Hungry Hungry Hippos Movie in the Works

If you were hoping that the failure of Battleship at the box office this past summer meant that we were finally out of the woods when it comes to board game movies, you may be dismayed by this next bit of news. It appears that Hasbro is not ready to give up on Hollywood just yet. The company announced a new deal with independent production company Emmett/Furla Films this week that includes plans for three movies over the next few years. The properties involved in the deal are Monopoly, Action Man and… Hungry Hungry Hippos. Because hey, even though Battleship didn’t work, clearly a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie is what the world has really been asking for.

The news comes courtesy of The L.A. Times, who inform us that all three films are being envisioned as “family movies with broad appeal” that will be produced “in budget ranges where we are comfortable.” Hungry Hungry Hippos will be an animated film, but it’s unclear if the other two are still being planned as live action projects. Monopoly is expected to be the first one to head into production starting early next year.

Monopoly was once set up at Universal with Ridley Scott attached to produce, and believe it or not, Scott is still reportedly involved. At least Universal seems to have learned from their mistake and moved on. As for, Action Man he was once rumoured to be planned as a character in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, but apparently will now get his own movie franchise instead. Hasbro also still has a Candyland movie in development at Sony with Adam Sandler attached. What do you think… will any of these projects actually get made, much less be successful?

  • Kevin

    I wonder if they will be ripping of the Robot Chicken sketch.

  • scott

    Finally! Always wanted to see those cool commercials fleshed out!


  • rjdelight

    The Connect Four movie is right around the corner.

  • Kasper

    I loved the Action Man cartoons as a kid. It might be able to work with an adventure’ish vibe, like Uncharted or such, but with… Action Man.