Ball Junk Podcast Episode #1: 2013 NBA Playoff Preview


After hemming and hawing about it for a year and a half, Frank and I finally put our balls to the wall and recorded The Ball Junk Podcast!

In the first episode we break down the NBA playoffs. Frank runs down Kobe Bryant, and I the bring The Black Mamba back up. We discuss our favourite teams and sports, dig into some hilarity around the world, and reach into the mail sack for Bag Time!

It’s the premiere episode of The Ball Junk Podcast!!


0:00:00 – Intro
0:00:29 – Introductions: Favourite Teams, Sports and Athletes
0:24:14 – Feature: NBA Playoff Preview
1:05:43 – Balls Around The World: Argentinian Payback, Croatian Shenanigans, Jockey Family Feud
1:13:52 – Bag Time
1:40:05 – Outro

Ball Junk Podcast Episode #1: 2013 NBA Playoff Preview by Filmjunk on Mixcloud

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  • Jesse Bajenaru

    Heeeeck yeah!

    I don’t even follow sports and I plan on listening to this. I listen to anything “junk” related.

  • Kasper

    Almost done with the show – good stuff, guys, even though I don’t have much interest in the NBA or basketball in general. Looking forward to some more NFL and football talk. A shame handball is non-existent in North America as I love it. Constant action, lots of goals, a very physical game.

  • Pete

    fucking finally! cant wait to listen!

  • Kasper

    Oh, forgot to mention, loved the weird news segment. Good thinking, Greg.

    PS: I guess now that you have a sports podcast, it’s time to send you movie questions? ;-)



  • Cy-Ed

    Still cant believe Ball junk has become a reality!…next up Food junk.

  • baron von testicle

    not a sports guy, will be listening, a+ will jerk again

  • Justice

    Two words…Fuck yes! I hope you can do one for each round.

  • Xidor

    Most Excellent

  • El Ohroy

    yeah, baby!!

  • Sam

    When is the Roseanne cast coming?

  • Essie

    Frank hates OKC for isolating and getting to the free throw line a lot, wants Houston to win. Wat? James Harden isos more than anyone and his game is completely based on getting people up in the air to draw fouls.

    I really enjoyed the episode. I thought Greg as a host was awesome. Frank seems to know his stuff but the hyperbole can get a little annoying. Will keep listening. Thanks guys!

  • dirrrtyfrank

    @Essie … to clarify, I agree COMPLETELY that Harden is the exact same. I would just be really happy if Houston beat OKC and opened up the West. What bothers me about the OKC isolation offense is that it works, and I can’t blame them for doing it, but I hate watching it. I would be happy if Houston won because it would mean one of the teams I really like DEN, LAC, or MEM could win the West

  • Scott-El

    Saw every playoff game the games and OKC was the most fun to watch by far.

  • Scott-El

    On the baseball strike, my dad is a big sports fan and he hasn’t liked baseball since the strike. He must have been around 35. I think people just saw the players as greedy or something. I was too young to follow that and I have never had much interest in baseball, except for this awesome HBO doc on Ted Williams.

    The cast was awesome, but if you guys start talking all about hockey and soccer I can’t promise to stick around.

  • Loren

    Memphis almost got one tonight.. your boy Frank! CP3 for the win.. clutch money! I think Memphis wins in a dominate defensive matchup next game.

  • kyri

    you should release it every Thursday , or every Friday..

  • hohohoho baby

  • Tyler

    Great podcast, guys! I like sports even more than I like movies these days so I’ve been looking forward to this one.

    Totally understand the no championships feel, Frank. I’ve been a sports fan for 20+ years now and none of my teams have ever won anything: Chargers/Knicks/Padres (though I kinda stopped watching baseball after the strike) If the Chargers or Knicks won a championship I think I’d cry, too.

  • IchigoNL

    The gas man lives!

    Don’t watch any NBA but will definitely be listening to this! Only watch football, but I somehow do enjoy people talking about different sports.

  • Dan

    Ball time should have been called The Ball Bag

  • Dan

    Listening to this kinda shows that Greg leaving film junk was good for him. He sounds way more excted on here

  • Dan Morgan

    I have a lifelong disinterest in all things sport.

    Comments 12-14 confuse the hell out of me. Free throw line, isolation defence, DEN, MEM, CP3, clutch money?! What the fuck is everyone talking about?!

    In spite of effectively having to learn a new language, I can’t wait to listen to this, persevere and try to make sense of the world of sport to hear the dulcet tones of The Gasman once more!

  • patrik

    If anyone wants to get into watching a sport then they should watch the greatest game of all. Football. I’m talking about the real football here. There’s a reason it’s the most popular sport in the world.

  • csidle

    That man Patrik speaks the true.

  • Mark

    Awesome. Great job guys, i never had any real interest in American sports but I’m definitely going to keep listening. Very promising first show and i think it will get better the more features you add- The Greg vs Frank segment sounds ace.

    Great to hear you again Greg, and in top form.

  • bard

    Just started listening. I’m so excited for this. This makes waiting for the NFL season to start even harder!

  • Sam

    Loved the show and will continue to listen though I expect my personal favorite sport not to get as much attention: baseball. I follow mainly just football, baseball, and basketball, but baseball is the only sport I watch religiously and follow daily and get emotionally invested in.

  • Steve Kasan

    The NEW Midnight Express of Gorgeous Greg and Fun Boy Frank!!! Loving this first episode.


  • patrik

    Oh and I always thought Franks last name was pronounced with a silent k, like “Nezic”..

  • La Menthe

    As much as I miss Greg’s voice, I’m very skeptical about this podcast. What’s seen as exclusive North-American sports (baseball, football, basketball, hockey), like the NBA, won’t catch the interest of European and Asian audiences. If you want your viewing ratings to increase, I suggest you talk about soccer (the real ‘football’), which is the most popular sports game in the world. Now that we’re going into the semi-finals of Champions League, and soon the World Championship of 2014 in Rio, it would be a great topic to include in your podcast.

  • HuckCity

    I’m with you Frank…Kobe is a whinny bitch. I’m hoping that doing this show with Greg convinces you to start following college bball. So much heart (so what if they can’t make every lay-up, at least they run and sweat).

    I’m looking forward to the commentary on the upcoming hockey playoffs.

  • patrik

    Didn’t Brady dump Bridget Moynahan as well? Fucking idiot.

    In terms of Messi vs Ronaldo, I don’t even know why there’s a debate. Messi is clearly the better player, scores more goals, makes more assists and is just generally more talented player. Zidane is an absolute legend and Greg is correct, Steven Gerrard is fucking awesome.

  • Nephums

    Im curious will this be on Itunes?

  • i’m curious, what makes you so curious?

  • Paul

    I don’t even like sports but I will listen to this!

  • Bob

    #31, Marketing Guy?

  • Ha! I had forgotten about Marketing Guy.

    I care not one iota about sports (or any physical activity, really), but it’s really cool to hear Greg hosting. This might do for me what Game Junk did for my interest in video games. Plus, anyone that walks in while I’m listening to this they might mistake me for a proper man. Thanks fellas.

  • Ric

    I was hooked when the New Age Outlaws theme began. Great first episode.

  • La Menthe

    Is that my nickname?

    I’m just giving tips. I’d hate to see Ball Junk quit because of low ratings, as it is now the only podcast with Greg in it.

  • La Menthe

    ** What I meant was: my new nickname. My old one was “self-assertive cocksucker”.

  • kyri

    the germans won barca 4-0. damn I hate these guys

  • Glad to hear Greg again so soon! I’m a native Miamian, so my fave teams are all the South FL teams: the Heat, the Dolphins (hi-5 Greg!), the Miami Hurricanes, the *cough* Florida Panthers etc…

    Anyhow, looking forward to some good sports talk with you guys! Enjoyed this first ep.

    Go Heat repeat! :)

  • I wish I liked sports.

  • Arnold Schizopolis

    I’m huge Jets fan, but unfortunately they’re gonna suck balls next season. So I’m gonna have to hear Greg talk Fins and Frank talk Bills and pile on my Jets.

  • Austin in Japan

    Yo, this isn’t showing up on pocket casts. What gives?

  • Henrik

    Kobe Bryant is a piece of shit who rode Shaq’s back. Terrible player.

    Champions League should be a topic, what are you guys doing? And Greg, what about CHEWY SUAREZ your homeboy? Get into shit!

    Love this new show, sports is fucking great. A good game of football or NFL may have upwards of 10-12 storylines, which is more than almost any movie I can remember. That’s what’s interesting.

  • Henrik

    Get this shit on iTunes yo

    fuck kobe bryant egotistical cunt. LeBron is poetry in motion. Frank has nice views on good plays. Passing is king.

    For fans of passing, check out this fantastic video:

  • Henrik

    i love you too guys. Jerome Bettis retired with the Lombardi Trophy in his hand, in his home city of Detroit. But yes, officiating was terrible.

    FRANK, you are cool, but if you hate Ray lewis you need to choke on shit and cocks, he is the reason NFL is anything now. The past 10 years all that’s ever been talked about are passing yards, and Ray Lewis. Unless you’re a prancing QB cocksucker douchebag idiot asshole, Ray Lewis IS the nfl. DEAL WITH IT.

  • It takes a few days to get approved for iTunes. We’re working on it.

    Austin: Not sure what Pocket Casts is. Do you have to manually submit your show to them as well?