Monday Morning Box Office Report: Monsters University and World War Z Make Monstrous Debuts


As expected, Pixar once again killed it at the box office this past weekend with their 14th straight #1 debut. There is still no safer bet in Hollywood. Monsters University delivered their second best opening ever behind Toy Story 3, essentially proving that from a business standpoint, the strategy of producing more sequels is completely justified. A slightly bigger surprise, however, was the fact that World War Z also opened very strong with $66 million ($111 million worldwide). It shows that audiences are still not sick of zombies and it also puts Paramount on track to recovering the film’s insane $190 million budget. (It was also Brad Pitt’s best opening weekend ever… go figure.) Unfortunately, Man of Steel suffered as a result, dropping some 65% to take $41 million in its second weekend. The movie is now sitting at just under $400 million worldwide. Meanwhile, This is the End and Now You See Me rounded out the top 5, the latter of which is also proving to be another surprise hit this summer.

1. Monsters University — $82M
2. World War Z — $66M
3. Man of Steel — $41.2M
4. This Is the End — $13M
5. Now You See Me — $7.87M
6. Fast & Furious 6 — $4.73M
7. The Internship — $3.42M
8. The Purge — $3.41M
9. Star Trek Into Darkness — $3M
10. Iron Man 3 — $2.17M

  • From my experience, the general movie going audience didn’t know or care about WWZ budget and reshoot problems.

    People just love to predict a huge flop sometimes, like John Carter. I mean, JC recouped its budget in the long run, but then you look at Jack and the Giant Slayer, bigger flop, no media fuss. Hard to tell.

  • Film Junk Fan 15

    As always the pixar film gets all the money.

  • Strybeck

    Hey, I thought The Bling Ring was in wide release.

  • Sean

    It was #11.

    $2 million from 650 screens.