Film Junk Premium Podcast #21: The Alien Quadrilogy + Prometheus

Alien Premium Podcast

Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen! It’s time once again for the Film Junk Premium Podcast. This month we discuss one of the most beloved science fiction/horror franchises of all time, the Alien Quadrilogy! As a bonus, we also jump back into a lengthy discussion of Ridley Scott’s divisive and heavily debated 2012 prequel, Prometheus. So, which movies hold up best? Does Prometheus tarnish the mystique of the original? Is Sigourney’s Weaver a sex pot? Will Sean change his tune on Prometheus or will his cynical boner keep him staying frosty? Tune in and find out!

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  • Oh boy, this is a cream dream supreme, let me tell you. Thanks fellas!

  • Jesse Bajenaru

    Guess ill just have to go and watch them all again.

  • Sam

    Damn, thought I had more time to watch these all again before this went up. Not complaining at all though.

    Managed to rewatch Alien and Aliens yesterday.

  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    I would give you a face hug for this but that would be slightly inappropriate. So thanks!

  • Ripplesdip

    Thanks in advance..have been looking forward to this for a while. I really enjoyed “The Movie Club Podcast” episode that Sean and Jay did on these films a year or so back, too. Cheers for all…

  • Kasper F. Nielsen

    I don’t like Aliens at all, it’s good to hear Frank (somewhat) agreeing with me on the marines. I really, really hate them and their shitty dialog. Don’t get why he’s not annoyed by Vasquez though.

  • Loren

    Great job on the Premium Podcast guys!

  • Johnathan|

    with tradition after Greg’s “departure”, I’m boycotting this premium
    podcast. Which is even easier this time, as The Movie Club Podcast have their
    own episode where they go through the Alien films (where, if I’m not mistaken,
    both Sean and Jay are present). More competent people with more knowledgeable
    opinions. I also don’t have to listen to ridiculous bullshit like “trilogy
    cred” from the imbecile that is Frank.

  • kyri

    just shave the head of this Greek statue:

  • kyri

    I honestly cannot understand people saying that the design of the engineers it’s not original .. maybe they expected a crazy alien with 5 eyes 6 legs 12 cocks or something.. but less is more in this case. So it’s more original in that sense. The design served the story and it looked amazing .. not to mention the fact that it was made with practical effects, (compare it with the horrible cgi aliens in John Carter)..

  • Jay Cheel

    Why I oughta!!!

  • Stinker

    Nice one, nice add to the movie club podcast, and nice talk about Pro.,
    Keep on Casting poster, you are good and should be proud of what you do. And by the way (were ever you go….) is the Weapon Podcast (+Last Boy Scout), or are you to old for this “shit” ?

  • Nick Poliskey

    Whoa BOY, I haven’t been this happy since the Star Trek Premium! My third favourite movie series of all time!! Behind Star Trek and the Godfather. BTW, will you guys ever do the Godfather series? I am curious if you guys agree with my stance that 3 has aged shockingly well?

  • Colin

    How did you guys not discuss [in detail] how incredible the spacesuits are in Alien? Probably the best spacesuits in any movie alongside 2001 and Sunshine.

  • Tom Nook

    Thanks for all the hard work and another great show! Also, hilarious commercial.

  • Bandit Manatee

    That episode was years ago… maybe they have changed their opinions? They also went through the alien series before on the regular film junk podcast though so I maybe see where your coming from.

    Actually, the alien movies are so big and popular I bet they get tons of feedback from new listeners asking where the alien premium is… so I think they just gotta get it out of the way, and put it in the back catalog so people stop bothering them about it.

    Calling frank and imbecile is very rude though.

  • T. Heilman

    I don’t think not liking Prometheus that much warrants an apology Sean. I think you were generous with your rating. It is a mess with embarrassing High School level philosophizing, terrible dialogue and bad acting. It is probably more watchable than Resurrection but is equally problematic. Another fantastic premium podcast gents. Amped up for the Friday the 13th. special.

  • wikipuppy

    Embrace ambiguity, Sean!

  • wikipuppy

    Really though, would you have been satisfied with any explanation given for why they created human beings? What could Ridley Scott possibly have to say about that that would satisfy the entire audience? I think it’s much better to leave it up to the imagination. The senseless violence of the engineer was terrifying.

  • rvancetal

    I think where Sean is getting caught up is in that this can be a Prequel of the Alien Universe without being a prequel to Alien itself.

    Just because the engineer doesn’t stay in the ship on this planet doesn’t mean anything because it is a big universe and it isn’t even the planet.

    Prometheus informs the other films without directly leading into them, thus making it able to be its own thing without feeling like a connecting of the dots to Alien.

  • Derek

    Worth the price for Jay’s H.R. Giger impression alone.

  • polar909

    is it theatrical or director/special edition cuts?

  • Sean

    We watched the theatrical cuts but discussed elements of the director’s cuts for Aliens and Alien 3 in particular.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I think the idea that the cave paintings were from humans working from embedded knowledge has several problems. Why did visions of that place disappear with primitive man? Why couldn’t modern-day (or future) astronomers have seen that section of space and have been drawn to it
    that way? Plus the planet the characters visit seems to just be an outlying outpost and definitely not the engineer’s homeworld. Why would primitive humans think it so important? Another thing is that it is heavily implied in the movie that the engineers revisited earth and the first humans to teach them the proto-language that eventually became every other human language (one of many ridiculous concepts in the movie). This is why David believes he can translate the Engineer’s language by learning every human language and working backwards so to speak. Prometheus reminds me of the Biblical creation story or the story of Noah’s Ark where clearly a story by 2 or more authors were stitched together into one telling, and definitely not seamlessly.

  • Henry

    Good premium, guys, but there’s some sloppiness: Giger is pronounced “GEE-gur”, not “GUY-gur”. It’s said over and over in the various commentaries and documentaries on the Alien series blu-rays. Also, Jay doesn’t know that his favourite director’s best film (Halloween) was released in 1978, not 1976? Really?

  • Jr

    Thanks! I’m sure everyone here appreciates all of your negative comments.

  • Brian.M

    Regarding Charles Dance and what he’s been doing recently – Game of Thrones! Granted not a movie but surprised Sean didn’t pick up on that one.

    Also re Alien 3 Frank you’re way off on supporting the cast (Mr. Dance aside) in Alien 3 been better than Aliens. On so many levels.

  • Napalm

    I was waiting and waiting for Sean to knock down all the defense of Prometheus Jay and Frank were coming up with but that moment never came.

    I think a lot of the dense brought by Jay and Frank were pretty far fetched. You guys love the movie but to justify that I think you guys connected dots that weren’t even there. It was way too far fetched.

    For example, the scientist guy being funny with that vagina looking organism. That scene was plain ridiculous and so was Jay’s defense of why it made sense (with the shark/snake analogy)… I was waiting for Sean to snap back with a rebuttal but it never came!

    There were many other moments like that throughout the review.

    I really liked Prometheus from a visual standpoint, but with story and character motivations/choices they make standpoint this movie is sloppy as fuck.

  • Napalm