Film Junk Podcast Episode #396: Killing Them Softly

0:00 – Intro
7:40 – Review: Killing Them Softly
53:45 – Headlines: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Play Batman in Justice League?, David Fincher and Jon Favreau Rumoured for new Star Wars Movie, THR Directors Roundtable, A Glimpse Inside Charles Swan III Trailer
1:29:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Elf, The Muppets Christmas Carol, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Le silence de la mer, Wages of Fear, The Waiting Room, Ted, Ace in the Hole, No Country for Old Men, Sorcerer, Husbands, Gummo, Le cercle rouge, Premium Rush, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Downhill Racer, Maidstone, Army of Shadows, Children of Men, Strange Brew, Alfie, Nighthawks, Mansome, Jersey Girl, Shut Up Little Man!, Sexy Beast, Gooby
2:41:05 – Junk Mail: Internet Archive, Do Modern Comedies Rely Too Much on Cussing?, The Death of Video Stores, Things That Take You Out of a Movie
3:10:55 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
3:13:10 – Outro

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  • Essie

    Any chance of a bonus xmas podcast again this year?

  • Our schedule’s looking a little too full to do anything official this year but we’ll probably watch a few Christmas classics to discuss on one of the regular episodes.

  • Fatbologna


    You NEED to check out Friedken’s Sorcerer. One of the best remakes ever done and the film that, I believe, destroyed his passion as a filmmaker. One of my favorite movies of all time. The bridge sequence is one of the ballsiest pieces of stuntwork I’ve ever seen on film.

  • Fatbologna

    Never mind… Just got to the Sorcerer part…

  • Ozymandias

    Surprised you guys didn’t mention Lord of the Rings as being this generation’s Star Wars, considering your LOTR special coming up. Also, in my opinion, the Mass Effect series is the video game equivalent of Star Wars. Just an amazing sci-fi universe with memorable characters, great, simple plot, and quality production values throughout each entry.

  • Ozymandias

    And the Uncharted games are as close to Indiana Jones and anything, unless you’re into National Treasure.

  • Steve Kroodsma

    Please post a picture of Gooby in the show notes so everyone can experience the horror. That thing is seriously terrifying.

  • Sean – all of Killing them Softly takes place during the week of the election and ends on the night Obama was elected. Hence the fireworks and the speech.

  • Yeah I realized after I asked the question that there was a very definite answer to that. But I had just read a few things about the book Cogan’s Trade earlier in the day and I’m pretty sure it was set in the ’70s.

  • And I think this was the picture that made Greg lose it:

  • Bob

    Listening to Jay talk about Killing Them Softly, I got the impression he didn’t really like it. Of course, that means it gets 3 stars. ;)

  • Jay C.

    Just to clarify this and other seemingly too high star ratings…I think sometimes it’s best to play devil’s advocate if the result is a more interesting conversation. For one reason or another, we seem to come up with more interesting observations and comments when attempting to argue for or against a film. It’s always more fun/productive when the conversation turns into a tug-of-war.

  • patrik

    You’re out to lunch Greg, Kill Bill is Tarantinos second best film. After Kill Bill 2. In my opinion of course ;)

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Greg and Frank both bust out laughing during the Gooby talk but leave it to Frank to find the odd thing(the Gooby character) funny and not the fact that Jay mistook the boy for a cute girl.

  • Guys, don’t forget there were two Beckys (Beckies?) on Roseanne.

    There’s a camp movie Called GORP* (* a bunch of fruits, nuts and flakes)starring Fran Drescher, Dennis Quaid Rosanna Arquette and The Big Lebowski himself (not The Dude).

  • devolutionary

    Cute boy! *giggles* Gooby looks like what would happen if Fozzy bear ran into a tanker truck full off mutagen ooze and morphed into part chewbacca, part ewok. Truly terrifying!

  • sansho1

    Jay, have you seen the appearance that Falk, Cassavetes, and Gazzara made on the Dick Cavett show to “promote” Husbands? They’re all obviously drunk, and spend the entire 45 minute show fucking with Cavett in the most…I dunno…”Cassavetes” way possible. It’s as uncomfortable and weirdly compelling as a lot of his movies, especially with Cavett being so intimidated by these charismatic he-men but still able to insult them right back. Here’s the link to part one:

  • Brendan

    I think I remember a reference to GORP in The Accidental Tourist, where the brothers supposedly can’t take care of themselves because they’re not making dinner and subsisting only on GORP. Until today, I didn’t know what GORP was, thanks Greg!

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Greg is right, ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ sucks so much ass. It’s the type of song you get douche chills from.

  • kent88

    Please record a “Gooby” audio commentary.

  • scott
  • Lori C

    Maybe the Ace in the Hole carnival is the literal origin of the idiom “media circus” as the Happy Days episode where Fonzie waterskis over a shark is the origin of “jump the shark”?

  • Man the Goobie review was the best thing on the podcast in years. Perfect. Congratulations.

  • Greg

    @patrik: I don’t think Kill Bill is the worst QT film. A rhetorical question was asked and I answered it because I’m obnoxious and just said the first QT film I could think of.

  • Steve Kasan

    To the King of so-called Comedy how can you say Ted McGinley on Married…With Children “jumped the shark”? Jefferson Darcy is one of the best characters on the show.
    The Secretary for the National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood.

    And he was named after Sherman Hemsley

  • patrik

    Ahh, thought you were serious Greg. I was getting worried about your mental health right then. =)

  • I wish I saw the same movie Frank did. But Killing Them Softly is neither horrible or great, it’s just a middle of the road crime drama. Which is the worst!

  • Jonny Ashley

    Hell yes, Sexy Beast is one of my favorites.

    If you’re looking for some Christmas recommendations, might I request Jingle All the Way? I just rewatched it, and this movie is fucking mental.

  • Jingle All the Way just popped up on Netflix Canada. And I just may end up watching it.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    I don’t agree that Ted Miginley is bad I was just mentioning that it was a major category on Jump the Shark

    Put my Jingle All the Way poster up last week, some of my fave gems from that movie:

    “Always keep your promises if you want to keep your friends”


  • Kasper

    Jingle All the Way is amazing. Does this mean the christmas podcast is saved? 3 hours on Jingle all the way?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • For a little darker Christmas recommendation, I checked out the Silent Night remake and it’s was pretty good one of the better slasher movies I’ve seen.

  • Steve Kasan

    @dirrrtyfrank appologies to the Kaaannng. No the King, the Kaaanng of Comedy.

    Jingle All the Way what a fantastic Christmas movie!

    Arnold sharing a beer with a Reindeer.

    Balthazar, the coloured Wisemen, being set on fire.

    Arnold reciting all the names of the reindeers.

    The Bomb in the mail parcel.

    Phil Hartman’s wanting to eat her “cookies” ;-)


    “Jaime, I have had it up to here with this Turbo Man doll…Now GIT YUR MOTHA!”

    “I’m not a pervert. I was just looking for a Turbo Man doll”

    “HE GOT TWO!!!!! HE GOT TWO!!!”

    Sinbad exposing the government’s manipulation while standing in line.

  • Quim

  • I get a kick out of when a movie gets re-named before it’s released, but the heavy-handed “This is the name of the movie, GET IT?” lines remain, because they stand out even that much more. If you follow movie news sites and stuff, you know that that’s what they were going for, but I imagine that general audiences would be wondering why the hell the movie is trying to hammer that word or phrase into your head.

    Speaking of distracting mistakes in films, I’ve worked on a couple of movies where I was used as a double or stand-in in scenes that were shot towards the end of production that were being filmed specifically to patch continuity holes. One film in particular was the Taylor Lautner vehicle “Abduction”, where some of the scenes I shot weren’t even used, so while it’s frustrating or funny to see continuity errors, it’s even stranger to know that the filmmakers were aware of the problem, that they took steps to fix it, and then chose to just piss the money away by not including the extra scenes. If anyone’s seen the film, they know that never seeing anyone plant the bomb in the kitchen is the least of that movie’s problems, and that this piece of hot garbage plays like a suicide note for John Singleton’s career.

  • A few words about the state of video stores:

    For mainstream audiences, Netflix and its ilk has replaced the video store, pure and simple. Unless your web-surfing/downloading skills are really horrible, you have no reason whatsoever to go to the video store and rent a physical copy of a film if you can just stream it. Unless your humanitarian aim is to simply support the store.

    Having said that, Netflix does not replace DVD and the reason is simple: Special features. The mainstream consumer does not care for the most part about special features, that is why Blockbuster went down. Along with it went small video stores which based most of their income on renting stuff like the latest Adam Sandler comedy. But video stores with strong roots in the community, a great selection of foreign, cult and classic films along with the latest Hollywood batch, and most importantly, a clientele made mostly out of cinephiles, are still holding on, and sometimes even still thriving.

    I’m a strong proponent of Netflix and have used the service in the past and hope to use it again, but I still like to rent a disc now and then for the commentaries and the docs. Even the subtitles are better on physical discs (the Netflix ones have an annoying delay).
    In reference to what Jay said, I see no reason to buy a DVD/BR, even if it costs 5$. Why would I want to buy a disc I will only watch once or twice, tops? To clog up space? I prefer to buy only films that I love and want re-watch again and again.

    But let’s not kid ourselves: When Netflix will allow to stream the movie along with its special features, there will be no reason whatsoever to rent a movie anymore.
    I know that some studios have thrown in the towel already and are discriminating between the rental version and the retail version: The rental version is many times bare bones or have a 7 min. lame EPK and a trailer, as if it’s 1998 all over again, while the retail version boasts three commentaries and a mini-series on the making of the movie. It’s like they said: “Nobody rents anymore except old people and technophobs, so what’s the point.”

    What’s the point indeed.

  • Also, when talking about the smaller stores that go out of business, you can only get so upset about their demise, because the writing’s been on the wall for a long time and they’ve had more than enough to time to adapt, to find another angle that could keep them going, or to just get out of the business. Feeling sorry for them at this point would be like feeling sorry for the VCR repair guy that doesn’t have any business anymore that just refuses to get with the times and learn how to do something else. It’s not technology’s fault.

  • Falsk

    UGH, I’m so happy more people know of Gooby’s existence. God bless that monstrosity…

  • Napalm

    What’s with the change in Film Junk album art Sean?

  • It’s just something new that Jay threw together. You disapprove?

  • Napalm

    No no looks very 80s sci-fi. I like it.