Game Junk Podcast Episode #16: The Last of Us and E3 2013


On a very special episode of the Game Junk Podcast we are joined by none other than Jay Cheel to review and discuss The Last of Us. We get into some pretty heavy analysis as to whether gameplay and narrative can co-exist in the world of story-driven games, and take some time to thoroughly explore what is a considered by most to be a landmark in gaming history. E3 has come and gone (mostly gone) but it doesn’t stop us in from weighing in on all of the major announcements and revealing some potentially polarizing opinions. As always, we address your Junk Mail and throw in a few barbs along the way. Buckle in and get ready to stroke that giraffe!

0:00 – Intro
05:30 – Feature: E3 Reactions
1:00:05– Top 5: 2013 E3 Announcements
1:18:40 – Review: The Last Of Us
2:22:29– Games We Played: Viva Pinata, The Room, Ni No Kuni, THe Walking Dead, Tomb Raider, Candy Crush, Jurassic Park Builder, Gunpoint, Hotline Miami, Monsterboy in Wonderland, Bioshock Infinite, Heavy Rain
2:47:15– Junk Mail: What systems did Jay own?, How are Trophies/Achievements decided?, Level design detail contributing to story and immersiveness, Game Difficulty/Flow?, Funny Games for the KOC, Benchmark sports games of this generation, Frustrating game ending experiences, Vita suggestions,
3:19:08 – Upcoming Releases
3:20:32 – Outro
3:22:37 – Spoiler Discussion: The Last of Us

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  • wow

    One of you guys literally seemed like you were complaining about the video game you were playing being a video game. Pretty mind numbing.