Film Junk Podcast Episode #426: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

0:00 – Intro
13:03 – Review: Pacific Rim
1:08:00 – Headlines: Despicable Me 2 Has Lowest 3D Ticket Sales to Date, Oldboy Trailer
1:17:52 – Other Stuff We Watched: Surf Ninjas, The Book of Eli, Gasland Part II, Hellboy, Private Parts, Celeste and Jesse Forever, I Love You, Man
1:54:06 – Junk Mail: Which Actors Still Command An Expectation That Whatever They’re In Will Be Good, Why So Many Dark and Brooding Blockbusters
2:12:17 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:13:03 – Outro

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  • Corey Pierce

    Requests for the intro as a separate mp3 in 3, 2, 1…

  • milath

    YES! Excellent intro song! Jay is just dripping musical talent from his nipples like a lactating pregnant woman!

    Also, the triumphant return of Dax.

    Even though Sean is always missed when he’s not involved, it was still a highly enjoyable show!

  • Colin

    Intro song is incredible, Pacific Rim was crap though… really should have cut out all the drama and love plot.

  • Ripplesdip

    Dax for free! Thanks for a “Vibecast” guys :)

  • KYUSS123

    Is Dax on Twitter?
    What is his comic called?

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    lol, Jay found the Lil’ Debbull to Frank’s Bobo.

  • devolutionary

    Haven’t seen it yet, but there’s absolutely no way it could be worse (or less watchable) than Atlantic Rim c/o of our great brethren at The Asylum studio Good ol’ Space Network has been banking on that after the ‘questionable’ gossip of Sharknado.

  • Jason Hermsen

    A looooong time ago, jay said he had my name is trinity and trinity is still my name.(second one is better) did he ever watch them?

  • patrik

    Definitely vibing on the theme song =D

  • Napalm

    I had the biggest fuckin smile on my face when that intro tune came on! Great job guys!

    Now provide the mp3 so that we can keep vibin on!

  • milath

    Comic is called Bravoman:

    Dax is @D__Gee on the Twitter machine:

  • Markus

    Frank is on fire, as always, and more than able to defend himself and his views. Fucking solid, i find myself agreeing more with you than with Jay. Still, love all around!

  • Chris

    I need the opening song!

  • Sam

    Yeah Jay, You’re definitely late on getting that $25 membership at B&N. Lasts a year (potential 3 sales long depending on exact dates). Buying about 13 BDs pays it off already, pretty sweet deal.

    Also, those coupons you were talking about, if you jump around locations or depending on strictness go to same location, you could use the coupons multiple times. So take advantage on some sets you might want with the $8 of $40 coupon.

  • patrik

    Listened to the whole thing now, great episode. Dax is cool, it’s good to have him on FJ. He’d be a great semi host addition to the show if he has the time to drop in from time to time.

    Frank, you should definitely watch the LOTR extra material, it’s fucking awesome and there’s so much of it too. Damn, I had something else too.. fuck

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    I’m at the sleepover part. Holy fuck, funny.

    “The knives of Kwan Su? C’mon bud.”
    “Fuck man, just say you’re going to bed already, gawd!”
    480p Dax
    Book of Eli film scholar

  • Gord

    Pacific Rim is going to be the next Speed Racer for movie nerds

  • Tommy

    wasn’t pacific rim taking place in hong Kong, not Japan?

  • kyri

    remember that filmjunk song that was going something like: “welcome to the filmjunk podcast” “tata ta ta ta.. tata ta tata”.. That was admittedly the best one thus far.

  • Cy_Ed

    Dat Intro!

  • Owozifa

    I feel like there must be something wrong with me when even Jay loves a movie that I could not enjoy. Not even saying that he is overly harsh on movies or anything, merely that I think he has good taste in movies.

    I just don’t know where it went wrong. It’s been the biggest bummer of the summer for me. I was so hyped for Pacific Rim. Giant monsters. Del Toro directing. I was ready for this to be my favorite blockbuster. I paid full price and saw it close to release when I almost always wait a week and hit a matinee. I love Godzilla movies and Hellboy and this was nothing close to either. It refused to let me like it, and I was bored through almost all of it. Many friends I trust and other people I respect like Jay loving this movie is almost salt in the wound, just because I so badly want to be on that side. There was some style and I liked the neon colors for sure. It was just agonizing drama, though. Agonizing. And not nearly a satisfying amount of monsters. The designs also reek of generic Hollywood CG creature with their complicated mouthparts and glowy bits. Just once I’d love to see someone design a monster that is iconic in any way.

    It’s been a real bummer of a night.

  • Guest

    sucks theres no show next week i wanted to hear your guys thoughts on the conjuring and only god forgives but great show this week

  • BatemanBegins

    The intro will go down as one of the best moments in Film Junk history, right behind Jay’s astute description of Melissa McCarthy in the Bridesmaids episode. Also, I think I speak for all listeners in saying that Frank’s non-singing was colossally heart-breaking.

  • Ripplesdip

    Great episode. You should drag Dax in more often.

  • Bandit Manatee

    I think we need to decide which is the better sci-fi concept of 2013: Ghosting or Drifting? I wonder if Elysian will have some cool name for some sort of futuristic skill?

  • Bas

    You think Atlantic Rim is bad, wait till you see Pacific Rimjob…

  • Bas

    Great episode, thanks guys! I was wondering though, Jay always does the editing, so… every episode, is he begrudgingly splicing in the clip (from the reviewed film) at Sean’s request? :)

  • Sam

    About the argument about actors, I don’t think I’ve ever checked out a movie solely for the reason of a certain actor is in it. I always take into account other circumstances like director, story, etc… other than simply putting complete faith in the actor.

    That said, actors I would say would be close to that, though they all have exceptions are actors like Daniel Day-Lewis, Christian Bale, and recently somebody like McConaughey has been solid.

    For future, I’m curious to see Fassbender and Tom Hardy’s careers develop as well. And Michael Shannon as he seems to be rising a bit.

  • dolfinack

    Hey you guys. I am “David from Belfast”, and you read my e-mail about movies getting “darker and broodier” a.k.a – a bit shit. It made my week!! …

    Regarding the confusion surrounding my question, (the type of movie I was referring to), I was mostly generalising about superhero movies, but it does extend to other types of film too. Bring back the fun!!

  • Matt Gamble

    I can clear up the Jay Cheel loving Buried conspiracy theory right here and now. Jay only likes that movie to spite me, because instead of us watching that film on our first date (at a reserved seating theatre I might add) we watched Red and he couldn’t stop menstruating during the whole damn movie.

    It is safe to say that if we had watched that movie (Buried) he would have menstruated through that thing the entire time as well, and now you’d be hearing about how amazing Red is and how he can’t wait to watch Red 2 this weekend.

    There you go Frank, mystery solved. Make sure to hold it against him at every possible moment.

  • Tahir

    I can’t get that damn intro song outta my head.

  • Brian. M

    Great podcast guys. Although at this stage you make the show seem effortless that just shows to me how skilled you’ve become at this, and I appreciate everything you do to make it fun and insightful. Thanks again.

  • piggystardust

    The destruction in pacific rim worked because it had weight to it. In Man of Steel they just ripped through buildings like paper.

  • Bas

    Just listened to this Vibecast for the 2nd time, cause I loved it so much the first time. And now I’m stoked to go back to the LotR-premium for Jay’s impression of Viggo. :)

  • dan

    I’d argue that people were more annoyed with Man of Steels destruction because superman himself caused so much yet didnt care how many would have died. Most of the destruction is Pacific rim was caused by the Kaiju

  • There’s a Pizza Delight in Sauble Beach, ON, where my family has their cottage. However, in the 20+ years I’ve been going up there, I’ve only eaten there twice.

  • Kasper F. Nielsen

    Up until fairly recently Sean always edited the regular shows (and Jay the premiums), but I assume because Sean has become a lot busier do to all the baby nonsense Jay has taken over the job of editing the regular show for good. Thus he just did what Sean used to do, i.e. put in a clip, but he doesn’t want to do that anymore – which personally I’m perfectly fine with.

  • Kasper F. Nielsen

    Can’t stop listening to the Vibecast intro.

  • Lior

    I have to admit the vibecast intro song is pretty catchy. Can we have a show where all the reviews are sung?

    That “Legolas surfing” thing worked great in the theater, especially in the third movie. It’s a classic crowd-pleasing moment. It may be a little over the top but it works. It may not have the same effect at home when you watch it by yourself.

    I will not forget how in the behind the scenes of Return of the King, we see Peter Jackson filming some added scenes for the extended cut and quipping: “We are still shooting a movie we already got an Oscar for”.

  • Bas

    Oh, I thought J.C. did them long before Sean became a dad. I agree that we can do without the clip.

  • Kasper F. Nielsen

    I can’t say for sure, but it used to be Sean who posted the show here on the website and then it changed to Jay posting it. I guess that’s where the switch occured, but ofcourse I could be wrong.

  • John Abides

    I believe the clips are played during the recording as they will frequently comment on how weird a clip was or how Reed couldn’t understand Russel Crowe in the theater and they should get headphones in theater (I just listened to the Robin Hood episode).

    Jay might have always done the editing, with Sean driving the computer during the recording.

  • Kasper F. Nielsen

    Pretty certain they usually splice in the clip and that Sean used to do the editing.

  • Sean

    You’re both right. I used to edit the show and also played the clips live. Then I got lazy and started editing the clips in later. Recently Jay took over editing on the regular podcast so we could get them out sooner.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Great question from ProCynic. Got me thinking and I’ve concluded there’s really only one actor who draws me to a film on their merit alone and that’s Leonardo Dicraprio. Not that he’s necessarily got the chops of Daniel Day Lewis or the charisma of Bruce Willis but I just admire the guy for always making considered choices. Every movie he’s in is either different or interesting and he seems to have consciously avoided being associated with any particular genre (no rom-coms, no “action” films, no typical slasher). Can’t wait to see the Wolf of Wall Street and part of that anticipation is because he’s in it. I’ll never let go Jack.

  • okayflint

    That intro is pretty fucking dope

  • James Diolanda

    Wow! that Vibecast Intro is amazeballs!