Film Junk Podcast Episode #407: Jack the Giant Slayer


0:00 – Intro
8:35 – Review: Jack the Giant Slayer
33:00 – Headlines: Seth MacFarlane Will Not Host the Oscars Again, Sam Raimi Might Do Evil Dead 4, Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie Trailer
55:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: Ransom, The Insider, Cocktail, Insomnia, Get Shorty, Hard Core Logo, Spawn, Ghost Dad, Role Models, World Trade Center, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Wet Hot American Summer, Sound City, Midnight in Paris, Death Ship, Black Death, The Longest Daycare, The Quiz Hour, Valkyrie, Spies Like Us, Undefeated
2:23:30 – Junk Mail: The Big Package, Steven Seagal is an Intolerable Douche, Supporting Orson Scott Card, Actors with Big Potential That Never Went Anywhere, Funny Sequel Titles, Ratings Conversion, Perfectly Edited Trailers, Movies to End a Relationship
2:58:40 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
3:01:15 – Outro

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  • kent88

    People, I have some bad news.

    I did some research and apparently Errol Flynn was accused of raping two teenage girls in the early 40’s. Granted, he was acquitted – but I still think Sean, Jay, Greg and Frank should get rid of those DVD’s just in case ;) Can’t support a rapist!

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    I just finished listening to the Oscars discussion, and I thought Greg was on the right track with his hosting suggestion whether he meant to be or not, because if he would have kept going, I’m sure he would have eventually suggested Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who would be an incredible Oscars host. Plus, he has like 28 movies coming out in just this next three month period alone, so he’s pretty popular with the mainstream.

  • No, it doesn’t change my opinion of the film, but that isn’t my issue. My issue is moral stewardship. And for me personally, purchasing something is as much a moral transaction as it is a financial one. I believe as a consumers I have a responsibility to base my transactions as much on morality as economics. There are grey areas, to be sure, and I certainly don’t have the time or the resources to painstaking go over every transaction I make, but for me rape and murder are pretty clear lines I am not comfortable in crossing.

    Put it another way, if the Westboro Baptist Church produced a film that got a release, would you watch it? Even if you knew 100% of the proceeds went directly back to the church?

    It really comes down to a very simple question, if I find an individual (or an organization) abhorrent, why would I give them money?

  • Stan the Man

    Sean, thanks a lot for TMDB. It’s exactly what I was looking for but couldn’t find. As for the conversion, I meant from 4 stars to 10 stars (from 0 to 10 with half-stars, just like the rating on TMDB). But I think I figured something out.

    Again, thank you for the tip. Appreciate it.

  • Flynn has a long list of issues; alcoholic, opium addict, ephebophiliac and he liked punching people. BTW, he was tried for rape three times.

  • Henrik

    I have no interest in Celebrity Apprentice, but I do have an interest in the people on the show being passionate about what they discuss. There was a lot more zeal in those discussions about wether Lou Ferrigno is insecure, than most of the movie talk.

  • Henrik

    Matt Gamble you are an idiot.

  • Thank you, Henrik.

  • projectgenesis

    “…There was a lot more zeal in those discussions about wether Lou Ferrigno is insecure, than most of the movie talk.”

    That’s very true, Henrik.

    I think Celebrity Apprentice should be discussed on the show. Its celebrities after all, so even if you don’t watch the show, you can picture Gary Busey breaking a table or whatever. Censoring it out sounds like an idea “Marketing Guy” came up with.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    #55 Not being an apologist for Flynn but it’s important to get your facts straight. He was accused of statutory rape which is very different from rape. And as you say, he was found not guilty. But he lived a pretty ‘colourful’ life for sure. Perhaps that’s why he called his autobiography ‘My wicked, wicked ways’.

    Looking forward to seeing Kevin Kline play him this year – perfect man for the role.

  • patrik

    #53 Well that’s a slightly different scenario though, as I’m quite sure 100% of the money doesn’t go directly into say, Polanskys pocket. I have don’t know how the finance breaks down but I am sure of that.

    As for Westboro Baptist Church making a movie and getting 100% of the proceeds.. If it looked awesome, I’d torrent it. With not a hint of guilt in my body.

    As for Celebrity Apprentice. Omarosa, you bitch. You’ll get yours. Stephen Baldwin will be interesting I think.

  • Well, Flynn’s last girlfriend was 15 years old and he was 50 at the time. The guy prided himself on being a ephebophiliac.

    “I like my whiskey old and my women young.”
    -Errol Flynn

    That all being said, there was a shit ton of illegal activities and corruption running rampant through Hollywood and the law enforcement agencies at the time. Flynn also had a penchant for mythologizing himself and especially his activites. It’s tough to tell just what all is real, what was false and what was done just to keep his name in the papers. But it is pretty clear he liked booze, opium and girls who may not be old enough to consent to sleeping with a movie star.

  • “As for Westboro Baptist Church making a movie and getting 100% of the proceeds.. If it looked awesome, I’d torrent it. With not a hint of guilt in my body.”

    And I’d rather just remove myself from the equation. That’s simply easier for me.

  • This Scott Card argument is ridiculous. I plan to say some things about it on tonight’s Cinecast, but c’mon. By buying a ticket to a movie does not mean you’re supporting homophobia or rape or racism or drugs. You’re paying for a movie.

    How many people worked on Ender’s Game? 300? 400? 1000? How many of them have done bad things or have political views you don’t agree with? I bet a lot.

    Do you avert your eyes from Van Gogh paintings? Do you turn off the radio if Wagner comes on? Do you go to a restaurant? How many times have you supported someone in life with whom you disagree it did something “bad?”

    Is Harrison Ford a bad person or supporting homophobia because he’s in the movie? Does Ben Kingsley approve of and support statutory rape because he was in a Polanski film?

  • sansho1

    I know it probably wouldn’t exactly rake in the bucks, but I’d love to hear a Woody Allen premium pod one of these days — especially since it seems like many of his greatest movies would be first-time watches for several of you. I think Greg had Love and Death in his top 100 — it would be on mine too, if I had one. That along with Sleeper, Annie Hall, Manhattan, and Crimes and Misdemeanors would make a great discussion, I believe.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    #62 I hear you Matt. That was a period of the last century only rivalled by the early 80’s for hedonism and he was right at the helm of it. He wouldn’t have had that 15 year old girlfriend for long as he died a few months after turning 50.

    Also, he was an Australian so you have to lower your moral expectations when dealing with that lot :-)

  • I like how Andrew is going to rail about this on an episode in which I’m not on.


  • Owozifa

    Roman Polanski isn’t on the Pedophile Action Fund board of directors making sure that pedophilia is legalized.

    That’s the difference to me. I do not like to mix art and artist very much, as I find a lot of my favorite artists are very flawed people that I don’t know if I even like. Harlan Ellison seems like a major douchebag.

    But Orson Scott Card is a sitting member of the board of directors of the National Organization for Marriage. This is affecting current policies that, quite frankly, are making my life a living hell. This is funding political action on a national level.

    I don’t care what rattles around in that head of his, but if he’s actively taking that money to run a campaign that, quite frankly, has made it hard for me to feel that it’s worth getting out of bed in the morning, that’s grounds for me to start giving a shit.

  • Henrik

    You think John Ford supported gay rights? You guys are so confused…

  • Steve

    Bill Cosby may not have been an “actor” first and foremost, but he did star in a bunch of movies. Some have names and posters that make me curious:

    Hickey and Boggs
    Mother, Juggs & Speed
    The Devil and Max Devlin
    Let’s Do it Again
    A Piece of the Action (also with Sidney Poitier)

    Anyone ever see any of these?

  • Cody Lang

    I read in some biography that John Ford was a bi-sexual. Some actress wrote that she walked in on Ford and Tyrone Power making out. Hard to imagine but I guess it’s like Omar from the Wire. Just because your gay doesn’t mean you can’t be a fucking badass like Omar and John Ford. This comment makes no sense as I read it over but I’ll post it anyway.

  • Orson Scott Card / Roman Polanski debate continues:

  • Cody Lang

    It’s a one man debate so far. Some one chime in and disagree me!

  • #70 Hickey and Boggs is an excellent movie

  • @Frank –

    Thanks for pointing out the up speed on VLC player. Lifesaver! Tutorial for everyone (it took me a couple of minutes to figure it out):
    In the playback tab, choose “speed”
    if you hit “faster (fine)” the speed jumps in increments of .1
    if you just click “faster” it jumps in increment of .5
    vice-versa for slower.

    Also, your laugh sounds like Barney Rubble. :)

  • @70

    I saw both “Mother, Juggs & Speed” and “The Devil and Max Devlin” as a kid. Several times I think, but for the life of me I can’t remember if they were any good.

  • Owozifa

    John Ford, whatever his stance on any issue, is now dead. He won’t be affecting the future.

    Orson Scott Card’s day job is practically an ongoing smear campaign against gay rights. That does affect the future. Can that be quantified? Probably not. But until that fight is over, it matters to me.

    Note that when it is over, it ceases to matter.

  • Bob

    All this talk about Orson Scott, Roman Polansky but the real revelation in all this is that Jay Cheel may be “Marketing Guy”! Mr. Cheel’s influence on the podcast is aligning oh so well with Marketing Guy’s. Coincidence? I think not. Time to fess up Jay.

  • Steve

    Did you guys ever find any footage to that Quiz Hour show that you can show us?

  • I think Kevin Smith has stopped caring what people think of him and has allowed, what is probably, his true persona to surface more in the last few also. Also, like them or not, his podcasts (combined with heavy pot smoking) has given him a voice he’s never had in movies.

    I personally quite enjoy his podcasts, especially his one with Jason Mewes (which was created with the purpose to keep Jay employed and off drugs).

  • Ric

    Frank was popping all over the Fred trailer.

  • You know you want Trans4mers to be the next movie’s title.