Ball Junk Podcast Episode #3: 2013 NFL Season Preview


Get your balls bouncing again as the Gasman and Frankie Knuckles violate your ears with Episode 3 of the Ball Junk Podcast. We break down the upcoming NFL season and make our Super Bowl picks. We also discuss the best franchises in our Top 5, travel the globe in Balls Around the World and read your mail in Sack Time. It’s more balls than you can handle. Download it now! BALLLLLLLLIN!

0:00:00 – Intro
0:00:30 – General Discussion: Results of the inaugural Ball Junk Challenge, Summer Sports Activities
0:10:45 – Feature: NFL Season Preview
0:28:38 – Feature: Top 5 Franchises
1:14:35 – Balls Around The World
1:24:46 – Sack Time
1:47:04 – Outro

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  • Kasper F. Nielsen

    A new Ball Junk? That was unexpected! Awesome! You and Greg make a great team, Frank.

  • Tommy

    I don’t give a crap about sports, but I’m pumped!

  • Z

    Great! Thanks guys!

  • Sam

    Frank and Greg discussing the flourishes of team jerseys? Awesome!

  • patrik

    Nice! I’m gonna listen to this in the gym, if that doesn’t get the testosterone flowing then I don’t know what will.

  • Jason Hermsen

    For a sports challenge, how about some Olympics? Bar Pentathalon: Billiards, Darts, Foosball, Shuffle Puck, Pinball. Dave and Buster’s/Chuck E Cheese Olympics: Skee Ball, Hoop throw, etc. Camping Olympics: Bean Bag Toss, Ladder Bolos, Washers throw, Horseshoes, Sand Volleyball. Maybe some Frisbee golf?
    I get that your best franchises are your own favorites, like the film lists. But there are “consensus” best franchises, like “best” films. Here’s my attempt at them (not my personal favorites):
    5. Chicago Cubs. Wrigley Field, Curse of the Goat, WGN, Harry Carey
    4. Los Angeles Dodgers. Chavez Ravine, Jackie Robinson, Trolley Dodgers, featured in the film Mask (Cher not Jim Carey), Vin Scully
    3. Boston Red Sox: Bambino Curse, Green Monster, Ted Williams
    2. St. Louis Cardinals: 11 World Series wins, Best Fans in baseball, Gas House Gang, Whitey Ball
    1. New York Yankees: Pride of the Yankees, 6 World Series in a row, Ruth, Mantle, DiMaggio, Jeter, 26 WS wins
    5. Oakland Raiders: Just Win Baby, The Greatness of the Raiders, fans dressed up, John Madden, Gangsta Rap
    4. Cleveland Browns: Dawg Pound, Art Modell, Jim Brown, the most classic uniform/helmet
    3. Green Bay Packers: Title Town, Lambeau Field, Lambeau Trophy, Favre rise and fall
    2. Dallas Cowboys: America’s team, the giant t.v., Thanksgiving Day, Tom Landry
    1. Pittsburgh Steelers: the Blue Collar team, most championships, huge fan base
    5. Houston Rockets: Hakeem to Yao to Superman
    4. New York Knicks: the Knickerbockers, Patrick Ewing, Madison Square Garden
    3. Chicago Bulls: Jordan, the first to dim the lights and music for entrance
    2. Boston Celtics: old Boston Garden, Russell, Bird, Red Auerbach
    1. Los Angeles Lakers: Showtime, Diesel, Kobe, championships in Minnesota
    NHL (I don’t know much past original 6, ugly American here, but this would be my guess for consensus):
    5. New Jersey Devils: always near the top since early 90s
    4. Pittsburgh Penguins: barely above water, Jagr, Crosby, Lemieux
    3. Philadelphia Flyers: Broadstreet Bullies, Win against the Russians, Lindros
    2. Detroit Red Wings: Howe, Yzerman, octopi, Russian five
    1. Montreal Canadians.

  • Lori Cerny

    I don’t like sports, don’t watch, don’t care, BUT I listened to the whole podcast just to hear Greg. Thanks Greg and Frank for an entertaining episode.

  • Sam

    About the baseball stealing home scenario. It definitely still is a pitch if the pitcher commits home. The only way it wouldn’t be is if the runner took of early and the pitcher steps off the mound and throws home.

    It’s the reason why most steals of home or actually squeeze plays. If the play was dead once the runner went home, the batter wouldn’t be able to bunt the ball, which they are able to do.

    So the answer is, if the batter got hit with the pitch while the runner is stealing, the ball is dead. The runner goes back to the third, and the hitter takes first base.

    And some pitchers do try to throw at the batter when the happens to prevent the possible squeeze play.

  • Colin

    Loving the show, just a few things…

    – No love for Green Bay? If we’re going by the full package (history, stadium, fans, etc.) you have to hold up the Pack as one of the most iconic of all NFL franchises.

    – I’m also a back of Arsenal for the same reason Frank will be… gotta love a soccer team that sported the Dreamcast logo on their kit.

  • devolutionary

    Really nice to see (as brief as it was) a little bit of tennis coverage at the beginning. I know it’s not a very sexy sport (besides the women grunts/skirts ;) ) to give general analysis on other than the majors.
    When I was in middle-school I too was quite enamored with the New Jersey Devils logo and created a wire-frame design in metal works shop. Turned out pretty good but was ALOT more difficult that I had bargained for. What a saudering nightmare!

  • Kasper F. Nielsen

    Go Pack Go!

  • Tom Nook

    Was the word you were looking for ‘windup’?

  • dude

    great stuff lads keep em coming!

  • Strybeck

    The Yankees will always be held back by those bland uniforms and the lack of a mascot.
    How do you define best fans in a sport?

  • Strybeck

    Greg, are you using the correct terminology about the Expos? You said the franchise “folded”. Is that the same as what actually happened? They were taken over by the league, moved, renamed, and then sold. The team wasn’t contracted and the players remained and moved with the team. It’s still okay that you lost interest and loyalty.

    Also, do you guys hate Philadelphia? the ’93 World Series was a long time ago and you won.

  • Jason Hermsen

    Best fans: high attendance, knowledge of game, do not boo own players. Google search will bring up articles about it. Opposite is Cub fans that go to game to get drunk and probably do not know half the players.

    Yankees- I would love to see a guy in a civil war blue uniform, but will not happen. Lot of people think the pinstripes are best uniform

  • Strybeck

    I’ve heard people say the Cubs fans are great because they have high attendance no matter how the team is doing. I don’t believe it. And there are many fans in every city that are knowledgeable, as well as jerks that give those fans a bad name. I’d like to think my home team and favorite team the Phillies has the best fans, but players and fans have also used the term “most passionate” that is probably more true. They also have the best mascot and Citizens Bank Park, which is one of the best places to watch a ballgame (and voted best food in MLB) despite being poorly located within a sea of parking. Plus we have the greatest mascot of all time. both the Cubs and Phillies also had iconic broadcasters (Harry Caray and Harry Kalas) until they passed away. Sadly, they Phillies’ current TV guys pale by comparison and I can’t get as enthused as before to watch a game on TV.

  • Jesus’ Bastard

    Hey what’s everybody’s fantasy line up for week 2 like? Mine?

    QB – Peyton Manning
    WR – Calvin Johnson
    WR – Vincent Jackson
    RB – DeMarco Murray
    RB – Lamar Miller
    TE – Greg Olsen
    WR/RB – Julian Edelman

    My RBs are my weakness this year, but Manning’s week 1 performance put me in the lead at the ole office league.

  • jarny

    i appreciate the nice comments about my cubs

  • FAN

    loving this!!!!!