TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Best and Worst Movies of 2012

Now that December has arrived, the various year end lists are slowly starting to pop up online with BFI’s Sight & Sound Magazine and France’s Cahiers du Cinema being among the first publications to post Best Of lists. Now TIME Magazine has also followed suit with a huge feature covering the Top 10 of Everything of 2012. What is generating even more discussion than their Best Movies of 2012, however, is what they chose as the Worst of 2012.

Topping that list is The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer’s Cloud Atlas and Disney’s John Carter, both of which were unmitigated commercial failures, making them easy targets. However, somehow it seems unfair to label such ambitious movies as being the worst of the year when there is so much other garbage to sift through. Did they even see Piranha 3DD? TIME’s Best Of list had a few surprising choices on there too including Todd Solondz’ Dark Horse of all movies. Do you agree with their selections? Check out both lists after the jump.


1. Amour
2. Beasts of the Southern Wild
3. Life of Pi
4. Anna Karenina
5. The Dark Knight Rises
6. Zero Dark Thirty
7. Dark Horse
8. Dragon
9. Frankenweenie
10. The Invisible War


1. Cloud Atlas
2. John Carter
3. Hyde Park on Hudson
4. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
5. This Means War
6. The Lorax
7. Alex Cross
8. What to Expect When You’re Expecting
9. The Odd Life of Timothy Green
10. One for the Money

  • Mr. Pizza

    Can we really quantify whether Frankenweenie is undoubtedly better than Lincoln? These lists are the height of pretension.

  • I immensely enjoyed Piranha 3DD – best worst movie of the year!

  • Essie

    I agree with Amour being the best of the year. Not so sure about the rest of the list.

  • Steve

    I’m just glad Prometheus isn’t on the Worst Of list. That movie has taken enough bullying this year.

    But saying that Cloud Atlas is the worst movie of the year if a fucking joke. That tells me all I need to know about the credibility of this list.

  • devolutionary

    I’d be more intrigued than anything to know the demographics for who values movie opinions from TIME Magazine.

  • Darksiders

    The answer is yes. Frankenweenie is better than Lincoln.

  • Henrik

    I can’t wait to see Amour and Cloud Atlas

  • Juan

    Cloud Atlas and The Odd Life of Timothy Green are in the worst of the year? That’s just dumb and wrong

  • FDB

    I’d really like to hear a defense of the Invisible War. I know this is entirely subjective, but indirectly claiming that the Invisible War is better than the Master is just weird to me. IW was a snoozer with essentially no redeeming qualities, essentially an extended episode of 60 Minutes. No cred to this list.

  • La Menthe

    John Carter on nr.2 worst? Fucking shit lidy. It may have flopped financially, but it was still a pretty alright film.

  • Zac

    When I first glimpsed at this, I assumed Cloud Atlas would be in the top 10, but as it turns out, the people at Time don’t watch a lot of movies.

  • rjdelight

    What a joke Time Magazine. ‘Worst of’ Lists are pretty lame to begin with, but naming Cloud Atlas worse than This Means War, What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is insane. Just seems like a giant troll.

  • Scott

    By this standard, McDonald’s is the best food and American Idol is the best show on TV. Why live like that?


  • Scott

    It’s been proven that companies buy their own products to make them look like successes.

  • Scott

    Anyone who puts their house on the line to make their art has my respect.

  • Indianamcclain

    I respect this persons opinion, but Cloud Atlas doesn’t belong with the worst.

  • Kasper

    These kinds of “expert lists” are usually garbage. No surprise this one is too.

  • Wintle

    “Did they even see Piranha 3DD?”

    I know, right? How did it not make the Top 10?

  • I knew you’d catch that…

  • Vicky

    Seriously, I question the taste and expertise of TIME based on this article. How the heck is Alex Cross better than Cloud Atlas, you can’t even compare. Cloud Atlas is a smart film, this proves TIME is not smart enough to understand this film. It’s the worst, cause they got no brain. Embrassing! I guess they think they are smarter than Roger Ebert. They should have checked out Roger Eberts review before making that retarded
    statement. Thank god, I just unsubscribe my subscription, waste of my money.

  • Gerardo

    Where is Skyfall and the Avengers in this list as the best in 2012??

  • chris

    are you a fucking idiot! this means war was a really good movie you fucking cunt

  • jon

    i reject your reality and substitute my own. stupid list

  • mark

    I havent seen every movie this year, and these lists are fucking opinons…. but my vote for worst goes to Lincoln hands down. Whoever tells you its a good movie is a liar and shouldnt be trusted.

  • kmcarlock

    Sorry, Time magazine, but John Carter rocked. I liked JC slightly better than The Avengers and I LOVED The Avengers.

    And some might call this blasphemy, but I liked it better than The Dark Knight Rises too.

    John Carter had some of that fun Golden Voyage of Sinbad/Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger “mojo” from the 1970s; a really fun adventure with a cool hero and a hot princess.

  • Different folks, different strokes. I would surely not include Nolan’s last batman movie into the list, since it is a recycled version of the previous two parts. And Cloud Atlas being the worst one? Well, there are many examples in the history when ridiculous critics misunderstood and doomed extraordinary efforts of some individuals we today consider jewels of music, cinematography, or literature.

  • D D Lewis and Lincoln are the best actor/movie in a very long time. The film served to remind me of the pathetic circus going on in our Congress today. They and the media keep claiming we are in the toughest spot ever…They are laughable. The US split up and 600,000 Americans slaughtered…all somehow managed by one Abraham Lincoln … I believe that trumps any domestic events of the modern day…Just think about this!!

    Dick Brooks Phillips, maine

  • Bruce Johnson

    Mary Pols, as a film critic, seems to be way over her pay grade to have ranked Cloud Atlas as worst movie of 2012 & not to have included Lincoln or Django in the Top 10. She is so far out of step with the discerning public and seasoned cinema critics that Time should summarily dismiss her from further assignments.

  • kent88

    Critics who disagree with the consensus should indeed be fired.

    Hmm, Cloud Atlas/Prometheus lovers seems to be very defensive. I wonder why?

  • Peter

    How can anyone with a fully functional brain put Cloud Atlas on a “worst” list? The only reason I can come up with is that Time magazine doesn’t want its readers to engage in a film that might promote thinking.

  • Zaphod Beatlebrox

    The dark knight rises sucked.