Ball Junk Podcast Episode #1: 2013 NBA Playoff Preview


After hemming and hawing about it for a year and a half, Frank and I finally put our balls to the wall and recorded The Ball Junk Podcast!

In the first episode we break down the NBA playoffs. Frank runs down Kobe Bryant, and I the bring The Black Mamba back up. We discuss our favourite teams and sports, dig into some hilarity around the world, and reach into the mail sack for Bag Time!

It’s the premiere episode of The Ball Junk Podcast!!


0:00:00 – Intro
0:00:29 – Introductions: Favourite Teams, Sports and Athletes
0:24:14 – Feature: NBA Playoff Preview
1:05:43 – Balls Around The World: Argentinian Payback, Croatian Shenanigans, Jockey Family Feud
1:13:52 – Bag Time
1:40:05 – Outro

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  • sansho1

    Frank, it sounds like your dad is in the exclusive club of people who can plainly see that Phil Mickelson is a big phony. That trick in press conferences where he calls sportswriters by their first names when he answers their questions? Come on. All the golfers know the writers, and they all call them by their first names….when the cameras aren’t rolling. Or when someone asked him what he was thinking about in the 18th fairway at the Masters as he addressed the ball to hit his final victorious approach shot, and he said he was thinking of all the medical problems his wife and mother have had through the years? PLEEEEEASE.

  • Steve Kasan

    Frank, getting to the free throw line WINS games. I can understand the hate on Kobe, but, the heat on Rose. As Stephan A. Smith would say….so disrespectful

  • Henrik

    I can’t believe these guys put it on Sean to take care of iTunes stuff… I guess it’s time he started pulling his own weight !!!

  • Andrew

    Nice job guys.. this is fantastic.

  • scott

    Did you guys see Tony Allen’s one handed dunk in Game 2 of the Grizzlies. Dude came up to guard him and he just put that arm down. Dude flew by him and he swung around in a circle hanging from the one arm and dropped to the ground for an extra point free throw. Just one of the awesome things he did besides straight up grabbing the ball from Odom and trying to pull it out of his hands out of nowhere. The guy is crazy aggressive. Really gets me motivated when I watch that guy!

  • scott

    Plus, the dunk was an alley oop. Major coordination for that play. Just a thing of beauty.

  • Greg, I’m sure you’re not bitter, but when you make comments that can be perceived as being snide such as “You might get in trouble” when referring to Frank talking about how his of movie intake is less during this time of year you come off as just that – bitter.

    Also, I must take issue when you referred to the Filmjunk podcast saying, “It’s been so long since I’ve been on the other one, I don’t even know what it;s about”. Really, Greg? The “other one” is hosting your Balljunk. You might want to think about showing the same tact you applied in your resignation letter to your new podcast.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan of yours and I’m happy to hear you on Balljunk, just wish you would leave your bitterness off the air.

  • Greg

    Adam, ….sigh. Take all the issue you want. It’s not bitterness at all. I talked to Frank after we recorded and said I made the jokes to get people to relax a bit. I’m sure you read a many of the ridiculous comments about conspiracies on the other blog and although I am thankful that people showed that much passion it did get to the point of being ridiculous.

    You’re reading to much into things and starting your own conspiracy. I appreciate that you like what I do and that you listened to the show, but you’re way off in your assumption.

    For 8 years on Film Junk I made jokes at my own expense and at everyone else’s expense and not one time did anybody say I was bitter at anything. The reason? It’s because I’m not and never have been about anything. We separated friends and business and those guys will be my friends until the day I end up taking a bullet because I’m an obnoxious asshole.

    We’re just having fun, man.

  • Thanks for the clarification Greg. Still a fan and can’t wait for episode #2

  • Ball Junk has been added to iTunes. Let me know if you guys are still having trouble finding it.

  • Greg

    iTunes will never be the same again.

  • bard

    Just listened to this episode for a second time. I love hearing people talk excitedly about sports. I doubt you have a “schedule” or anything, but do you know how often you’ll be able to do episodes? I imagine that the next one will be after most of the first rounds of the NBA Playoffs are done?

    Either way, I hope this show continues until the glory that we know as the NFL season comes around. Truly the king of all organized sports.

  • rjdelight

    Also Adam don’t forget – Greg didn’t resign from the show. He was asked to step down.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Another non-sports guy who dug this show. Kobe Bryant sounds like a bitch.

    I hope in a future episode Frank talks about how stupid Quidditch is.

  • bullet3

    This was great! Awesome work Greg and Frank, you guys really brought your A game

  • Henry VIII

    Keep it up lads great show!!

    Please talk about how the German teams dominated this weeks champions league semis on your next show!


    LOVE IT!!!

  • Bryan

    Great episode. Please have the next one a video-cast, dressed as your favorite pro wrestlers and not ending ’til you both kill a pony keg. TIA…

  • Austin in Japan

    @Sean Pocket Casts is just a podcast app for the iphone. It must do its searches through itunes, because once the podcast appeared in itunes it appeared on pocket casts.

    Now to get to my ball action!

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    “… it’s all support, it’s never cutting anyone down. They just feed the machine of hype. More people need to be bringing these guys down, and exposing the shams and phonies.”


  • Napalm

    Man i swear Greg’s voice sounds radically different! o_O

  • Greg

    @Napalm: I had a stripper under the table.

  • Talkingattheback

    How frequent will Ball Junk be?

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    I wish this show was weekly. I miss Greg (not meant as a slight against Film Junk as it’s still a solid show)

  • Talkingattheback

    No more?! :(

  • Heradixle

    I guess him leaving filmjunk was the end for Greg. Hope he has a good life.