Film Junk Podcast Episode #394: Lincoln

0:00 – Intro
5:20 – Review: Lincoln
53:10 – Headlines: Cinemark Cinemode App, Tom Hardy to Star in Splinter Cell, Sinister Writer and Director Take on Deus Ex Movie, James Wan to Direct Macgyver, Oz the Great and Powerful Trailer #2
1:09:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: Step Up to the Plate, In Bruges, Recount, The Amazing Spider-Man
1:25:20 – Junk Mail: Best Video Game-Related Movies, Favourite Comedic Actor Excluding Bill Murray, Favourite Recent Comedies, Underrated and Overrated Martin Scorsese Movies, When to Show Kids Star Wars and Other Non-Disney Movies
2:03:05 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:04:00 – Outro

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  • Steve

    The comparison of the candle shot to Tim and Eric made me burst out laughing.
    Frankie, you are way off base here bud.

  • Forget the Hitchcock premium! We need a Hancock premium!

  • Sean revealing he didn’t know about anything from The Wizard of Oz was great. Also, I’d subsribe to a podcast of Jay and Frank just arguing about random stuff in life.

  • Bas

    Episode 400 is getting closer and closer… Please don’t do a TRS by calling it quits!!!

  • Kasper

    Greg was on fire during the Lincoln review. The constant comparisons to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was hilarious.

  • Owozifa

    Well that was a complete reversal from what I expected. I saw Jay liked it on Twitter but never expected Frank was going to swing the other way. Have to admit Jay’s arguments seemed the more convincing on this one. Seems like a repeat of Tintin. Spielberg is obviously divisive with the Film Junk crew.

  • Owozifa

    Also the doll character was not related to the original film, but does exist in the original story. Seeing that made me hopeful that they might pull some other things from the novels. Some good surreal weirdness.

  • scott

    Thanks for another episode. I really admire the way you guys put out so much quality content each week for no money. You’ve inspired me to do my own website. So far, it’s not much. Anyway, thank you all very much. You keep me somewhat sane.


  • I had to rewind 39:50 three times to understand what Jay was screaming.

  • mitch

    frank nailed it. this was total biopic stuff. hitting on all the big famous things and saying them so the audience can say “oh thats when he did that”. everything other than DDL was brutal.

  • Owozifa

    Interesting fact about Lincoln coming out around American Thanksgiving, Abraham Lincoln was the one who originally standardized the date as one of the initiatives to harmonize the North and South. Of course then that all fell apart and they didn’t end up accepting a standard date for Thanksgiving until after the Civil War. Before then, every state had their own date.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    @PiggyStardust #2

    Yes, Hancock scene by scene breakdown a la The Hollywood Saloon

  • Falsk

    There needs to be a tribute in episode 400 to all the times Greg’s said something like “Well that’s because you don’t have TITS!” just as a higher-ranking female coworker walks past the studio space I’m shooting in and I have to laugh extra loud just to drown out any following misogynistic remarks.

    Ahhhh, love it. I will risk any impending upheaval from HR for FilmJunk, hahaha.

  • Greg

    Falsky…..I’m sorry. I probably come across as a horrible person to your bosses and you even worse because you laugh at it.

  • Jay M

    Even Captain America got the flying monkeys reference! lol

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    “… why are you saying shit like that” – Frank after Jay told him his complaints were invalid due to his hatred of women & children.

    Either Frank was genuinely flustered at that moment or he’s a great fucking seller. I think he even convinced Jay he was upset, to the point where Jay made sure there were no hard feelings by calling back to it during the In Bruges talk. “You can’t empaphise with the Irish!” “It’s your turn, Sean!” Which was actually kind of a nice, friend thing to do.

  • You guys are all a bunch of Wizard of Oz fanboys. You probably have flying monkey tattoos or some shit.

  • Dan

    Thanks for answering my question! Awesome podcast yet again. Wasn’t sure about Lincoln but might see it now to know who i’d agree with

  • I haven’t seen lincoln yet, but when you guys were describing his relationship with his wife and how sally field was behaving, my mind just went to “falling down”.

  • Bas

    We’ve all been there, Sean: you’re out of your depth but choose to hide it. In real life we change the subject asap, but you had to keep talking about Oz and came crashing down! :D

  • I suppose my fatal flaw is the fact that I just have to keep the conversation going at all costs.

  • Jay is absolutely right about what affects kids and what doesn’t affect kids. Often how people behave towards one another can be as anxious an experience to kids as a full blown horror thing. How many kids understand the ‘blow-job’ scene in GHOSTBUSTERS for instance.

    I’m fairly passionate about showing various films (all over the spectrum) to my small children. I get looked at weirdly often by parents, but I talk about the films afterwards with the kids. My daughter was 6 and my son was 7 when we started leaving the cartoons and such for more mature fare.

    TEMPLE OF DOOM is one of the craziest films to show small children, yet both my kids love that movie.

    We do a video series about the kids watching various stuff (Entries include Time Bandits, Gremlins, Princess Mononoke, Thunderball, The Sound of Music, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Speed Racer, Steamboat Bill Jr., Fantastic Mr. Fox, Playtime, Samsara, Brave, Paranorman, Rango and others.)

  • Oh link to that is here:

  • Fatbologna

    Frank’s assessment of actual history as ‘typical biopic beats’ is hilarious. Don’t really understand the expectations. Besides, I thought Frank loved broad characterizations!

  • Marty

    Yeah…it’s definitely “biopic” territory.

    I’m on “Team Dirrrty” with this one.

  • Bas

    @Kurt: I’ve just watched a few of your videos. You’ve got some smart, perceptive kids!

  • Bob

    Kurt, I would say the big difference between you and many other parents is you talk to your kids about the films. Too many of us parents don’t talk to our kids about what they watch, let alone much else. Movies and shows are consumed like candy – nevermind the potential side effects.

  • Hey, wait a minute! How did Sean know what a tornado was?!?!

  • Paul Andrews

    For the Hitchcock premium maybe throw ‘High Anxiety’ into the mix.

  • Lori C

    Jay, know you want the blu ray, but why not just purchase “The Imposter” digital download so you’re not paying import fees?

    Listed on Amazon (US) and iTunes also.