First Photos of the New Robocop Suit in Action

So here’s the deal: a couple of months ago, some concept artwork from the new RoboCop remake supposedly leaked online. Not a lot of people seemed to report on it at the time, and the general feeling was that it wasn’t legit… mainly because it seemed too lame to be real. It looked like a piece of fan art inspired by whatever video game they had been playing most recently (ie. Crysis) and really did not look like a robot or cyborg at all. Well, as it turns out, this concept art was indeed the real deal because the first set photos have since found their way online and they are a very close match.

The good folks over at Coming Soon got their hands on the first photos of the suit in action, and it looks… well, nothing like RoboCop. I’m trying not to pre-judge it based on the original, but this looks more like body armor than a man turned into a machine. We also know that they wanted to have Joel Kinnaman’s face more visible too, so I’m assuming that visor will flip up at times like we see in the second photo. This is definitely going to take some getting used to, but I guess that’s what happens when you remake something so iconic. Are you a fan of the new RoboCop suit? Check out the images after the jump and let us know what you think.

  • Derek McFarland

    The reboots first BIG mistake…..and I thought the new Superman suit was gonna need some getting used to…. I was wrong…. I’m not ruling the movie out just yet, but I’m not very impressed with the change one bit. The original looked so bad ass. unlike this futuristic S.W.A.T. suit I see before my very eyes.

  • Colin

    This is disgusting… looks like roided out Daft Punk.

  • Kasper

    I’m not bothered by it. They need to distinguish themselves from the original.

  • cap

    “I’m not ruling the movie out just yet”

    The fact that you would even consider ruling it out when it’s only just started production is kind of silly and symptomatic of jumping the gun on those types of stories. Do I like the suit? No. Does it seriously affect my desire to watch the movie? Not one bit.

    First of all, those are just couple of pictures. While the suit won’t look drastically different on screen it might look better. And even if it doesn’t, the movie still has solid cast and a director that made a very well received film (I haven’t watched it yet, but I definitely will). Calling whatever we see on those pictures a BIG mistake sounds like overraction to me.

  • patrik

    Terrible.. Absolute horseshit. Play Crysis much?

  • Bas

    I think the concept-art actually looks beter: it looks more like a robot because of the anatomically incorrect proportions (legs are too long, waist is to small to support the upper body). The set pics show a guy in a suit. For their sakes I hope they’ll put some distorting effects on it to create someting more robotic. Otherwise it’s just a man in a suit.

  • Steve Kasan

    @patrik totally Crysis here.
    Also, Tron Legacy, or, this looks like a design belonging to Image comics.
    Hell, this even reminds me of the sentients from the Total Recall reboot

  • gabe

    soooo laaaaaame

  • I’m very interested to see it in motion, as while the original suit looked bad-ass, like a walking tank, he couldn’t move worth a damn. He couldn’t take the stairs much better than ED-209. An agile Robocop that could actually CHASE you could be pretty scary. Hopefully, they lighten the blue down a little so that it looks more like the original color scheme, which could at least help a little in identifying more with original. The all-black look in those first 2 shots are the same pictures I’ve seen everywhere else, and they may just be a camera test or rehearsal or something.

    Some people will just never be happy, as I notice that it’s often the people that are saying “Remakes are bullshit! Come up with something original!” that are the first to complain “Hey, that looks nothing like the thing I like in all those other things!”. Do they want something new, or DO they want the same old shit? I’m really looking forward to this film, as while I loved and grew up on the first one, there really wasn’t much to like after maybe the second movie. I think the made-for-SciFi TV movies are still streaming on Netflix. Still no word on the animated series…

  • Gerry

    It looks really terrible, more robocostume than robocop.

  • Gerry

    The robocodpiece looks particularly campy and lame.

  • scoville

    Looks too much like body armor. It’s not robotic enough.

  • devolutionary

    I second the Crysis similarities. Also looks like a funny mix of Samus Aran (Metroid), Turrican (another videogame knockoff), and Judge Dredd rolled into one lol. Then again, I remember people being shocked at the ‘Tumbler’ in previews of Batman Begins and that turned out alright.

  • HFD

    Is this for the new GI Joe movie? Or Iron Man 3? Wut’s going on here?

  • tommy c

    This suit sucks the big one. Why mess with changing the original design? This looks so simple. Looks like something from the Stone Ages.

  • Fred

    Whats next, a PG-13 rating?

  • Derek McFarland

    Dude….I’m just stating my opinion on what I’ve seen and read….I have plenty good reason to dislike this piece of crap suit. Compared to the the original, the new one looks used, dull, and unoriginal. Yes I’m familiar with Jose Padiha’s work… more than you, from the looks of it. Elite Squad is probably the movie you’re talking about. For me, I personally have always been a big fan of Paul Verhoveen and Irvin Kershner’s films. This movie might suck….and it might not…but I am sure it will never become a cult classic like the original…. Just from you mocking my opinion of the suit…. I’m counting on this movie to suck… just as bad a the latest Total Recall did. If I’m overreacting on the pics I’ve seen, it’s for good reason….And judging from the majority of the comments I’ve read, I’d say that I’m not alone….when it comes to the shittyness of this suit. Looking at it just reminds me of all these remakes that are fuckin with my childhood memories. I swear that I’ve already seen this suit in several other video games, including a game called Crysis…and a couple of whack ass sci-fi movies.

  • cap

    Dude… I’m not mocking anything, and, as I stated in my post, I don’t like the suit either. But there’s a difference between judging what you can see on two pictures and drawing conclusions about a movie that is still in production. Maybe it’s just one of the suits that’s in the movie, like some early version of it, and the final look of Robocop is different. Maybe it looks goofy in a daylight, taken out of context of actual movie set. Maybe the movie will be all dark and stuff and the suit will look different on film. There are a lot of “maybies”.

    I remember when first pics of Catwoman came out before Dark Knight Rises, and Greg jokingly said something like “well, I guess we can all agree now that this movie will suck”. I also remember the not-so-jockingly written internet comments that said it looked terrible, and that it didn’t fit with the realistic and gritty Nolan universe. And then the movie came out, and not only was it not a problem but I heard multiple people saying how clever the googles were, because when she flipped them up they made her look like a cat. Not to mention the more important realization of Anne Hathaway being one of the strongest parts of the film, which seemed to be a direct opposite of people’s feelings when the casting for that role was announced.

    You see where I’m going with this? We can all jump to conclusions and declare failures months before movies see the light of day (or even wrap their production)… or, we can actually take those types of news for what they are – just couple of images that probably shouldn’t be treated as reliable barometers of the quality of final product.

  • kyri

    If you want to distinct yourself that much then why even calling it Robocop?
    This is exactly what J was saying, about the new generation of people who work at the movie industry who like the shit they like and fuck up every action film they get their dirty hands onto..

    Didn’t total recal reboot thought them anything?

  • mfred

    @BAS — I totally agree with you. I think the concept art looks much better. I also like how they did the over-extended hip joints. I think the original suit had something similar as well.

    This just looks like the batsuit

  • Derek McFarland

    Maybe this new Robocop suit just plan looks like shit…period… no matter if it’s daytime, nighttime, etc. The original didn’t need “a lot of maybes” from the day they put the suit on Weller, in 87′; to look badass…it just was….anytime of day or night. The original Robocop suit is just as iconic as Jason’s Hockey mask, Freddy’s razor glove, or The Predator suit. But this new Robocop suit looks nothing like the original…not one bit, in any shape way or form; which is a point lost by my chart; and the majority of the people commenting on this shit suit. If you wanna get into a pointless debate, why don’t you comment on everyone else (here) that I agree with? I said,”I’m not ruling this movie out, just yet.” I didn’t say it’s gonna suck….but it looks like it’s fixing to.

    The Catwoman outfit did suck…before the movie, during , and after. They didn’t even give her a f%#kin whip. Michelle Pfeiffer owned the role, and still does to this day. Aside from that…I wasn’t all that impressed with TDKR. It was good….not great….and also not a reboot, like This Robocop is. If they give this movie an R rating, then that would “maybe” give me a bit more hope than what I have for it now (after seeing these pics)…but like you said…..”that’s a lot of maybes”

    You see where I’m going with this?

  • Jonny Ashley

    The one in the photoshoot looks better than the conceptual image. The helmet is more round and visor-like, less master chief.

  • rjdelight

    I prefer the concept photos, at least color scheme wise. He’s BatCop in the set photos.

  • cap

    @Derek McFarland

    Okay, let’s agree the new suit looks shitty (which I kinda did already). Do you think it’s good indicator of how shitty the movie will be? Or is the fact that they have a talented director and pretty great cast on this more important? Are two pictures enough to loose your faith in talented people involved in making this thing? I don’t think that’s a pointless debate. It’s asking a question of how far are you willing to go with your opinions about a movie, when you (or anyone else for that matter) haven’t seen any footage yet.

  • Adam Lenehan

    A robot costume should give the illusion of being cumbersome, should look like a human would struggle wearing it, strong thick cyborg hands and has basic movement. this guy looks like he’s gonna do some parcore stuff. It’s not even the costume that made the original great it was the set design, the animatronics, the stop motion and of course the blood gushing violence.

  • devolutionary

    #25, Adam don’t forget that Peter Weller even took some walking/movement lessons (mentioned in the Robocop featerettes) to create an original “robotic” stop-motion like approach to the suit as well. He deserves equal praise for working with the suit to really make you believe he was half man/half machine.

  • It might be that movie starts with the sleek design, but as bullet damage goes on, he becomes more and more bulcy, due to the budget constraints of the police force.
    But this notion somewhat contradicts the fresh police cars and motorcycles i have seen in some other set photos…

  • Adam Lenehan

    @devolutionary But he’s not working with the suit, the suit works with him meaning it looks like what Sean said a suit of armor some soldier would wear. That robo walking training or whatever he’s doing will be okay for parts of the film, But i’m sure there’s going to be many scenes where Robocop is needed to run after something and that was one of the best things about the original is that he never felt the need to run after the villain, in turn built up suspense.

  • Jake The Snake

    You can always tell when a movie studio has a “plant” (Cap) on the forums or in articles like this. They try to convince you to go watch it and give the movie a chance. I am not getting suckered into spending my hard earned dough until I see some reviews by real fans , hell I am not even sneaking in to watch it if its PG-13. The plants always tell you to give the movie a chance because they work for the studios and they need the butts in the seats and in reality they know its a stinkeroo.

    I know they are going to reply saying that they are not a plant and even swear by god that they are not (yeah right! I heard that lame defense before), but true fans can tell by preliminary photos if a movie will blow or not. I say this will blow.

    Robocop is an a$$ kicking war machine, not some character out of a Yugioh card. I also fear WWZ will suffer the same fate. R.I.P. Robocop. Your memory will not be forgotten. Peter Weller is rolling inside his grave and he is not even dead yet!!!!!

    Damn it I hope this photo is one of the failed Robocops in Robocop 2, the one who takes his helmet off and his skull screams, that better not be the Robocop being used thru out the movie. The studio execs need to kicked in the balls dammit.

  • dominika

    don’t like it :-( that is not my Robocop what I remember it is like changing a Superman costume for a Batman outfit !!!!!!!!!!