Ben Affleck in Talks to Direct Live By Night

Ben Affleck has become one of Hollywood’s most sought after directors as of late, with plenty of offers to choose from. As his new film Argo opens this weekend, news of his next effort has surfaced. Affleck is currently in talks with Warner Brothers to direct Live By Night, an adaptation of a Dennis Lehane novel. Taking place in the 1920s Prohibition era, the story focuses on Joe Coughlin, the son of a noted Boston police captain, who becomes involved in the organized crime scene. It would be a fitting choice for Affleck given that his first feature, Gone Baby Gone, was also based on a Lehane novel. Earlier this year, Leonardo DiCaprio was attached to star in the project, though now he will only produce.

Live By Night would not only return Affleck to Lehane’s material, but to the Boston crime world as well. It’s the type of genre he’s excelled at in the past and the period setting should offer enough of a change to keep things interesting. Live By Night shares characters with another Lehane book, The Given Day, and there are plans for a third book to tie them into a trilogy. Right now there are no big screen plans for the other books, but the potential is there if this one does well enough. Will you be excited to see Ben Affleck return to a Boston crime-based story or would you rather see him take on something different?