Film Junk Bonus Podcast: Movie Organization Manifesto, Part 3

Blu Rays

You asked for it, you got it. Frank and Jay are back — minus Sean, who is currently re-evaluating his own collection — with this follow up to last year’s ‘Movie Organization Manifesto’ podcast! This time we’ve got over two hours of in-depth discussion on the various in’s and out’s of blu ray organization, including a few interesting updates on our own collections. Have we stayed true to our own rules or did the previous episode sway us to rethink our organizational methods? We also get in to the ethics of blu ray bargain shopping, recounting glorious tales of product swapping, price matching, and border crossing. Additionally, in an effort to resolve the issue of a collection’s immediate accessibility to friends and family, we come up with what we think could be a revolutionary solution: the blu ray karaoke book. All of this plus your listener emails and tweets add up to yet another important chapter in the storied crusade for what the unfaithful erroneously claim to be “beyond the bounds of possibility”: the perfectly organized blu ray collection. This is Part 3 of the Film Junk Movie Organization Manifesto! May you all have a blu Christmas!

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  • For as much shit that Jay gives comic book fanboys, I would argue that this obsession is way more nerdy and weirder.

  • milandob

    One word: Amazing… Had to wait a year but finally the epic final of the trilogy is here!

  • FilmApe

    Hanukkah came early this year.

  • Kasper

    Amazing. The manifesto episodes are some of the best.

  • This series has given me a new appreciation for living in the states. I’d never even seen a spine with french on it.

  • Jay M

    Yaaay! I sometimes run into the first two episodes on my mp3 player: they make me smile :)

  • Steve

    Regarding Benjamin Button: I ended up buying the UK non-Criterion edition and am much happier for it. And you can’t get a replacement case for the Criterion release because the slip cover is a different size from normal Criterion movies. What the fuck were they thinking?

  • I like that chronological idea. My collection is still a manageable enough size for me to do that. I’ll just go by the release date listed on IMDB.

  • I haven’t listened yet, but I’m interested in finding out if they cover ellipses. I mean, does “…And Justice For All” go before everything else, would it go at the end, or would it go just wherever it belongs alphabetically?

  • I think we need multiple angle photos and/or feature length films of both Jay and Frank’s collections to properly judge the ability of both to properly organize and parse their collections.

    Until then, this is just proof for a future insanity plea bargain. :P

  • Cy-Ed

    Is there anything sweeter in life than a new movie organization manifesto episode? I think not.

  • kyri

    Since you have all that free space Frankie here are some rare good ones I got on my M:

    Man on the Moon
    Midnight Express
    Midnight Meat Train

    Guys you should make a fourth episode dedicated to dejuicing.

    What films are a keeper
    And what are no good

    For example the M letter:

    Madagascar (for the kids)
    Magic Mike
    Magnificent Seven
    Manchurian Candidate
    Man on Fire
    Man on Wire 
    Meet the Fockers
    Men in Black trilogy
    Mission Impossible Tetralogy
    Million Dollar Baby
    Minority Report
    Mystery Men
    Mississippi Burning (DVD exemption)
    Monster  (charlize theron’s tits exemption)

    Only 3 to 5 star films are allowed in a collection.
    Everything else is called juicing up.

    so after consideration I gave away:

    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
    Matchstick Men
    Max Payne
    Mortal Kombat (not released on bluray yet)

    Also I noticed that you didn’t touch the ‘THE’ problem this time, I assume we now all agree that ‘the’ is automatically deprecated.

    Purchasing low:
    How far are you willing to go for a discount?
    ->You ll do anything for a deal
    – Almost.


  • Scott

    Christmas came early!


  • kyri

    30.99 or 5.99 with a cracked case? (no switcharooney)

    buy the cracked case, and replace it with a good one

    007 go all together at the beginning.

    no homemade artwork

    slipcovers stay on. (that’s how God intended it to be)

  • David

    Great show as always guys. And amazing songs for the opening and closing. Way to represent such soundtrack fixtures as Rocky IV and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • @Frank. Criterioncast already exists. I stopped listening after the guys publicly berated me on a show though. Also it takes FOREVER to download. So I think you guys should definitely do this.

  • Paul Andrews

    You’re spoiling us ! Thanks guys.

  • Bob

    Having Jay and Frank next to Frank’s shelves was a nice touch. The moments where Frank HAD to get up and fix something or Jay HAD to point out specific “violations” right before his eyes was classic.

    The questions this time around almost sounded like they were in English. Almost.

  • Kasper

    Can hardly wait for part 4 to hopefully follow near the end of 2013!

    What would you guys do, if a new and better alternative to Blu-ray popped up? Would you go for it immediately or wait and see if it takes off? What if you went for it and half a year later it got discontinued? Would the discs be of the same non-value as HD DVD?

    The saga of Seans messy collection and his quest to get the perfect shelving – custom or otherwise – also needs a fitting conclusion, can’t leave us on a cliffhanger like this!

    How do you categorize movies starting with “the”, “a” or “an”? Do these things count, or do the words get ignored?

    Would custom artwork be acceptable, if it was done to split up a hideous combi-pack release? Say you have “Predators” and “Predators 2″ in a combi-release and you want to split them up into two regular Blu-ray-cases. Is it alright to buy two new cases, get a proper print of the actual artwork (not homebrew) from the two movies to put in each new case and then ignore it ever originating as a combi-pack, or should you just live with the shame of the combi-pack?

    So many questions still left unanswered!

  • Vikke

    Great show!

    I still proudly display my DVD collection as I still must have close to a 700-800 discs that are not available on Blu yet. And they still mostly look great upconverted even when projected.

    I don’t really keep my Blu-rays in alphabetical order at the moment because I don’t have a consistent shelving system. I kinda like the randomness of it all :)

    And I will always keep Criterions and Masters of Cinema steelbooks separate as they are both numbered and have a similar look.

  • Crandonblaus

    Regarding the us address (google us address) there is a place in Niagara Falls NY that will take shipments but it does cost. $5/package for the first week and $1/week thereafter that it doesn’t get picked up. If your shipment comes in multiple packages then it can get expensive, but if its shipped as one then not too bad! Also take into consideration the $3.50 to get back over the border. I have used their services many many times.

    And regarding Reed and the chicken wings. I remember that night not bein too into wings so I ordered a pizza for us all to share. He had no problem taking the extras home with him for that!

  • ProfessionalCynic

    Would love to parade my collection like the old days. Walls of Records and tapes then became walls of CD’s, Then VHS became Laserdiscs, The Laserdiscs became DVD, The DVD Became Blu-rays, then they became Hard Drives. Just Hard Drives don’t look that good on shelving. But my walls and room look friggin’ great! 2317 Baby Blu Titles in one drawer ya gotta love it.

  • Adam D.

    Oh bros. I’m still shaking my head in utter amazement of the knowledge that the “Lords of Blu Ray Manifesto” descended upon to the masses from on high organization heaven. The Blu ray karaoke binder blew my mind. That idea, Jay and Frank, will catapult you into legendary status. Would you suggest that visiting friends and guest wear white cotton gloves when handling said karaoke binder? As not to spoil it’s magnificence with their ignorant contamination and amateur germs? The dot matrix print out is the attention to detail that should be an amendment in the Manifesto. Also can we make “They Live” sunglasses that when worn only display Blu Ray covers in black and the spines with black backgrounds with white titles (in original fonts.) Imagine gazing upon your bitchin’ collection with white cotton gloves, “They Live” sunglasses, all uniform in color solidarity. OBEY. Also can we get some quick video/photographic coverage of your collections as a cherry on top of the sundae for Film Junk’s 400th podcast? I think the fans would love it. On a closing note, if a time comes when Jay is incarcerated for Blue Ray retail fraud or border crossing violations we should start a money raising campaign to get him out of jail. We will pray for your freedom brother…

  • devolutionary

    I bought the exact same Atlantic DVD/Blu Ray/CD shelf that Frank alluded to near the beginning of the podcast. I have to agree 100% that while it’s functional and doesn’t look half-bad from the front, it is indeed very thin and always gives the appearance of tilting and falling over. That said, as long as you don’t plan on moving the thing constantly around your room, it’s perfectly fine. The little wooden shelf spacers it comes with tend to get stuck in place after awhile if they aren’t adjusted too.

  • Bob

    Frank, Why the turn away from your trusty IKEA Billy shelving?

  • Ricardo

    The Movie Organization Manifesto is now officially a classic trilogy! I could listen to you guys debate the minutiae of Blu-ray packaging and display all day.

    One thing I would love to know is whether you guys have ever received a Blu-ray whose plastic sleeve has fallen prey to the unsightly ‘Ripple Effect’ that many attribute to overly hot warehouse storage conditions. If you’ve ever received such a monstrosity from, say, Amazon, would you guys send it back for a replacement?

  • Curtis

    I think pictures of both Jay and Frank’s collections are needed in order to know if they are really adhering to the commandments of the manifesto.

  • Henrik

    Frank I bought a Billy shelf because you claimed it was classic. Now you have something else????? I feel betrayed, I thought we had something.

  • Jeff

    Frank, can you provide some high resolution pics of your collection? I’d like a full frame pic of your shelves. I’d like to make it the desktop background image of my PC at work.


  • Jonny Ashley

    Fucking lost it when you guys went over your greatest return and exchange swindles. You guys rule.

  • FDB

    I have a question for Mr. Cheel: you keep mentioning having bought all the Bond blus individually. Are these imports or what? By my count, there’s 6 unavailable in North America. These 6 blus are an unending source of stress in my life, and every mention of your complete Bond blu collection feels like a twist of the knife. Kindest regards.

  • CrazyXCrazy

    Fuck BluRay

  • ^^^^^

    Above shot was taken a coupe of years ago. Blu-rays are all on bottom shelf, but now I’ve replaced about half the DVDs to Blu – which now take up middle and bottom rows.


  • Bob

    Andrew, You mean aside from breaking every rule in the manifesto? ;) Those are some very wide shelves. I tend to like a more compact shelf than that. Things look tidier to my eye that way. That said, your solution has got to be way cheaper than most other options people have thrown out there.

  • kyri

    I am with bob regarding the narrow shelves but I actually broke one rule as well and added a semi-transparent milk-white glass door above them. You can see the collection peeking from behind the glass but you are not in constant danger to get blinded by the ugliness of blue plastic..

  • ottobud

    Interesting timing on this post from IKEA Hackers:

  • Wait, what episode of the CriterionCast did Andrew get balled out on? Can I send them a fruit basket?

  • Gerry

    The (oh so much fun) madness begins again.

    You should revive a Filmjunk tradition and get some teeshirts with ‘Jay Cheel Adrenaline Junkie’ printed on them.

    You should also get some stickers made with the Ghostbusters red circle with a line through it, only instead of containing a ghost it should contain some Barnes and Noble, Walmart and Best Buy employees in them.

    Then every time Jay ‘sticks it to the man’ he can put one of the stickers on the side of his car.

    The Canadian customs people will see the line of stickers, nod approvingly and think to themselves ‘there goes Jay Cheel, keeping Canadas end up’ as they wave him through unchallenged.

    Meanwhile, in Kansas, little Johnny Doe looks at his collection of bargain priced baby blu’s then looks at the deals section on, see’s series one of Homeland on sale for $19.99 and thanks his god Reed Farringdon who, in his 30 months in the wilderness, after giving up work, showed the way by buying DVD’s for $1.70.

    As little Johnny realises that it’s coming up to Reeds representative on earths birthday – Gerry Eng – on the 25th of December and thinks of all the blu ray presents coming his way he reflects that no human could show the patience of a Reed in this way, but exercising a little patience brought so many cheap blu’s his way. Plus he had the time to watch the ones he already owned while he waited for the others to come down in price and wasn’t in the ridiculous position of not having watched a third of his blu ray collection.

    And with that a Merry Reedmas to everyone.

  • @Gerry: I very much enjoyed your comment. I especially found your mention of my being Reed’s representative on Earth to be an astute observation.

  • Lori C

    Wish you guys had more pics of the collections or some video clips. Great episode!

  • Shuttlesworth

    If the Manifesto series becomes a Quadrilogy (fingers crossed), I absolutely have to know what you guys think of the now-standard US ‘Eco case’ with its huge cut-outs and susceptibility to denting and inlay damage. ‘Flimsy’ doesn’t even start to cover it where these monstrosities -which are clearly designed to maximize profits, not minimize environmental damage- are concerned. The absolute worst.

  • Beerdude

    The coolest custom covers: