Disney Now Looking to Acquire Hasbro?

In case it wasn’t clear after Disney acquired both Marvel and Lucasfilm for $4 billion each, the Mouse House is officially on a buying spree, looking to swallow up as many entertainment properties as they can and stopping at nothing short of complete world domination. This week we’re hearing rumours that Hasbro is the next company in their sights and although discussions are still early, an announcement could happen at any time. It seems crazy that they would immediately jump into another major deal but I guess once the wheels of change are in motion, it makes sense to just keep that train rolling. Hasbro is the biggest toy and game company in the world and they own several movie properties including Transformers. The acquisition would make a lot of sense for Disney, but would Hasbro be open to it?

According to MTV, a reliable source has indicated that there are now serious discussions happening between Disney and Hasbro at the highest level. Hasbro has been trying to turn many of their board games and other toys into movie franchises over the past couple of years with questionable levels of success, but with Disney’s marketing behind these efforts, that could all change. It’s weird to think that anyone would be interested in the Battleship franchise, for example, but it seems that Disney’s main goal involves locking down the young male demographic.

The Transformers and G.I. Joe properties would probably be seen as the most valuable part of the acquisition if it were to happen. Paramount currently distributes these movies but they could eventually be absorbed into the Disney fold in much the same way the Marvel movies were. Still, the question is, what would this mean for fans? Would a Disney influence help or hurt the Transformers movie franchise? And could we eventually see some kind of crazy Star Wars / Transformers / Marvel crossover?

  • TheDia

    And in the year 2015 the Mouse finally rules the earth. We all have to wear Mickey-Hatsand have to sing the new world anthem “Heigh Hoo” each morning at the start of a working day which consists of creating disney-things we have to buy in the vening with our disney-money. :)

  • dave

    Eventually, we all become subsidiaries of Disney.