Film Junk Podcast Episode #385: V/H/S and Side by Side

0:00 – Intro / TIFF Celebrity Run-Ins
17:20 – Review: V/H/S
47:30 – Review: Side by Side
1:16:10 – Headlines: R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan, Summer Movie Attendance Lowest in 20 Years, Star Trek 2 Title + Third Hobbit Film Title, Daniel Craig Signs on for More Bond, Airplane Scientifically Proven to Be Funniest Movie Ever
1:38:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: Bachelorette, The Guard, Flightplan, Paranoiac, Hatchet, Cloverfield, Repo Man
1:59:00 – Junk Mail: Real Sex in Movies, Watching Star Wars for the First Time, Other Reviews Tainting Opinions, How to Build a Time Machine Update, Trilogy Cred + Foreign Comedies, Top 5 Action-Comedies, Pet Peeves in Movies
2:28:10 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:33:45 – Outro

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  • VHS was complete shit. I can’t understand why all the online horror movie sites are giving it so much praised. As far as found footage goes both Paranormal 2 and Devil Inside are better films. And I didn’t like either.

  • Wintle

    Based on Jay’s impersonation, I think that may have been Tom Waits at the Frances Ha screening.

  • sansho1

    I think it’s not precise enough to say a negative joke helps ruin the movie, as opposed to a zero joke just not being funny. Keeping the concept rooted in the joke scale, could a negative joke be one that destroys the impact of a subsequent positive joke, and the degree of negativity could be measured by HOW MANY subsequent positive jokes are ruined before you finally shake off the stench of the negative joke? Hmmm….something tells me there’s more hashing out to do here….

  • Frank, from a fellow Cameron fan to a fellow Cameron fan, I have just two words for you: The Futurist.

    Yeah, it’s a book. Get over it!

  • Tum Tum Tyranus


    Did you guys get that the segment in the woods was a riff on the slasher genre, specifically the Friday the 13th films. It’s the final girl coming back to take down the slasher. And I love that it’s titled ‘Tuesday the 17th’. So perfect.

    And I got that the reveal for the skype segment was that the ghosts weren’t ghosts but aliens.

  • Kasper

    Airplane the best comedy ever? Ai ai ai… what has the world come to.

  • jarny

    my top 3 comedies
    young frankenstein

  • rjdelight

    The ‘How to Determine What is Funny’ debate was hilarious.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Frank’s comedy humor scale is so good/sensible. It makes it even more painful that he follows Ebert’s illogical 4-star system.

  • chris

    what is the opening song for this episode?

  • bugsyoz

    Check out The Loved Ones. High School girl spurned after asking fella to go to the school social. Queue lots of interesting goings on at said girl’s house.

    Excellent stuff.


  • bugsyoz

    Cue even.

    Review of the Oz billy-ray:

  • Owozifa

    I don’t really get ranking humor with numbers that much, but I do think Frank could have simplified the scale some by having it be -5 to 5 instead of using 10, that way preserving the same number of notches and not making it quite so huge and unwieldy.

  • patrik

    Sean do you live near an airfield? Could swear that I heard a plane going down somewhere around 1h 7 minutes mark..

  • Yeah we had the window open and there were a few airplanes that flew by during the show. Pearson Airport is about 20 minutes away.

  • Steve

    If you’re calculating humor in a crowded theater you could use a decibel meter. Record the loudness of each moment of laughter. There is probably some algorithm that could take into account the number of laugh moments and the median or mode decibel intensity.

    I actually don’t really mind the laughs per minute scale. Airplane was already my 2nd favorite comedy on my all-time list- after The Big Lebowski and before Raising Arizona. The only thing is that if you watch a movie often, you’ll get used to the jokes and not laugh as hard. The first time is always the best for a comedy, after that, a lot of the jokes just illicit a smile.

  • Brendan

    The “funniest movie by number of laughs” reminds me of “I Am Comic,” the doc about stand up comedy, where they had a guy who evaluated comics by measuring the length of the laughs versus when people didn’t laugh.

    A pet peeve I have related to what Jay touched on is actors playing news anchors and reporters badly. It usually is accompanied by bad writing too, like when they refer to themself as “this reporter” or offer too much opinion on what they’re supposed to be reporting, but so many actors draw out their dialog too much and try to act to ernest or emote more than they should.

  • Bob

    I give these comments a 5 overall, which means they are funny, bordering on very funny.

  • @#17

    That’s one of my peeves also. The best “news report acting” I’ve ever seen is in Night of the Living Dead.

  • JohnnyBlazed

    Watched V/H/S last night and really enjoyed it. Maybe it was partly due to my expectations being so low after listening to the Filmjunk reviews.

    *****V/H/S SPOILERS!!!*****

    I thought the surrounding story with the guys breaking into the house and watching VHS tapes was terrible… complete garbage. It brought the whole thing down and made no sense.
    I enjoyed the rest of the main stories though, except for the one in the woods, which was pretty shit as well. The video interference monster looked cool though.

    I’m surprised everybody hated the couple in the motel story so much, I really liked it. I thought it was cool that it was the only film that didn’t involve anything supernatural.
    None of the stories scared me, but I thought the video-messaging film was really creepy!
    The haunted house was my favorite, I can understand why they left that one till last.
    I give it a 4 on a sliding scale of -10 to +10. Unfortunately the weakest two segments really brought the score down.

  • cap

    When Jay said releasing Hobbit films full year apart is a problem I think he forgot that they did exact same thing with LOTR. Wasn’t a problem then, probably won’t be now.

  • I’m still wondering what the Hobbit runtimes will be. If they’re all 90 minutes them 3 movies isn’t overkill.

    I’ve been a big fan of Repo Man since I was a kid and my dad discovered it on TV. The opening motorcycle cop scene hooked me and there was a great theme song by Iggy Pop. I also love the plate-of-shrimp speech with the mechanic Miller (Tracy Walter-Bob the Goon from Batman). And did you notice the up-scrolling credits?

  • Napalm

    I donno you guys, I thought V/H/S was pretty decent. Especially that succubus part.

  • devolutionary

    I’m pretty sure Greta Gerwig has directed at least one film (Nights and Weekends), but yeah it does seem weird to include her in a movie like this otherwise.

  • KeithTalent

    @Jay: got my How To Build A Time Machine poster late last week and it’s bloody gorgeous. Going to hit the framer this week so I can hang it up. Heads up for those waiting on theirs; you won’t be disappointed!

  • @21 —- There’s always a chance that there could be some backlash though, and that three movies, no matter HOW far apart could be pushing it. Turning one book into three films, after so many years of false starts and Peter Jackson not even originally wanting to be the one to make “Hobbit”, looks and feels kind of like a cash grab, a desperation move, even though I have no doubt that they’ll be well made and everything. Granted, the behind the scenes happenings, whether it’s the creative stuff or everything about the rights being tied up and New Line not being the same place they used to be, isn’t going to be something the general moviegoing public cares or really knows much about, but has “Lord of the Rings” garnered enough of a new audience (it’s probably lost some of it along the way) since it’s been in theaters to make “Hobbit” as, or even MORE, successful? Again, the reason for this film (or trilogy now) happening so much later after the previous films wasn’t exactly a choice, but time and lot of half-assed, watered-down attempts to launch LOTR or Potter-like franchises in the meantime could have helped to hurt interest in the return of the real thing.

  • The Loved Ones is one of the best horror films ice seen in the past few years. FYI.

  • Airplane is still my favorite comedy of all time. For years I caught something new every time I watched it. And it’s still hilarious on the 100the viewing.