Film Junk Podcast Episode #387: Dredd

0:00 – Intro
5:45 – Review: Dredd
35:00 – Headlines: First Photos of New Robocop, Manimal Movie, Theatre Uses Volunteer Ninjas to Keep People Quiet, The Hobbit Trailer, Lincoln Trailer
1:04:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: Judge Dredd, Demolition Man, Robot and Frank, Badlands, The Thin Red Line, This Must Be the Place, Ed Wood, Humanoids from the Deep, The Battle of Algiers, ParaNorman, The Sting, Lost in Translation
1:59:50 – Junk Mail: First 84 Episodes + Highlighting Nudity in Movies, Drive-In Location, Actors We Want to See Make a Comeback, Horror Movies That Are Actually Scary, Blu-ray / DVD Combo Packs, Starting a Blu-ray Collection from Scratch, Ranking P.T. Anderson’s Movies
2:26:55 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:32:15 – Outro

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  • glendon

    I suggest for the glossary/faq, you include a Film Junk Canon, a select list of films that are a mainstay of discussions. This wouldn’t have to be a representation of your favourites, though some like Nothing But Trouble would appear. Mr. Brooks would definitely deserve a spot despite (and because of) being a collosal piece of shit.

  • kyri

    @gustavo you want to just scare her? ..or scare her away from you? cos I know a couple of films that can surely do the second…

  • projectgenesis

    Wow, over 6 and a half hours of Film Junk in under a week. Thanks guys! Also, Episode #400 is quickly approaching. Any big plans?

  • We’re kicking around a few ideas, but it probably won’t be anything too extravagant. Feel free to let us know if you have suggestions.

  • anton

    Talking about films to scare girlfriends. One friend of mine had a girlfriend visiting him(from overseas). He lives in a big, old scary house. On the first night, he had to go out of town himself, so he left her with “Serbian film”, and told her that its romantic drama, and he added that it might get dark but it ends well, has a twist in the end. So she sat through it and of course was traumatized. She was so angry, she actually wanted to leave him next morning(their relationship was quite fresh at that time). She had to watch 3 hours of porn after this movie, to bring her back to normal level.


    Obviously none of you have ever truly read any Dredd. The character, Anderson, is a psychic Judge in the comic. They didn’t just create her for the film.

    Dredd / Raid Timeline –

    2007/2008: first drafts of Dredd ‘Peach Trees’ script written.
    12/2008: Alex Garland announced publicly as Dredd screenwriter.
    09/2009: Artist, Mark ‘Jock” Simpson confirms he has been creating visuals off of Garland’s Dredd script.
    05/2010: Dredd creator, John Wagner, confirms Dredd script is written.
    07/2010: Version 8 of Dredd script is leaked online.
    07/2010: Late July, Todd Brown confirms working with Gareth Evans on Berandal.
    08/2010: Somewhere between Aug. ’10 & Nov. ’10, Gareth Evans shelves the film Berandal due to budget
    and begins work on The Raid script.
    08/2010: Pre-production on Dredd begins.
    11/2010: Pre-production on Raid begins.
    11/2010: Dredd begins filming and finishes in Feb.’11.
    03/2011: Raid begins filming.

  • Are you saying Jay is not a true Dredd Head?

  • Also, I don’t think any of us were accusing Dredd of ripping off The Raid (or at least I wasn’t). I was aware of that production timeline, but it doesn’t change the feeling of deja vu from having already seen a similar action movie plot earlier this year.


    Are you saying Jay is not a true Dredd Head?

    Kinda, Anderson’s* a classic main character from the 2000AD in the 80’s. Few “Dredd Heads” – first time I’ve heard them called that – would be unaware of her.

    *She never wore a helmet in the comic either.

    “Also, I don’t think any of us were accusing Dredd of ripping off The Raid (or at least I wasn’t). I was aware of that production timeline, but it doesn’t change the feeling of deja vu from having already seen a similar action movie plot earlier this year.”

    Yeah, I know but the lack of clarity may lead others to think it did. All cool, it’s a fair review of the film.

  • Adam D.

    Suggestions for FAQ: Fun facts about Frank. Or “F-OFF” for short.

    1.) Is referred to as the KOC (King of Comedy).
    2.) Calls Blu Ray discs “Baby Blue”
    3.) Hates the French language on his precious Baby Blues’ spines and covers.
    4.) Loves animals.
    5.) Has a rager for Disney.
    6.) The man knows his studio logos and appreciates good fonts and opening credits.
    7.) CGI and special effects are judged with high standards.
    8.) The film critic Roger Ebert is a god to him.
    9.) As a former employee of a movie theater is knowledgeable about movie going/watching etiquette and good behavior.
    10.) Secretly wishes “someone” would steal his current movie collection, or a new format would be created to justify repurchasing everything from scratch.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    To be fair “baby blu” is property of cheely

  • Adam D.

    Sorry Frank! As a huge fan of you and Film Junk I feel ashamed of this oversight. Thank you sir.

  • @INSTANT JUSTICE I’m surprised you aren’t familiar with the term “Dread Head”. We’ve all been using it ever since Stallone created the original character. I guess it’s a bit of an inside thing.

    I’m not about to defend my status as a Dread fan as I’ve got the ticket stub to the original 1996 film to prove it. Yes, you’re right…I have not had a chance to read any of the comics…YET. However, after having now seen two films on the subject (BOTH in theatres I might add), I feel pretty comfortable going up to bat against ANY Judge Dread fan out there, as long as the conversation remain focused on the movies (particularly the Stallone one) and NOT the comics (of which I have yet to read…YET). Heck, I even saw the first Dread IN THEATRES. I’ve got the ticket stub to prove it. If it weren’t for us “Dread Heads”, this new film would’ve died on the vine.

    My biggest disappointment with the new film is the fact that the creators decided to ditch Judge Dread’s famous catch phrase “I knew you’d say that.” But hey, it’s not the first time a filmmaker has gone against the source material in favour of his own take on Dread. I embrace this alternate, darker version even if it isn’t totally faithful to the original concept of Dread and the world he inhabits.

  • Peter Jackson is definitely LOTRing The Hobbit, but I’m fine with that. I mean, it looks gorgeous. And the guy just loves being in Middle Earth. I was surprised he gave Del Toro the reins for this in the first place.
    There is a striking clip on the special features for Return Of The King extended edition, where Jackson is shooting some extra materials in Hobitton for the special editions (and quips “we’re shooting a film we already won an Oscar for”), anyway, it’s the final shot of the trilogy, and he just shoots take after take after take and just can’t make himself do the last take and leave the set. It’s quite amazing.

    Frank, if you love (real) animals in films, I hope you watched the holly grail of the genre: Dr. Dolittle (1967 version). I believe it also has songs!

    Oh, and if I’m not mistaken, the script which eventually turned into Die Hard 3 was originally called “Simon Says”.

  • scott

    Great episode, Men! I was worried, but you guys took up the slack in The Gas Man’s absence. Off to check out this rat situation.


  • rjdelight

    “Ghey” – in reference to something being dumb, lame, not cool. This word definitely belongs in the FJ glossary. And I thought you guys were going to unveil your top 400 films for the 400 episode?

    Frank, the movie PTA screened for everyone in the behind the scenes Magnolia doc was Ordinary People.

    Also, I’m not sure who sent the email about the first 85 episodes, but I still have them and could post them to a sharing site like mediafire if anyone is interested.

  • patrik

    Frank, the Wire actors Aidan Gillen and Robert Wisdom was in the Dark Knight Rises.

  • rjdelight

    The Tom Berenger comeback is still going strong. He won an Emmy on Sunday.

  • devolutionary

    The Tall Man was shot very, very close to where I live (practically the same town). There were tons of extras I know that were in it but I’m sure they all got bit parts or were cast way out in the background. The only thing interesting I discovered about the movie was that they shot one side of our town as-is and digitized or manipulated the footage of the town from the opposite side of the river that flows through. Heard mixed things about the film but would still very much like to give it a watch.

    With regards to Frank’s comment that he would sit down next to noisy kids in the theater and laugh at the movie to annoy them; I think that’s a brilliant idea. If you can’t beat em, join em in their obnoxiousness.

  • Henrik

    I watched the Stallone Dread, and calling the performance goofy is such a stretch… Jay obviously loves Sylvester Stallone, because he is absolute garbage in the movie. The acting all over the place was atrocious, but there was some fun stuff in there.

    Also, I happen to have listened to the first 84 episodes of the show, and I’ll say that the first 30 or so are practically unlistenable, because you can’t hear what people are saying and they talk over eachother constantly. The rest are closer to waht the show is now, except it feels very lacklustre and short.

  • rjdelight

    There’s still some great moments in the first 30.

  • reedsclonesgiveslargebones

    can you make a long detailed premium podcast about the excellent film “the perfect storm”

  • Gerry

    Bond 50 for $150. Check out deals link.

    I hope Frank hasn’t already bought it for $180.

  • Duck Johnson

    Great work as usual, guys.

    Simon Sez, the 1999 Dennis Rodman / Dane Cook actioner seems like a safe bet for any premium podcast on ‘Simon Says’-based movies.

    Also, to assist Sean in his thesis that Rob Schneider had the 90s action comedy sidekick game locked down, he was in Knock Off with Jean Claude Van Damme.

  • La Menthe

    Ridiculous. I made 2 comments, asking when you record your shows, as I sent a junkmail to you on Sunday, a mail which obviously wasn’t received or was overlooked. But both of these comments didn’t pass through moderation. Is there any reason for this?

  • I replied to your question, you just posted it in a different thread. Your e-mail was received in time but we don’t read every single e-mail we receive. We will try to get to it next week.

  • Kasper


    That and the original co-host, who’s name seems to have escaped me (was it Singe or something like that?), wasn’t very good. Greg was a colossal improvement. If it wasn’t for that crucial change with his addition, I doubt Film Junk would still be running to this day.

  • rjdelight

    I hope you’re not referring to Chian. Because that guy rocked. Greg was an awesome welcome, but you can’t deny the hilarity of Chian. Sad he’s never been back.

  • sansho1

    Jay brought the heavy lumber to the Other Stuff segment this week. The transition from him talking about The Battle of Algiers to Frank talking about ParaNorman will forever have a spot in my personal FJ Top 100 moments!

  • Kasper

    #28 If that’s the name of the original co-host then yes, I didn’t like him at all. Most of the time he either seemed overly childish or completely disengaged in the conversations.

  • Will Smith owes SO much to Anthrax for cribbing their songwriting style. I miss how he used to do these three-minute songs that would completely explain the plot of his films, something he abandoned once he became all Oscar-nominated and shit, which is a shame, because “I am Legend” was just a little bit of a downer. Anyway, Anthrax would sum up comic books and Stephen King novels in highly-listenable tunes, and it was a crime that “I Am the Law” wasn’t included in the Stallone flick, a crime that will hopefully someday be corrected in the form of “Among the Living” being included in “The Stand” if it ever gets made…

  • Spooksta

    Why cant my iphone download this through Dowmcast? Anyone else having this problem?

  • Falsk

    Someone please acknowledge rjdelight’s idea of Top 400 for episode #400 because… that’s awesome. Also, run time should be 400 minutes.

  • We are planning on revisiting our top 100 lists as previously suggested, we’re just not sure how to go about discussing them and whether or not that would occupy the entire episode. I think last time we just talked about our top 20 in great detail.

  • Spooksta

    If anyone else has this issue i fixed it by deleting Downcast and re downloading app. Now to download all my fav Flimjunk episodes again and catch up on the latest one.!

    Have you guys been watching Continuum. Great show and Season 2 confirmed.

  • Bob

    Frank seemed to be in the “against Judge Dredd movement” this episode.

  • Haven’t listen to the episode yet, so forget this if it was already said. But the argument of The Raid and Dredd ripping off each others premise is nonsense since Punisher: Warzone came before both and had the building with different levels of bad guys scenario.

  • Henrik

    Well, Game of Death did the building before Punisher: Warzone… And Karate games on C64 did it before that.

  • Even better, Henrik. So people need to stop comparing the two movies.

  • Bit late listening to this ep.

    So.. that first email got quite the pissy response! Sean in particular sounded completely fed up with answering yet ANOTHER question about the old stuff, refusing to make them available *again*. And everyone kind of blew off the guy’s suggestion for some kind of nudity listing. And it’s the guy’s first time writing in. I mean…. so harsh.

    Personally, I think the money and fame are going to your collective heads. Especially Sean. He is clearly starting to develop an Axl Rose type animosity with the audience, especially with this new FAQ thing.

    I half expect him to just stop the show in the middle one day when someone says something contrary. Maybe even start a fistfight mid-show with Greg, I dunno. Where does the ego end and the man we knew begin?

    It’s questionable and I’m disturbed.

    (I’m also not serious, but hey I amused myself at least. Nothing like killing a few minutes on a Monday morning. :P)

  • I know you’re mostly joking but if it did come off sounding arrogant or harsh, then I apologize! My main concern is just to avoid repeating things over and over again for both our own sanity and the sanity of long-time listeners, but without alienating new listeners. I know that revisiting some of the same questions from time to time can be a good thing, but sometimes it’s hard to make it feel fresh.

  • Henrik

    Sean did pull out the claws a bit, very rarely have I heard him say such harsh things as “I am not interested in doing that for you”… I thought it was due to lack of sleep with the little Bim Turton running around!

  • Aw man, I didn’t mean to make ya feel bad, even a tiny bit. I was not just mostly joking, but totally joking. I understand why you said what you did and I didn’t *really* think them harsh or mean at all. I’m sure the email writer didn’t either!

    You guys have garnered quite the following and I don’t blame you at all for wanting to streamline some of the repetitive questions!

    I was just feeling bored and sarcastic on a slow Monday morning and looking to make a joke. Now I’m probably responsible for the end of Filmjunk. Damnit when will I learn? This is the same thing that happened with the Beatles.


    Of course, Henrik there. I dunno what *his* problem is. Probably some kind of rage issues.


  • Owozifa

    “I don’t know if Dredd has any thoughts to be read in his head.”

    Good rhyme, Sean.