Film Junk’s Best and Worst Movies of 2012

Happy New Year everyone! Before we officially usher in 2013, let’s take one last look back at the past year in film. Here for your perusal is the full rundown of our Best and Worst Movies of 2012. You may notice a little less overlap than usual in our lists, but there were definitely a few movies that we could all agree on including Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook and Moonrise Kingdom. Jay and Greg have also included separate lists for documentaries, while we each provided a few picks for our least favourite flicks of the year. What were your favourite movies of 2012? Check out the full lists after the jump.

Frank’s Top 10 Movies of 2012

1. The Master
2. Django Unchained
3. Prometheus
4. Moonrise Kingdom
5. The Dark Knight Rises
6. Silver Linings Playbook
7. Magic Mike
8. Amour
9. Killing Them Softly
10. 21 Jump Street

Frank’s 5 Worst Movies of 2012

1. 4:44: Last Day on Earth
2. V/H/S
3. Taken 2
4. The Dictator
5. Total Recall

Greg’s Top 10 Movies of 2012

1. Silver Linings Playbook
2. Argo
3. Django Unchained
4. Magic Mike
5. Moonrise Kingdom
6. The Dark Knight Rises
7. Take This Waltz
8. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
9. Les Miserables
10. Lincoln

Honourable Mentions: The Impossible, Haywire, 21 Jump Street, Prometheus, The Grey, End of Watch

Greg’s Top 5 Documentaries of 2012

1. The Imposter
2. Room 237
3. The American Scream
4. The Act of Killing
5. Central Park Five

Greg’s 5 Worst Movies of 2012

1. Piranha 3DD
2. Lockout
3. The Dictator
4. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
5. Paranormal Activity 4

Jay’s Top 20 Movies of 2012

1. The Master
2. Django Unchained
3. Spring Breakers
4. Moonrise Kingdom
5. Silver Linings Playbook
6. Beasts of the Southern Wild
7. Prometheus
8. The Grey
9. End of Watch
10. Tabu
11. Take This Waltz
12. Life of Pi
13. Amour
14. Haywire
15. Dredd
16. Magic Mike
17. Skyfall
18. To The Wonder
19. Frances Ha
20. Cabin in the Woods

Honourable Mentions: 21 Jump Street, Looper, Bernie, Argo, Goon, Rust and Bone, Holy Motors, Berberian Sound Studio

Jay’s Top 20 Documentaries of 2012

1. The Imposter
2. The Act of Killing
3. Tchoupitoulas
4. Leviathan
5. Stories We Tell
6. This Is Not a Film
7. Detropia
8. Shut Up and Play the Hits
9. Indie Game: The Movie
10. West of Memphis
11. The Waiting Room
12. Ai Wei Wei Never Sorry
13. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
14. Samsara
15. China Heavyweight
16. Low and Clear
17. Beauty Is Embarrassing
18. The Ambassador
19. Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet
20. Women With Cows

Honourable Mentions: Only the Young, Platform Moon, Chasing Ice, GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Searching for Sugar Man, Despite the Gods

Jay’s 10 Worst Movies of 2012

1. 4:44: Last Day On Earth
2. Seeking a Friend For the End Of the World
3. Safety Not Guaranteed
4. Piranha 3DD
5. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
6. V/H/S
7. The Dictator
8. Act of Valor
9. Paranormal Activity 4
10. Flight

Dishonourable Mentions: Lock Out, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Silent House, Compliance, Mechanical Bride, Here Comes the Devil

Sean’s Top 10 Movies of 2012

1. Skyfall
2. Django Unchained
3. Cloud Atlas
4. Argo
5. Amour
6. Beasts of the Southern Wild
7. Holy Motors
8. The Dark Knight Rises
9. Moonrise Kingdom
10. The Master

Honourable Mentions: The Imposter, Silver Linings Playbook, The Avengers, Take This Waltz, 21 Jump Street, The Raid: Redemption, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Killer Joe, Bullhead, Robot & Frank

Sean’s 5 Worst Movies of 2012

1. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
2. Piranha 3DD
3. The Dictator
4. This Means War
5. Savages

Dishonourable Mentions: Total Recall, 4:44: Last Day on Earth, Dark Shadows, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, The ABCs of Death

Shannon’s Top 10 Movies of 2012

1. Beasts of the Southern Wild
2. Life of Pi
3. Silver Linings Playbook
4. Argo
5. The Impossible
6. Magic Mike
7. Looper
8. The Grey
9. Les Miserables
10. Your Sister’s Sister

Honorable Mentions: The Raid: Redemption, Celeste and Jesse Forever, Jeff Who Lives at Home, The Sessions, Klown, Flight, Sound of My Voice, The Imposter

Shannon’s 5 Worst Movies of 2012

1. American Reunion
2. V/H/S
3. Jack Reacher
4. The Woman
5. Killing Them Softly

  • CrumbThumber

    I wish Life of Pi had gotten more love, but I guess two of you haven’t seen it. But Frank had a pretty glowing 4 star review, and Jay gave it 4 stars as well.

  • Jason Wein

    Wished The Master was better, personally. And surprised that there is no love for Compliance or Once Upon A Time In Anatolia.

  • Steve

    No top 10 lists from Colin, Shannon, Aaron, etc.?
    Not that anyone cares, here’s my list:

    10. Argo
    9. Skyfall
    8. 21 Jump Street
    7. Cloud Atlas
    6. Silver Linings Playbook
    5. Headhunters
    4. Moonrise Kingdom
    3. The Master
    2. The Imposter
    1. Prometheus

  • Shannon should be providing her list shortly.

  • Wintle


    1. Beyond The Black Rainbow
    2. Pirahna 3DD
    3. Argo
    4. Goon
    5. Django Unchained
    6. Juan of the Dead
    7. 21 Jump Street
    8. We Need To Talk About Kevin
    9. Frankenweenie
    10. The Viral Factor

    Honourable mentions – V/H/S, Skyfall, Prometheus, Chronicle


    1. Bourne Legacy
    2. Dark Shadows
    3. Man with the Iron Fists
    4. Cabin in the Woods

    The Raid would be in the top spot, but I first saw it last year.

  • Dark_Rose

    Good to see Prometheus getting some love here, despite a segment of the nerdosphere’s loud screaming against it.

  • Long Dong Silver

    Best (2012 UK Theatrical Release):

    1. The Deep Blue Sea
    2. The Master
    3. Martha Marcy May Marlene
    4. Looper
    5. Bill Cunningham New York
    6. Shame
    7. Oslo, August 31st
    8. Killing them Softly
    9. Coriolanus
    10. Beasts Of The Southern Wild

  • Steve

    I was holding out hope that Prometheus would take the best film of the year spot, but this was obviously never going to happen. Glad it took #4, though.

  • Colin

    @Wintle You are a fucking mad man.

  • Wintle


    I wasn’t sure if I could compile a full top ten as I don’t watch nearly as many new movies as most everyone else here, but I managed.

  • FDB

    Surprised to not have seen Antiviral in virtually any Top 10 lists, anywhere. For all the love Cronenberg Senior’s body horror movies get, you’d think people would be more interested in seeing one from Cronenberg Jr. Top 10 material for sure.

  • Bas

    Never heard of “Dishonourable Mentions” before, I love it! A bit surprised to see The Avengers (pure fun) just once and as a mention and no mention at all of Intouchables (from 2011, but international in 2012 I believe).

  • mattressman

    did anyone see a royal affair? i thought it was amazing. definitely deserving of any top 10 list.

  • KeithTalent

    Antiviral was not very good which is probably why it did not make anyone’s list. A very interesting concept with a few decent Cronenbergian scenes, but otherwise slow and pretty boring.

    Anyone see The Hunt? Best movie of the year by a nose over The Master in my opinion. I really want to A Royal Affair; loves me some Mads.

  • Disclaimer to you all: Didn’t see Django, Moonrise Kingdom, or The Hobbit. Yes, The Master was intentionally left off my top 10.

  • CrumbThumber

    @Jason Wein

    agreed with Anatolia. I haven’t heard anyone mention it on a podcast, but if they do see it, I would think it would show up on their lists.

  • Wow, everyone really hated V/H/S!

  • anton

    was looking forward to Jay’s best albums too…

  • devolutionary

    Having seen several movies last second (err post deadline), I’d have to re-adjust my top/bottom 2012 films yet again. I was lukewarm to Once Apon A Time In Anatolia (felt excessively long in certain parts) but part of that might’ve had to do with working a long shift before and only being half-alert at the theater.

  • Mrespony

    Props to Shannon for having Looper on her list.

  • Will

    Act of valor really top 10 worst? Come on jay. With the movies you like and you put that up there as top 10 worst? Makes no since?