Barry Sonnenfeld in Talks to Direct Lore Starring Dwayne Johnson

We all know that Hollywood typically likes to play it safe when it comes to big budget tentpole films. The latest case in point: Lore, a film in development at Warner Brothers about a line of protectors called Shepherds who defend the world against mythological creatures. The material has been described as tonally similar to Men in Black and after meeting with many notable directors the studio appears to have settled on none other than Barry Sonnenfeld. That’s right, the director of all three Men in Black movies is in talks to helm the film, which will be adapted from the graphic novel by author T.P. Louise and illustrator Ashley Wood. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been on board to star since April, although it’s unclear when Lore will fit into his busy schedule.

Even though Sonnenfeld seems like an obvious, safe choice for this film, it’s understandable that Warner Bros. would want him for it. He has a proven track record of success with this type of film, so now he’ll cook up another take on his signature dish. Sonnenfeld’s directing efforts haven’t been the greatest in the past decade, but Men in Black 3 was a decent enough effort to show he still has what it takes. Also, this should be a good match-up of material for The Rock and it could be an opportunity for him to finally headline his own franchise if things go well. What are your thoughts on Barry Sonnenfeld directing Lore? Does it have the potential to start a new franchise?

  • Scott

    Barely remember hearing of this book. Would have been great to see Tony Scott adapt an Ashley Wood book.


  • BobTheAvenger!

    Wild Wild West and Men in Black 3?…what happend Barry?!
    And producing that Monkey movie in space “Space Chimps”?…What the F§”#?
    Sweep the leg Johhny!…jesus…(karate kid)
    il admit it was pretty funny watching Willhelm Smith falling from the building in men in black 3…but i didnt laugh!