upcoming Releases
2:53:54 – Outro

Game Junk Podcast Episode #17: Too Many Games, Not Enough Time by Filmjunk on Mixcloud

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  • Nat Almirall

    Dwy-Guy: You can skip the cutscenes in Ducktales Remastered by hitting the start button during the scene, then select the “Skip Cinematic” option.

  • Sean

    Interesting. Are you sure that wasn’t added in an update? I seem to remember reading some other reviews that said they were unskippable as well. But maybe I just wanted something to complain about.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    PC gaming has no soul, it makes me wanna puke.

    PC gamers play like only 4 games a year. There the game equivalent of those weirdos on blu-ray forums who obsess over having the best home theater but then barely watch any movies.

  • Frank, totally agree with you about GTA IV and how frustrating it is and not all that fun to play. GTA V is WAAAAAAAY better. It plays more like a game now instead of going for total realism.

    Love that you keep your guns after you die or get busted.

  • I disagree with you about some of the dialogue. Trevor is absolutely hilarious. His cut scenes are pretty good, but the talks he has with other characters while you’re driving in a car is funny as hell.

  • Sean, I watched that movie (within the game) too. Kind of a spoof of Jodorowski or a Bunuel picture. I actually found it kind of uninteresting though.

    The stuff on TV in the safe house is better stuff to actually sit and watch.

  • piggystardust

    Have Jay film your 2DS unboxing, Frank. He did a BA unboxing of his Touch of Evil blu ray.

  • Sam

    I’m not sure if its the same one I watched, but felt a bit like Fellini, 8 1/2-ish

  • Kasper F. Nielsen

    Fantastic episode as always. A small dream of mine would be if you guys turned Game Junk into a monthly premium instead, actually sticking to the monthly format.

  • Sam

    Steam World Dig = Mine-Fuck of the Month?

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Alright, prediction time. Console war is already over… Microsoft wins. All the bad press has faded away, and the public mindshare is theirs. The fact that they have the better launch lineup is just gravy(CoD and Dead Rising will be the big hits). All Sony has going for them is the pricepoint and the week headstar. Though, even that can be argued to play into Microsoft’s “cool” image(“It’s more expensive because it’s better! derp!!”).

    Sidenote: I still find it fascinating how you guys are so isolated in the game dev scene to be thinking that Sony is more popular than MS. It’s like some awesome bizarro world.

  • That Guy

    GTA V…..Lester Crest looks a bit too much like Mr. Hendleman.

  • Sean

    Thanks Kasper. I wish we could record Game Junk more often too but the title of this episode kind of says it all.

  • Sean

    Well played sir!

  • Kasper F. Nielsen

    Yeah, it makes perfect sense – sadly! :-)

  • Sean

    Hey, we’re not the only ones saying Sony has pulled ahead. We mentioned the poll that shows that the PS4 is currently more popular than the Xbox One. I don’t agree that Microsoft has the better launch line-up, I think they’re about equal. And both systems have COD.

    But if anything, I think we’ve defended Microsoft more than most and said don’t count them out. They could still end up on top, I just don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Yeah, I know CoD is on both but it’ll sell more on the XB1 as it’s seen more as a game fitting the MS demographic.

  • patrik

    Good episode as usual. Might I enquire as to what the outro song is Sean?

  • Sean

    Frank actually did the editing, but the outro song is Sleepwalking by The Chain Gang of 1974.

  • patrik

    Alright it’s from GTA. Knew I’d heard it somewhere =).

  • Lori Cerny

    When are you guys gonna start a food review ‘cast?

  • Stu

    Edge were the outlet who interviewed devs, who in turn told them the PS4 had a significant power advantage, anything upto 50%. The comparisons are easy to make (unlike previous gens) as both consoles essentially use X86 PC technology,

    Edge incidentally are a UK magazine, highly respected, and been around for 20 years.

    The “power of the cloud” has also been debunked by Eurogamer. Not to mention, the cloud is not a MS technology as such, all tech companies are heavily invested in it, Sony have already confirmed they have their own cloud service in the works.

    Sony have learned from last gen, they no longer announce games way in advance, it’s counterproductive. Infamous SS is coming in February, The Order 1886 will be out by mid ’14, which means Sony have plenty of AAA in-house titles still to reveal for’ 14.

    Its rumouted Naughty Dog will reveal a title at the Spike TV awards in December, probably Uncharted 4, it’s also bravely rumoured a the Last of US ultimate edition will be coming next year too.

    Over at Sony Santa Monica, they now have two in-house studios, at lay one of their titles will come next year. They’ll both probably be new IP’s, rather than another God of War.

    GG games have Killzone SF due at launch, but they also have a second team working on a new IP, possibly a sci-fi/fantasy adventure/RPG.

    At PD, it’s a sure thing Gran Turismo is in the works, probably not GT7 next Christmas, but certainly a Prologue or GT Academy download.

    Quantic Dreams have just released Beyond Two Souls, so their next title is probably two years off.

    Media Molicule will have a new PS4 title after moving on from Little Big Planet, probably some sort of creation game.

    Over at Sony Japan, it’s been confirmed The Last Guardian is now being regengineered, most likely for PS4.

    BTW, Resounding us the PS4’s killer app at launch, it’s from the guys who made Super Stardust, everyone who’s played it has given it great reviews.

    Driveclub will be another that surprises, after a poor E3 showing, the game has come on leaps and bounds, so much it now looks notably better than Forza 5.

    Both the above are free at launch with a PS+ subscription.

    Despite the 360’s early launch, and far cheaper price, the PS3 has ultimately clawed it’s way back to being the best selling console this gen (worldwide).

    Next gen, PS4 has a power and price advantage, it’s launching at the same time as the direct competion, and has an architecture that is familiar and easy to work on.

    Here in the UK, we were one of the few territories that favoured the 360, that is turning back in favour of Sony and the PS4. In mainland Europe, most countries aren’t even getting a release this year.

    Incidentally, many of the Xbox One’s values, like TV integration, voice controls etc., won’t even work at launch outside the US

  • Stu

    PS4 preorders were stopped in the UK in early August. Across, France, Germany etc. retailers have said PS4 will not be available until February, if you don’t already have a preorder.

  • HuckCity

    I just read those two articles you posted and if the 50% greater memory reads are correct, that could definitely give a significant boost to the PS4.

    As for the cloud services, when most people refer to “the cloud” it’s mainly for storage only (i.e. Google Drive, PS3 cloud storage). The first article does a good job of explaining the cloud processing concept and hits the nail on the head when they say that we’ve (developers) have already split game code into “jobs” to work well on multi-core systems (which will in turn work with cloud processing).

    It’s two issues are with latency and bandwith. Both of these are issues with any online multiplayer game, so this is nothing new for developers to tackle. There are many things game developers traditionally use the CPUs to compute that aren’t needed immediately, so although the article seems to imply that this will not be a savings, I disagree. AI (you knew I was going here) could greatly utilize the cloud processing.

    Overall, I would completely disagree with your position that the article “debunked” the power of the cloud, it’s mainly saying that there have been no games that have proved is usefulness (which is obvious since the xb1 isn’t out yet).

    Also, if Sony is also developing cloud processing, that would imply that it will be useful and are worried that it will give MS an edge, otherwise they wouldn’t spend the time/money developing it.

  • John Abides

    I wrote an email regarding some of this, but I’ll just mention that the only advantage the XBone has is its embedded memory. The linked article at GenGame quickly passes over this as a ‘pain’ to use. However, it does provide a low latency high bandwidth memory location that will certainly be utilized by first party titles. 32 MB doesn’t sound like much, but it is pretty huge compared to usual cache sizes and could boost hit rate significantly.

    A nice comparison article here.

    Oh, and we also don’t know clock speeds yet, afaik. Microsoft could make up some of its lost ground by clocking higher, but that would carry heat and power consequences they might rather avoid after the last go-round!

  • Boris the Blade

    Do you even know what you`re takling about?

  • gaynaldogayness3

    No soul? Are you insane? One thing is the stupid post you made about XBone earlier, but this is just plain retarded.

    Console have 30 FPS, 720P, a closed OS with only a limited tasks to do with a limited amount of programs to use. That includes its market, which prices games, movies, music, etc. for insane prices.

    This is what a PC has:

    1. More alternatives: more alternative to buying games = cheaper prices. Games are generally much cheaper on PC. They are even more cheap on places like Steam or G2Play. And if you buy a game, you own it forever, because it’s on one platform. You don’t have to buy it again when you get a new machine with a new platform in 4-5 years.

    2. A whole OS: i got Windows, and I can do whatever the fuck I want with it. Photoshop, chat online on the browser i like, use skype, MSN, Teamspeak, watch movies on the media player I want, play music on the player i want (iTunes, Spotify, Wimp, you name it), and so on and so forth. The level of options of how I play a game is also bigger. I can play everything from normal, public server to pro-gaming on services such as ESL, or use other options, like mIRC, for matchmaking.

    3. More games: there are more games to PC than consoles. It’s one single platform, and it goes all the way back to the 80’s. The overwhelming majority of indie games are on PC. Everything from the simple flash-based online games to the priced titles on stores such as Steam.

    Not only that, PC also includes other platforms. I have emulators for NES, N64, PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox, and many, many more. Some of them, like the Wii emulator, show off, funny enough, better graphics on a PC on the emulator than on the original machine itself.

    4. Mods. With the freedom of PCs, you get normal people making mods out of games. Think of the enormous amount of mods to the Source-engine (Counter Strike and Team Fortress were both originally mods to Half-Life) or think of classic mods such as Project Reality for Battlefield (and soon the sequel, with the Crysis 3-engine), the amazing zombie-mod DayZ. Or how about the incredible MMO-space game, using the Crytek-engine, Star Citizen. These are only a handful of games of thousands of mods out there. And all of them on PC’s.

    5. One platform, but different options: no matter how long I have it, I still am on the same platform. And instead of buying a whole new machine, I can just upgrade it by buying new hardware every now and then. Furthermore, the option on single games are even bigger. In a world that has 1080P as a standard, I’m not locked to 720P (a resolution which is even uglier on the 42″(+) screen that console-gamers play their games on), but I can play up to 4K (and beyond). I’m also not locked to 30-60 FPS. I can play up to 144hz and get nice, smooth and stutterless gaming. I can play on multiple screens, wider screens (21:9), and so on.

    Do I need to go on? It’s consoles, not PC’s, that have no soul, my friend. And the way things are moving forward with technology (Steambox, mobile and tablet-gaming, excessive development speed of PC-hardware), this might, hopefully, be the last console-generation. Consoles have since the 2000’s not given us anything else than less options, backwards technology (are we seriously gonna put up with 720P and 30FPS for 6 more years?!) and exclusive games (bad for us customers). They are cheap PC’s with a restrictive operating systems.

  • Hey, I’m quite a casual gamer, even MORE casual than say Sean (gasp!), and Game Junk has been surprisingly addictive and gotten me back into playing a few more games.
    I’ve been working in Brisbane for a while and have changed my work focus from a games artist to motion graphics, as all the major video game studios here shut down.
    With the games industry continuing to be a bit shakey (in the west?), I’d be keen to make donations to the podcast if you had a system like the premium podcasts do, not mandatory, but a donate button.
    I noticed that Huck comes across as pretty thrifty using lots of library resources (which inspired me to pick up a library card) and Frank had dropped out of work for a bit in the past.
    I could definitely manage a small donation every now and then to show my support and if it upped the show frequency, well then it’s win win.

  • Sean

    Thanks Lucas! I could set up a Game Junk Paypal donation button that goes to a different e-mail address so I can keep them separate from the Film Junk donations. But I can’t guarantee it will make the show any more frequent. ;)