Film Junk Podcast Episode #392: Flight

0:00 – Intro
8:15 – Review: Flight
1:06:25 – Headlines: Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Arnold to Star in New Conan Movie, Jamie Foxx to Play Electro, Bryan Singer to Direct X-Men: Days of Future Past, Ernest Reboot, Iron Man 3 Trailer
1:42:55 – Other Stuff We Watched: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Brood, Hell House, The Girl, The Birds, Avatar 3D, Moonrise Kingdom, Rosemary’s Baby, Nosferatu, Shock Waves, Fright Night: Part 2, Microwave Massacre, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, Lost in Translation
2:21:35 – Junk Mail: Steven Soderbergh and the old WB Logo, Directors Who Cast Themselves, Trend-Setting Movie Posters, Shocking or Emotional Deaths in Movies, Recent Buddy Cop Movies, Pineapple Soda, Other Podcasts We’d Like to Do
2:46:15 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:49:15 – Outro

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  • Steve

    I think Jay is laboring under the assumption that everything in Flight is supposed to be taken seriously. There are some moments in there that are definitely played for laughs only.

  • kyri

    you just dropped the bomb that you deleted all the old episodes and you ask for a worst moment? How about blaming your starwars posts instead Sean?

  • Old episodes are back online currently but not available through iTunes. If the site can remain operational like this, it may be a decent compromise until we find a better solution.

  • Brendan

    Our picks of worst moments for episode 400? It’s gonna be all clips of Reed!

  • Henrik

    off the top of my head worst moments are the times sean has said that doug nagy couldn’t make it on the show this week.

  • kyri

    you should just upload them all on youtube, it allows multiple uploading, put them in a private account and write an app called film-Junk.Jukebox that will stream them, nice and clean. There is no way you can bring down youtube..

  • Bob

    Charge for episodes older than a certain period of time, via Bandcamp maybe? Not sure if that would help or not.

  • Kasper

    #7 I think that would be a great idea. Perhaps do it per year basis, with some of the earlier times bundled together. So something like:

    2011 bundle
    2010 bundle
    2009 bundle
    2006 – 2008 bundle

  • What happened to that idea of selling usb flash drives with “seasons” of the show? Maybe you could even put a little design on them. Maroon plastic casing with “FJ” stamped on there in that white futura font. I’d buy that for a dollar.

  • La Menthe

    When is the Bond podcast coming? Haven’t it been in theaters in North-America yet?

  • Kasper

    Worst moment: Any episode with the host whom Greg replaced. If it wasn’t for the addition of Greg, I don’t think Film Junk would be what it is today.

  • Skyfall hits theatres here on Friday.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    “I think he wants to save it” – Frank basically calling Jay a pussy for saving the spider. So much bitchiness, I love it.

  • For Worst moments (or best, depending), just replace all the clips of “umms” you did a few weeks back with Franks little laugh/tick whenever he describes a scene. Always makes me laugh!

    In regards to all this talk of getting an “Ultimate Box Set” re Episodes 1 thru 9…does anyone think we will all be buying DVD box sets in 2020?

    Thanks for the cast, as always. Much appreciated.

  • Brendan

    About the junk mail a out why actor/directors would cast themselves in the lead role: I’m pretty sure that sometimes getting funding for the film is contingent on the star/director being in the film. It doesn’t always have to be the lead role, but I think there are times when that is the case.

  • Adam D.

    I’ll tell you in my opinion what could be considered “worst” for the 400th Film Junk show: motherfuckers who are busting my man’s balls. That’s right, I’m taking about high maintenance mothers who are giving Sean a hard time about past episodes. My brothers be cool baby and maintain. Sean keeps his shit tight on this site. My worst fear is that you all will turn Sean’s time from a labor of love, to a drag and time suck. It’s flattering that the fans want old episodes, just keep it cool for Sean. Dude is a new father and holds down a full time job. He will come through for us. Let’s just give the man some space and time.

  • Steve

    My least favorite moments are hearing Greg get mad at Reed. It always makes me feel on-edge.

  • Thanks Adam, but don’t worry, no one’s really giving me a hard time. These things happen when you’re running a website, I just have less patience for them lately.

    The good news is, I think I fixed our spam issue which has also been bringing the site down.

  • #16

    I couldn’t agree more! Was thinking that myself. There really is no obligation for Sean to go to such lengths so people should count their blessings.

    So…thanks Sean for all the graft you put in day after day.

  • I was pretty interested about what you guys would say about Flight. Jay, I respect the hell out of you, but I have to speak up about the depiction of the alcoholic. Alcoholism hits very close to home to me, and I have been around it a lot. It was such an accurate portrayal of alcoholism that I didn’t know if I would make it through the movie. If you’ve never seen anyone in the final stages of alcoholism, I am sure this would all seem very cartoonish. I knew most who saw the movie would think this is a gross exaggeration of an alcoholic, but if anything, it was a tame representation. Buying the big bottle and gulping it before you start your car? Seen it. Vodka in the morning? Seen it. True alcoholics have to do so to keep the shakes away. It’s irrational, idiotic and sad, and it happens. I’m glad you have never witnessed it, but for anyone who has, this is a harrowing watch. So, to each his own, but I find it a little offensive you write it off as cartoonish. It was dead on. And the opening sequence? Completely believable. Addicts will do anything they can get their hands on. I stand by my review when I say this is one of the most accurate portrayals of a full-blown alcoholic. Totally get if you had issues with the writing, etc., but that performance killed me. Went home and bawled after I saw the movie because it dredged up some painful stuff. They had him drinking in every scene of the movie because that is exactly what alcoholics do. Sorry about the tirade.

  • Jay’s descent into jaded film critic continues…..

  • Essie

    Even if the things in the movie were as true to life as you say they are it doesn’t mean they need to be portrayed in such an immature, and ham fisted way. Just because you have seen someone drinking vodka right after they bought it doesn’t mean it makes for compelling or moving cinema, especially when it’s handled so bluntly. If anything I’d think someone who has experience with this type of stuff would find the treatment of it to be offensive. Denzel’s character isn’t a person, he’s a character from Heavy Rain, or whatever hyper realistic video game is popular right now. It’s like watching a woody woodpecker cartoon and being touched by him falling off a cliff just because you witnessed something like that happen to someone close to you.

  • @Essie I respectfully disagree. I didn’t find it immature or ham-fisted. I understand my emotional investment in the material more than likely effects my objectivity, but I found it compelling.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus


    I don’t think Jay is jaded. He’s just calling out bullshit and geek busting(which he does quite well). Actually I think he’s my favorite geek buster in the world.

  • Indianamcclain

    Wow, now I feel guilty for liking the cancer guy in the stairwell.

  • kyri

    I am sure scientists who look and behave exactly like Christopher Lloyd exist out-there but this doesn’t change the fact that it’s a stereotypical cartoony character depiction. It’s fine to do that in the context of some stories. But when something that extreme happens on screen, you need to have a bearded Kurt Russell near by saying “you gotta be kidding me” or a mechanism, like the overall tone of the film that keeps it grounded – ethical non-banal – compelling -smart etc.. Jay is a man of great integrity, he can’t leave shit like that go by… Robert Zemeckis should study Cooking with Jerry part 2.

  • Greg

    ‘My least favorite moments are hearing Greg get mad at Reed. It always makes me feel on-edge.’

    @Steve – You’re not the first person to say that, however, it really is just part of ‘the show’. I have zero problems with Reed. We may not be buddies or have much in common, but the frustration you hear is all for the show. The intent is for humour and definitely not to make the listeners feel uncomfortable and on edge.

    If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think Reed has spent 10 seconds of his life caring about anything I’ve ever said whether it pertains to him or not.

  • Dom

    I’m with Frank as far as Flight is concerned.

    **Possible Spoilers**

    I found some of the scenes heavy handed (driving drunk in broad daylight, the co-pilot and his wife), but the qualities of the film greatly outweighed its flaws. The movie was definitely old-fashioned, but I found it refreshing that such a damaged character finds redemption at the end. The film could have ended right before he makes his decision, but that kind of ambiguity is becoming the new cliche. When you compare this movie to something like Shame, Flight in some ways is more subversive and gutsy. Instead of being oppressive and one-note (which Shame is, in my opinion), Flight does depict the allure (and yes, fun) of living a dangerous and irresponsible lifestyle. What struck me most about the film is how entertaining it is.

    Again, it’s not perfect, but the performances and filmmaking make this a worthwhile film.

  • Jay C.

    Shannon: I think it obviously goes without saying that these are subjective experiences and somebody with an emotional connection to the subject matter of a film will be affected differently. I’m happy to hear Flight worked for you. Having said that, your personal connection to the subject matter has zero bering on my own opinion of the film.

    Merely checking off a list of impulses — as accurate as they may be — is not enough for me. This is public service announcement territory. It’s something I’d expect from a ‘movie of the week’ or a Hallmark Hall of Fame production. Beyond various scenes of Denzel chugging alcohol and throwing his empties at pictures of his son, we’re offered little insight into his disease. In reality, ‘Flight’ is a plot driven film posing as an exploration of alcoholism. Zemeckis is incapable of any sort of nuance and ultimately fumbles, relying on tired cinematic cliches and uninteresting archetypes. This is what I mean by the film being cartoonish. Its insights are shallow, even if its iconography is sound.

    Regarding the film’s accurate portrayal of alcoholism:

    Just because a few football games have actually been won with a clock-beating, eyes closed hail mary doesn’t mean that within the context of a sports drama, such a play wouldn’t feel like a cheap plot device. It’s all about context. There are likely many people who were directly/indirectly affected by Pearl Harbor who can confirm various accuracies within, and emotionally connect to Michael Bay’s ‘Pearl Harbor’. That doesn’t mean it’s a great film. Execution is everything. It also doesn’t mean that you have to have experienced Pearl Harbor in order to critique a cinematic portrayal of Pearl Harbor. Although I may not have had direct experience with alcoholism on this level, I’m pretty familiar with the language of cinema and feel confident in my ability to call something out as tired or cliche. And I most CERTAINLY am comfortable with not liking a film for those reasons, no matter how many people can attest to the accuracy of various elements of the story.

    I’m sure some of Denzel’s actions are true to the behaviour of some alcoholics, but within the body of this particular film, they don’t work for me. Just because you can confirm that you’ve (unfortunately) witnessed somebody downing a jug of vodka in a parking lot doesn’t mean that that moment — as performed by Denzel Washington within this Robert Zemeckis film — holds any sort of inherent dramatic weight. It’s what surrounds it that counts. There might even be heroin addicts out there that actually listen to Sweet Jane when they shoot up, but they’re just as guilty of being painfully obvious and cliche. This is Donald Kaufman territory.

    I guess in the end, proving that Flight is actually quite accurate as a fact sheet or symptoms guide has no bering on my opinion that the film is poorly executed.

  • Gerry

    Re Frank’s 2D TV having a 3D sweet spot, I’d like to point out that PASSIVE 3D technology works miles better.

    I have a Panasonic passive 3D TV and the wide 3D effect is apparent from a semi circle around the TV.

    The 3D effect is really great with films like Prometheus, Brave and Tangled, to name a few.

    I’d like 3D to succeed and don’t want people to think that 3D TV’s are all alike.

    Frank has a TV with a 3D sweetspot because, unfortunately for Frank, he backed the wrong horse 3D technology wise.
    Sometimes being an early adopter doesn’t work out.

    Re Jay being jaded because he had the audacity to express an opinion, that is plain wrong.

    All of us have opinions when watching movies or experiencing art generally.

    More power to Jay for expressing his and not going along with the concensus.

  • Gerry

    Obviously that should’ve been Franks 3D TV having a sweetspot.

    Sometimes not proofing your posts doesn’t work out.

  • @Jay C Fair enough. Just felt the need to defend the depiction a bit.

  • Steve

    @Greg: Thank you. I shall sleep easier this night.

    On the topic of the film, I’m happy to see that Flight has its share of supporters. I thought it was really enjoyable and, though maybe I just haven’t seen enough clichés in film, Denzel’s performance rang true to me. I wrote a lengthy defense of the film on Letterboxd, though I can’t seem to recall any points I made. Reader beware.

  • Henrik

    Anybody who was into Flight for the alcoholism, I highly recommend you seek out “The Bench”. Even though it’s danish, it’s amazing!

  • Henrik

    And Jay C defend Very Bad Things (I think? Some horrid John Cusack shit-filmn) for having music that “might be cliché, but it’s what would be going on in real life!”

  • I’ve just accepted Sean’s invitation to appear on the 400th episode. I told Sean I wouldn’t be annoying, say stupid things, get into disagreements, or speak with a whiny voice, so Reed haters should not have anything to complain about even though Sean has replied that I should just be myself.

  • Steve

    We love you for you, Reed. Even if you’re a threat to your own larynx.

  • Henrik

    Reed I loved you as yourself in the new film, so if you can be that it’ll be cool. You stopped stuttering and seemed less agitated and twitchy.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Awesome! Hope you do a top 100 as well. And Reed: You’re not annoying. You don’t say stupid things(anymore than the rest of the gang). Disagreements can be good. You don’t have a whiny voice.

  • devolutionary

    Keep on truckin’ Reed. It’s that polarizing reaction from listeners that makes you memorable on the show. When you have 4+ personalities on a podcast, it would get crowded enough as it is. You clearly have a unique voice that no one else would be capable (or wanting) of recreating quite like you do. If it comes across as whiny or annoying to certain listeners, then so be it!

  • Kasper

    Out of all the guest stars to appear on Film Junk, you’re by far the best there is, Reed!

  • Jr

    Yes, Reed’s on board! This will be the best 400th episode ever!

  • Gerry

    Reed, feel free to get into disagreements. Remember the essence of good drama is conflict.

    I’m psyched that you’ll be there on 400. Now hows about another Cantankerous and a holiday shopping special. filmed with an iphone or ipod.

  • JohnnyBlazed

    I feel the need… the need for Reed!

  • Bob

    All this stroking of Reed’s ego will either cause him to go on a podcast creation binge or he will self implode, bow out of episode 400 and become ever more reclusive. Which will it be?

  • jarny

    i dont know why reed gets hate i love reed he should be on more!

  • Marty

    It’s time for “Movie Organisation Manifesto III”.

    You know it. I know it.

    Make it happen.

  • @Greg, don’t break kayfabe, brah!