Film Junk Presents: ‘The Making of Scientific Method’ Featuring Reed Farrington

This October I attended my fourth straight year at the Flyway Film Festival in beautiful Pepin, Wisconsin. It’s an intimate, cozy little festival created by festival director (and Pepin resident) Rick Vaicious and run by a team of dedicated volunteers. Last year I was at the festival with Beauty Day and Rick asked if I might be interested in shooting an opening night film specifically for Flyway. Immediately we both knew Reed would be involved as I’d previously screened both Cooking With Gerry and A Very Gerry Xmas, cementing Reed Farrington’s status as a Flyway favourite. So, after taking about half a year to think it out, it was decided that Reed would actually take over the duties of filming the opening night short, and I would document the process. The result is a behind the scenes look at the making of ‘Scientific Method’, a remake of a short film Reed made 20 years ago (originally titled ‘The Experiment). Well, last weekend we screened the short to a packed house on opening night and it was met with lots of laughs and plenty of love. Now, as a Halloween treat, we’re sharing it with our dedicated Film Junk listeners! So, sit back and enjoy ‘The Making of Scientific Method’!

  • swarez

    Fuuuuuuck. So good.
    You’re a legend Reed.

  • Curtis Talls

    Oh man… this is fantastic. Best end credits out there and this is my new favorite quote…

    “And although I don’t really live a fulfilling life, I mean, just the mere fact of existence is enough for me. I am not accomplishing anything. I am not contributing to society and that’s fine with me.” – Reed Farrington.

  • Priceless. That credit sequence is magnificent.

  • The technical prowess displayed during the moment when young Reed meets old Reed, has resulted in high expectations for the recreations to be featured in How to Build a Time Machine.

  • Jack Burton

    How’d you do that thing with the two Gerry’s in the same shot?? It looked like real life!

    Seriously, though, this ruled. I laughed many times but the photo montage of Gerry’s life at the end was genuinely touching. I believe in non-existence after death as well, but I’m not afraid of it. I’m only afraid of getting old… and pain.

  • Henrik

    This was way better than the last two… Really enjoyed it.

  • Gerry

    Another enjoyable movie.

    Any chance of being able download this and the boardgame movie Jay?

    Having them on usb sticks to show friends is very convenient.

    Also how do I donate to you and Reed specifically (tiny donation, but like premium podcasts lots of small donations hopefully equals a tidy sum) as a thank you.

    Cooking With Gerry and Very Gerry Xmas look great on my tv.

  • @Curtis Talls: I wonder if that quote will fit on my tombstone.

    @Jack Burton: That photo montage was kind of self-indulgent, but I thought it capped off my autobiographical suicide note nicely. I just remembered the Film Junk photo with Sean, Jay, Greg, and myself that I should have put in that montage. Oh, well. Maybe I can add it to the remake in 20 years…

    @Gerry: I see a lot of Chinese actors in TV guest starring roles lately. Hopefully, I can get some paid acting gigs from producers who come across these shorts. :-) (I’ll have to work on a Chinese accent though.)

  • Kasper

    Amazing short. Entertaining as always – Jay is just magnificent at shooting credits of any sort. I really loved the idea for the end credits and will make sure to share around this flick.

  • I’d love to see back on the podcast, Reed.

  • rjdelight

    Wow. Amazing, well done Jay & Reed!

  • dave

    Fantastic. Loved every minute of it.
    Was it chilly in there? cause Reed’s nipples were well hard in that intro.

  • Gerry needs to grab his balls and make it to Pepin.

  • Johnny

    You are sorely missed on the podcast Reed.

  • Mrespony

    Awesome. Further down the rabbit hole.

  • sansho1

    Hilarious and, as usual, oddly poignant. After seeing this and the Catan film, I just have to say that Dwane really needs to ditch the red shirt. That is truly the worst shirt in existence.

  • kent88

    This more than makes up for Reed not being on the podcast for the entire year. Amazing!

  • tjg92


  • Pie Traynor

    The Reed(Gerry)/Jay connection is itself an awesome project. Every Cantankerous episode is a classic. I’m glad you guys are still making art together. I look forward to more.

  • I hope Reed knows how much joy he brings us.

  • Napalm

    Oh shit! For a second I thought Reed was gone from FJ universe forever! Great to see you back again Reed… you’re a legend!

  • Ok, that was very awesome!

    So funny and even a bit poignant. (By the way, Reed, I didn’t think the photo montage in the short itself was self-indulgent. I feel it gave perspective to the ‘character’.)

    Anyway, Reed and Jay are comedy geniuses in my opinion. Hope you guys keep making these kind of things in the future! It brings everyone who sees it so much joy and laughter! That’s a great, great thing.

    Excellent job, Reed and Jay and Roman and everyone else! :D

  • @dave Ha. Funny you noticed my nipples. Jay had me walk through the freezing rain as a joke. I was soaked during the entire garage meeting.

    @sansho1 Ha. I hadn’t realized Dwane wears his red shirt a lot. He needs to die in my next movie. :-)

    @Billy Boyd Cape I guess knowing that I’ve brought joy to a few people has made my existence worthwhile.

  • kyri

    I don’t get it. If Reed is dead then who is typing “I was wrong” at the end? is it the ghost?


    Anyway.. Jerry , the Reed Farrington persona is simply brilliant. Cantankerous, Reed’s house a video Tour, Cooking with Jerry 2, Jerry Christmas Special, Politics of Competitive Board Gaming and Running Tunnel, everything with you in it and Jay behind the wheel is superb.

    You are the living proof that Gregg was wrong the other day when he said – on the Romero special (that I am sure you already paid to hear) that there is no such a thing as so bad it’s good.

    I joke, you are genuinely awesome. I couldn’t stop laughing during the whole thing, in fact, I can’t stop laughing with everything involving a combination with you and J period.

    It’s not just the obvious jokes, but the little things as well, like as I was watching this I thought that the scenes by the window at Roman’s house looked very nice – and then Reed (not you) says “..ieh I don’t like the placement of the window” ..hilarious!!

    I can’t wait for your Django Unchained Review on Film Junk!!

  • scott

    Reed, I’ve found that the more you write, the more ideas you have.

  • Reed, if you wanted to cry you should of been forced to buy something NEW at FULL price! nice job all

  • crandonblaus

    So good. Gerry, nice work for sure. I think your acting is improving…..

    I love seeing yours and Jays shorts. ;)

    If this was a future version of this short, why did you use a computer from 20 years ago?

    You guys make my days!

  • What Matt Gamble said.

  • @Matt Gamble and Andrew James: As Spock would say, “I do not comprehend how ‘grabbing my balls’ would facilitate a journey to Pepin.”

    @crandonblaus: Ha, you’ve identified another paradox in time travel! :-) I did use a Super VHS-C video camera that’s 10 years behind current technology.

    @rus in chicago: Alas, you’re aware of my kryptonite.

    @scott: I’ve found that the more ideas I have, the more I write. (But you are correct as well.)

    @kyri: I’m glad you wrote about the “little things.” I love it when people talk about what they like about me.

  • Stinker

    Is reed real or a reel Actor, if this is the case he is great, if not , seems ok, in small dosage and under supervision of a adult.

  • You know you guys have enough Reed Farrington material for a DVD/BLU disc release. Make it happen.

  • I agree with Kurt. Who wouldn’t want to add that to their collection? Include some Reed commentary and extras. I would say bloopers but they seem to have been left in already.

  • Jack Burton

    Seriously could you do that? Maybe a limited printing. Set up a preorder thing to evaluate demand and make sure you can sell them all.

  • Steve

    Excellent film and making-of film, Gerry and Jay. I especially enjoyed the clips of Gerry’s earlier forays in filmmaking. In that Blair Witch spoof did you actually trip and fall or was that staged? Because it was hilarious.

  • while you are making the dvd could you add one of those viewer control P.O.V. “sex with reed” functions were we can pick the position, etc. thanks!

  • @Steve: To be honest, I still haven’t seen The Blair Witch Project, because I get disoriented rather quickly when I watch hand-held footage. I have Cloverfield and Quarantine, but I haven’t been able to finish either movie, because I can only watch 5 minutes at a time. As for the falling bit, I improvised that in order to add some “action” to our bush scenes.

    As for a DVD or a Blu-ray release, I suspect any movie I make or “star” in will be straight-to-Vimeo or straight-to-YouTube.

  • Jack Burton

    “As for a DVD or a Blu-ray release, I suspect any movie I make or “star” in will be straight-to-Vimeo or straight-to-YouTube.”

    I’m smelling a Kickstarter campaign… Reed’s name does have enough weight to save Flyway.

  • RJ

    Absolutely loved this. Top shelf stuff gents.

    Reed’s original score was amazing. I have never heard a keyboard sound like that ever.

    Keep it up guys.

  • Bryan

    “I don’t get it, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it…”

    /every critic reviewing 2001, and now THE MAKING OF SCIENTIFIC METHOD

  • el ohroy

    I like horror movies, and this was a simple,yet interesting idea. It’s funny, when Reed was crying, I thought,”you need tears coming down your face.” Then, cut to rolling tears. But, why was there water on the outside of your glasses?

  • @RJ: An acoustic guitar is used for the riffs that are played during “happiness” scenes. I was back-and-forth on whether or not to keep those riffs in, but decided that the bizarreness of the sound fit the film.

    @el ohroy: I wasn’t able to generate tears, but I had eye-drops to use just in case. Unfortunately, Roman went overboard by spraying the eye-drops on my face with Dwane encouraging him. They had a good laugh. I wanted Roman to put the drops in my eyes with my head back, and hopefully getting the drops to flow down my face in an upright position. Roman squirted out all the contents of the small bottle so I couldn’t reshoot the tears. (Prescription eye-drops can be expensive.) I decided to edit the shot into the film anyway, because it was laughable. BTW, I was able to generate mucus running out of my nose, but the harsh lighting hides it.

  • fantasy maria