Film Junk Podcast Episode #419: Fast & Furious 6 and The Hangover Part III

Fast & Furious 6

0:00 – Intro
8:03 – Review: Fast & Furious 6
29:45 – Review: The Hangover Part III
48:23 – Headlines: Morgan Freeman Falls Asleep During Interview, Woman Accused of Assault By Movie Theatre Texter, Christopher Nolan Approached to Direct a Bond Movie, Steven Soderbergh Selling T-Shirts Online, Metallica: Through the Never Trailer
1:09:16 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Hangover, The Hangover II, Fast Five, This is 40, The Burning, Strange Days, Captain America, Little Caesar, The Enforcer, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, Zodiac, The Vampire Lovers, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Family Tree, The Office Series Finale
1:52:15 – Junk Mail: Care Package from Norway, Xbox One Announcement, Movie Trivia Games, Concealing Ratings, Questions for Jay About Documentary Filmmaking, Thank You Film Junk
2:26:06 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:30:01 – Outro
2:30:31 – Spoiler Discussion: All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Finale

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  • Dan

    Just saw Hangover 3 and Fast 6 this week. Loved Fast 6 but unsure on the hangover. It had a strong first half but became far too serious as it went on. I did think it ended well for the characters however

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Forget “X-Box One”, all Filmjunk listeners know that if Microsoft wants us to know they mean business, that they’re ready to usher in the next generation of gaming, they would just call the system “The X-Box”.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    At my theater, the last three “Fast and (the) Furious” films have played like “Twilight” for douchebags. If you’re not a douchebag and you like them, that’s fine, but like “Twilight”, it IS predominantly the one, very large demographic that fuels this franchise with just a sprinkling of non-assholes in attendance for opening weekend. Between this and “Hangover” hitting the same weekend, it’s like Christmas for dude-bros.

    Also, maybe this is more of a Junk Mail question, but what’s the line between “dumb summer fun” and “OK, you’re right, this is just fucking stupid”? I’ve heard people use the “you just need to turn your brain off and enjoy it” defense for one movie, but then turn around and bash a film that’s nearly identical in terms of production value, writing, and acting. Legitimate defense, or is it just a cop-out to avoid admitting that the film you prefer is bad?

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Oh yeah, and as far as the spoiler reveal at the end of F&F6, IMDB had that actor listed in the top 5 or 6 people on the cast list last week, and while they’ve since changed it, the film’s front page DOES have a description of the scene on it that’s likely longer than the scene itself.

  • bullet3

    I think the thing Frank is missing is that we’ve grown to like spending time with the whole fast 6 crew. This is a series that REALLY benefits from having watched it all the way through. The reason people don’t give Avatar a pass is that noone gives a fuck about any of those characters, they’re totally forgettable. While the fast crew may have started out that way, they’ve grown really endearing over the years, with well-defined relationships that they play off of. What you guys seem to be missing is that the “filler” between the action scenes is kind of oir favorite stuff in these movies, we’re not waiting for the next action scene because its fun just hanging out with these people. This is also the thing that makes these last 2 movies WAY better than Michael Bay’s work, who actively tends to hate his characters and have sexist/racist viewpoints. These movies manage to be dumb b movie action, but espousing the importance of friendship, forgiveness, and family. That, and the action scenes are all built around the character relationships, so there are very clear stakes, its not just mindless explosions. The runway scene is great because we get all the characters fighting their opposites, with the seperate fights criss-crossing and affecting each other. Its a masterful piece of action juggling, as is the London chase and the tank battle.

  • Sam

    The positivity I’ve heard towards the Fast and the Furious franchise seems to loving the ridiculousness of the franchise. I can’t speak to it, since I haven’t bothered with any of the movies, but some of my buddies almost make it seem like the franchise is fully aware of how ridiculous it is and wears it on it’s sleeve and that’s the enjoyment they seem to get out of it.

    Though, whether that makes it much different than other blockbuster franchises and why this one is okay compared to those, doesn’t really make that much sense still

  • bullet3

    The difference is it comes off as being self-aware, while still being sincere about all the ridiculous macho character beats. The last few play about as close to an authentic 80s action movie as anything coming out of Hollywood. The dedication to practical stuntwork is also a big plus, seriously look up some b-roll footage online, almost all the crashes are done for real.

  • Wintle

    It’s been awhile since my last viewing of any of the Fast and Furious movies, and I haven’t seen the latest one, but I enjoyed the ones I saw largely because of the clean action choreography and clear cause and effect, something missing from most blockbusters.

    The row on the walkway is my go-to for movie theatres. Plenty of leg room and in the unlikely event that someone lights up in the row ahead of you at least they’re more than ten feet away. Other than the 3D problem, the only other problem with that spot is that if the theatre gets packed then the people who end up beside you tend to be the worst swamp creatures imaginable.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace


    I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. I mean, I’m not going to slam on your viewpoint or anything, but I genuinely can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic.

    Having watched the first 3, I can tell you that the characters are exactly why I DIDN’T keep coming back. Vin Diesel is Vin Diesel in everything he’s in, and what Vin Diesel is is the epitome of anti-charisma. He’s a black hole that sucks up all the charisma in the surrounding area and crushes it dead. Not that Paul Walker is the opposite or anything, he’s pretty shitty too in most things, but I actually had more fun with the ridiculousness of the second, Diesel-less “More Faster More Furiouser” or whatever it was. “Even Faster Now With More Ferocity” may have been the closest thing to a video game movie that we’ll ever see, even more than the films that are actually BASED on video games. I barely remember anything from the third movie, and when the hook for the fourth one was that the people that I didn’t give a shit about from part 1 were coming back, I just checked out. I’ve had it running in the background on TV a couple of times while I was doing stuff around the house, but nothing really stood out.

    Going back to “2 F@2t 2 Fur!0u2″, I dare you to take a shot every time somebody says “brah”. You’ll be dead of alcohol poisoning within the first half hour.

  • Ender


    I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. I mean, I’m not going to slam on your viewpoint or anything, but I genuinely can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic.

  • jay1

    Hangover III
    -too bad the original writer was never brought back Scot Moore

    One of the MAMO show lads has a saying
    he says the public is always one movie AHEAD!

    H2 stunk up the joint
    thus, by H3, the public already decided to let this movie hang…. over.

    I bet they were laughing AT H3 trailers, as they laughed AT M Knight !

    BoxOffice for H2 vs H3:

    H3 COST 103 MILLION (ouch)
    one third most expensive, but made half of H2 !!

    H3 5-Day Total:
    $63 million

    H2 cost 80 million

    5-Day Total:
    $135 million

  • bullet3

    Totally serious. The beauty of the F&F franchise is that it started out as a shitty Point Break ripoff, got ironically good (with Part 2 being a hilariously unintentionally homoerotic buddy cop movie), and morphed into being genuinely awesome by Parts 5 and 6.
    The series has managed to do a weird thing, where it takes the best pieces of previous movies to improve the future ones, while also ret-conning things from the previous ones to make them retro-actively better.

    3 introduces Han, who’s the best character in the series, 4 introduces Giselle, and the weird timeline of the series where 4-6 are prequels to part 3, 5 brings everyone together, and suddenly everyone is more likable than they’ve been in any previous movie, and starts mixing and matching these characters in fun combinations (it’s kinda similar to Star Trev IV in how they’ll pair up and split off on their own mini-adventures as part of a larger mission). 6 continues developing the relationships (Han and Giselle, Tyrese and Han watching each-other’s backs, The Rock and Vin Diesel now respect eachother and fighting side by side) while also upping the action and incorporating the above relationships into the action.

    I get that its not everyone’s cup of tea, you kind of have to be on the series’ wavelength, but I think the critical and financial success is indicative of how well the series has managed to evolve and improve over its runtime.

  • Kasper

    I can’t speak for Norwegian leverpostej, but Danish leverpostej tastes great. I guess it could somewhat be likened to pâté – Frank/Jay you really should try it on a slice of rye bread, or if you don’t have that in North America then a slice of wholegrain bread or something. It’s especially good when it’s heated up.

  • Lior

    Well, The Vampire Lovers is one of the most important Hammer flicks as its huge success completely changed the direction of Hammer’s Gothic horror films. They became much more erotic and morally loose, initiating battles with the censorship. It was the 70’s, after all.

    Most of them aren’t very good, but Vampire Lovers, while hardly a masterpiece, is tastefully erotic, with beautiful cinematography and oozing with atmosphere. That pre-credits scene is a corker. It also has an interesting, morally ambiguous character in its center – Camilla – a supposedly “evil” vampire seductress that is almost as helpless as her victims.

    The identity of the man on the hill indeed remains a mystery, making the film more interesting. More of the backstory was fleshed out, though, in the lesser sequels Lust for a Vampire and Twins of Evil.

  • Bob

    Sean, Completely off topic. Any thought to updating the comments to something with threads, likes/+1/thumbs up, etc.?


    I don’t have the energy to type out all my points, but I’ll start by saying BULLET3 above nails every point makes exactly right. You really need to have followed these characters for the last 12+ years to enjoy them. I finally sort of see what Harry Potter fans like. These are characters we’ve followed for a good chunk of our lives (1/3 for me).

    To SEAN’s point about wanting more drama… really? Fucking really!? The point at which Jordana Brewster tells Paul Walker to go ahead with the job is one of the better sequences in the movie because it shows the screen writer/director don’t give a shit about that kind of stuff. I thought she WAS going to come out and there would be a big fight about him going off when he has a son at home. When she came out and said “just go” I breathed a sigh of relief. WHY ON EARTH would you want a five minute argument between these two when A) we know he’s going to go anyway, B) the audience wants to get to the action stuff, C) it makes perfect sense with the theme of the franchise (help family in trouble)… which none of you have seen.

    The device they’re going after is not just an insignificant thing that’s worth billions. They mention several times in the movie it has the capability of making a bomb that would kill millions. But don’t bother actually paying attention to the movie.

    Opening credits were pretty good I thought. Not as good as Iron Man 3 closing credits, but similar and pretty good.

    I’ll say more about why this movie is one of the best of the year on this week’s cinecast.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    But you have to enjoy following them in the first place though. It’s one thing if you haven’t been following them and you’re jumping into the middle of things and you’re not immediately hooked on what’s going on, but it’s another if you never liked them in the first place or if they just lost you along the way. We get what you’re saying, but where Bullet3 explained it in such a sincere way that we didn’t know if he was messing with us or not, you just sound like an asshole by talking to us like idiots. It makes me NOT want to give the franchise another chance.

    As far as your other point, I think I’d prefer the “less drama” approach too, if only to save me from more of Jordana Brewster’s acting. It’s actually good casting though. I mean, very often I don’t believe for a second that two actors in a film are playing characters that are related, but she seems to suffer from the same charisma deficiency as her fictional brother.

  • Andrew: The reason everyone just wants to get to the action is because the drama is between is boring as hell. I take it you don’t agree with Bullet3 that the filler is the best stuff? Either way, I honestly think the action would be more involving if there were dramatic stakes. But I guess for every criticism you can throw at this franchise, it can easily be turned into a strength depending on your perspective.

    Bob: I’ve been planning on installing Disqus for quite a while now. I may finally get to it this week.

  • ProCynic

    Fast 6..CGI shite again, are all the real stunt men dead? Gone are the days of a movie being an event just because of one stunt! Airport 75′, Bonds, Hooper etc etc. Come on people CGI sucks when used in this way, and all your downer crit of The Last Stand baffles me, Fast 6 takes itself way to seriarse, at least The Last Stand was more of a leave your brain FUN 90 minutes. Fast 7 fuck! what next? Sorry for the downer attitude btw lol

  • I wouldn’t say the filler is the best stuff, but I think it’s important and maybe about 40% of what this franchise is supposed to be. The action and hilarious grandstanding are the best stuff. I’m saying some amount of character bonding needs to be there as glue to hold some semblance of a story and motivations together. But adding bickering, soap opera drama just for the sake of, seems counter-productive. Using her as a hostage makes way more sense than just feeling uneasy about a pissed off wife at home throughout the hole movie.

    So yeah, some of the schlocky humor and banter between characters is good though. I can see some people thinking that stuff is boring or uninteresting or humorless, but for me it’s like a family bickering and it can be entertaining. Also it just keeps the audience on the awares that these people all have report and love and respect for each other. That each of them is important so everything they do has stakes.

    “It’s one thing if you haven’t been following them and you’re jumping into the middle of things and you’re not immediately hooked on what’s going on, but it’s another if you never liked them in the first place or if they just lost you along the way.”

    If you never liked them in the first place, WHY ON EARTH are you going back for a SIXTH helping? If it’s just for the action, fair enough, but then you might as well just watch Transformers 2 or Transporter or The Raid. Those films don’t care about characters. Fast Furious does.

  • “Fast 6 takes itself way to seriarse” [sic]

    It does?

    I liked The Last Stand a lot though.

  • “hole movie”

    Whoops. Haha.

  • farringnopolis

    jay <3 ruffalo

  • Did anyone wait to see the extra scene after the credits where Nick Fury comes to recruit the Fast 6 team?

  • rot

    Jay do you have the Director’s cut version of Zodiac? I think there is something wrong with your disc. It is perfect. 5.5 like sayeth.

  • rot

    according to the prestigious DVDbeaver

    “Despite the screen captures parity – I found some minor differences in the image while watching. The Paramount is marginally smoother in motion, a bit brighter and tighter with less in the way of artefacts (or perceived artefacts.) On my system the differences we quite slight – almost imperceptible if not for my standing quite close but I suspect the larger your equipment amplification of the image – the greater one may notice the subtle superiority of the Paramount Blu-ray. The Paramount has the entire film with both commentaries on one dual-layered Blu-ray – relegating the extras to a second Blu-ray disc (single-layered). The Japanese Warner has the feature and all HD extras on one Blu-ray.”

  • Essie

    Blood above all else.

  • Dan

    I disagree with Jay about Bradley Cooper not wanting to be in Hangover 3. After both the first and second movies came out, Bradley Cooper was always the person who spoke out the most of his desire to make another movie. It seems as if he enjoys working with those guys in between the more serious roles he now takes

  • Andrew

    I just can’t stop looking at The Rock’s muscles.

  • Andrew

    I liked Fast & Furious quite a bit. It’s not paced all that well and can get boring, but I found all the action pretty intense. It’s crazy that The Rock has the most charisma out of all of these actors. This is one of those movies where I can’t really explain why I enjoyed it so much. Against my better judgement, I like these characters. This gets an extra star just for that punch The Rock does in the plane. You know the one I’m talking about.

  • Gerry

    @ Andrew.

    If you think that ‘The action and hilarious grandstanding are the best stuff’ in Fast 6 then Epic is going to blow your mind.

    Although not comparing like with like, some of it’s action sequences leave Fast 6’s standing stalled on the starting grid, which is impressive for an animated film.

    Re CG, maybe it’s needed to add speed. I haven’t seen all the Fast films but from what I remember some of the ‘speedy’ sequences in Tokyo Drift seemed to happen at quite a sedate pace. Still looked cool though.

    Regardless of what you say Fast 1 was shit squared.

    PS Your capitalisation of bits of POSTS FOR EMPHASIS IS HILARIOUS. Please use this more.

  • Lior

    I don’t see why you guys need to say your ratings on the air at all. I mean, you don’t rate all the What We Watched films on the air but still rate them on Letterboxd.

  • ProCynic

    @ JAY….Zodiac Blu-ray is outstanding on my 65 inch Panasonic and on my 12ft projector screen..I’d say smearing is a indication of TV problems..Tell me the model number and I’ll tell you if that TV suffers with motion blur etc.

  • El Ohroy

    Frank’s reviews are invalid. His method of watching all the previous films before watching the new one, is not how the films are meant to be seen. Of course, he will get tired of the characters and find fault in their changing mannerisms. It’s like going to Baskin-Robbins to review the strawberry vanilla swirl, but eating 3 gallons of strawberry ice cream before leaving the house.
    Frank, how about re-watching the previous films AFTER watching the new one?

  • Owozifa

    I think it’s a little unjustified to go after Sean for being down on Zodiac, because I believe Jay gave it 3 back in the theater and complained a lot about it and did not sound nearly as positive. His review wasn’t too far removed from Sean’s, really.

  • bullet3

    Definitely unjustified, considering its coming from the guys who think Prometheus is a 4 star movie. Between that and the new Star Trek, Sean is becoming the lone voice of reason on filmjunk. Keep fighting the good fight mate.

    As for the Zodiac bluray, I remember it looking great, don’t remember any ghosting issues. The green screen is really obvious in that one scene with Ruffalo though, I agree with Jay.

  • Dken1

    Loved that you had “The Fat Boys are Back” as the intro song! :)

  • Steve

    I’d be interested in hearing you guys review Now You See Me. It’s a magic themed heist movie with a huge cast of stars, come on! Maybe you could watch it at the drive-in the week after next. Probably better than The Internship.

  • I think Jay and Frank are planning on catching it at the drive-in this weekend.

  • Sam

    @ El Ohroy

    So you’re saying to watch those AFTER is more logical? That doesn’t make sense either. Marathoning all the movies previous isn’t ideal either, but I’d say that’s more logical than watching the new movie without any sense of where the story is it at all.

    Ideally, he would prepare for the new movie by watching all the previous movies spread out over a couple weeks or months before the new movie comes out as to not get franchise fatigue.

    That said, I’m kind of doing exactly what he usually does right now with the Fast and Furious franchise. I’ve watched the first three over the last two days, in order to eventually watch part 6 later in the year.

    Hopefully 4-6 improve significantly.

  • Falsk

    I like that with Frank’s “Fast Five” math, 2.5 + -1 = 2.

    Just left an After Earth/Hangover 3 double billing at my drive in and suffering through H3 and resisting the urge to drive out was brutal. Don’t know how y’all put up with it. Ack.