RoboCop Remake Trailer

Joel Kinnaman

Just in time to settle a little bet between Frank and myself, the first trailer for the upcoming RoboCop remake has arrived online this week. Directed by Jose Padilha (Elite Squad), the movie stars Joel Kinnaman (The Killing) as Alex Murphy, a Detroit cop who is critically injured while on duty, but then resurrected as a half-human/half-robot law enforcement machine. Yep, it’s the same RoboCop you know and love but with 90% more CG and 50% less satire!

There was a fan outcry last year when some early photos of the new RoboCop suit found their way online. Sony seems to have responded by adding a second suit to the mix that looks much more similar to the original. As for the friendly wager between Frank and I, it revolved around whether there would be CG enhancements to the suit in the photos. I don’t think there are, but perhaps you can help us decide who wins the bet. RoboCop hits theatres on Feb. 7th, 2014; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Owozifa

    Hard to tell the level of satire because they wouldn’t put it in the trailer. They want to sell the movie on the action. I dunno about it, though. The Total Recall remake sets a bad precedent.

    Also I think I saw a production shot of him wearing an all blue suit, probably for the benefit of CG enhancement. Depending on what the rules are (always enhanced, just sometimes?) I am kinda feeling Sean might lose this one.

  • Sean

    Yeah I think I lost just based on the visor coming down over his face. Still, when I made the original bet it was more about whether he would actually be seen wearing an all black rubber suit, which he mostly is.

  • Jason

    Holy crap alex murphy is anakin skywalker! NOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo

  • daedia westerteicher

    The only positive thing to say about his trailer is that it has Michael Keaton. :)

  • Mike Reilly


    I vote you win. The bet was: Will there be CGI enhancements to the suit ala Green Lantern. The **final** suit has none that I see. The visor retraction is a specific special effect, not a permanent post-addition element of the suit.

    Another weird – why is his surviving gun hand ungloved? Why wasn’t he arm removed – period. “I thought we agreed – full body prosthesis. Lose the arm!”

    And Frank…Lose the bet!


  • Mike Reilly

    Another insult to the original – the exact Rob Bottin suit is seen on a screen as a “combat” model concept and Michael Keaton dismisses it as “not sleek enough”, that line ironically and unawaredly summing up the problem with new Hollywood today and its deluded sense of being superior to the old school.

  • Owozifa

    This is what I mean:

    Seemingly a suit to be overlayed with blue screen CG of some kind. I don’t know for what purpose.

  • Sean

    Pretty sure that was photoshopped:

  • Owozifa

    Well crap. :) I was had for a fool.

    Is Frank good with Photoshop? Might be shenanigans afoot. Changed my mind, Sean is gonna win. I think you established at the time just the visor wouldn’t count.

  • Flo Lieb

    Looks like shit. Both the film and the suit.

  • Jr

    Effects are just so hard to tell these days but it looks like a real suit to me. The visor could even be real as far as we know. As for the movie, I’d rather watch the original then go play one of the Crysis games.

  • Boris Badenov

    I’d have to listen back, but I think you guys were talking more about there being add-ons to the suit to change the mass of it. There was a stipulation that something simple like a glossy CG sheen or reflection to the armor wouldn’t count.

    Which episode was the bet made on? Anyone remember?

  • Mike Reilly

    Podcast 387 – Minute 38

    Jay: Does [CG] count if they use it to make his visor go up?

    Frank: No.

    Done. Sorted. 20 bucks to Sean. 10% commission to Mike :)

  • Sean


  • James Collins

    Oh dear this looks just like the generic Total Recall remake. It almost make Robocop 3 look good, almost.

  • Colin

    Word is that the “human hand” is based on some kind of policy within the world that says that it’s only legal for a human to pull a trigger and kill another human… thus, the human hand.

  • Derek McFarland

    Should have stuck with the old suit…..all the way.

  • Derek McFarland

    It kept him looking more robotic, than some advanced soldier, in black armor.

  • Mike Reilly

    Thanks Colin. If true then that’s a plot point ploddynod to some thin degree of social commentary, don’t you think? In that spirit, will ED-209 have giant cloned human hands or is he restricted to just giving perps a stern ticking off in a Vin Diesel’ly type voice?

  • Jason Black

    So he gets blown up, gets the original suit look and becomes Robo 1.0. Gets blown to bits (again) and comes back as Robo 2.0.
    Prefer the original look myself also.

  • kyri

    .. I had somewhat high hopes for the project, mainly because of the director attached but this looks generic and uninspired.. They seem to have missed the entire point of what made the original great..

    I don’t know.. maybe it will end up to be good for other reasons.. I just can’t believe José Padilha is able to make a film as bad as this trailer looks.

    ..but judging from how they depict the death of Murphy is not encouraging at all (a car explosion? 0:37) .. One of the most iconic scenes in the original was the slow and painfull death of Murphy.. since the story of Robocop gives you an opportunity to actualy “kill” your main protagonist, well, make it matter!

    Regarding the suit.. what bugs me more about it – is not the colour, I couldn’t care less if it’s black or not but the fact that it just looks “sterilized” and too much like a man in a suit..

    The original had that problem also but it had small details in it that helped it look more like a machine, like the face of robocop without the mask portrayed as a piece of skin attached to a machine.. yes, it looked cool but at the same time it didn’t let you forget the tragedy of the character..

    In this version they just don’t seem to be aware of the problem and the fact that they kept the hand makes things worse.

    Even the cast of Peter Weller was a better choice because of his body-type.. This new guy looks like he is at my size, he is too big for a costume. Look how weird it looks in the pic that Sean used..

  • Brittany Gresang

    What if there is CG on one suit and not the other? We need a legal team in here!