Film Junk Podcast Episode #384: Lawless

0:00 – Intro
6:45 – Review: Lawless
31:45 – Headlines: Justice League Movie Coming Right After Man of Steel, Beverly Hills Cop TV Show, Sony Movie About Video Game Console Wars, Female Version of The Expendables in the Works, Chinese Zodiac Trailer
44:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: Eight Men Out, The Darkest Hour, New Jack City, Shame, The Raid: Redemption, Kill List, Red Hill, Project X (1968), Compliance, The Damned United, Leviathan, The Newton Boys, The Ambassador, Broadcast News, A Dangerous Method
2:07:15 – Junk Mail: Tony Scott Story, Highest Octane Movies of All Time, How to Appreciate Movies That Are an Acquired Taste, Unofficial Sequels, Favourite Horror Movies, A Game + Top Secret
2:32:25 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:33:45 – Outro

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  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Shallow Hal 2 (Jack Black & Emile Hirsch)

  • Thanks for reading my e-mail! This last week, I got my first job behind the scenes, as I just started work as a production assistant on Joe Carnahan’s next project, the pilot for an A&E show called “Those Who Kill”, which will be the adaptation of a Danish crime drama. Seriously, if anyone out there wants to get involved in filmmaking, check out your state’s or nearest large city’s film office website, as they’re usually pretty good at letting people know about how they can get involved in upcoming projects, whether its in front of the camera or behind the scenes.

  • jarny

    what about a michael clarke duncan podcast?

  • patrik

    I would be interested in a female Expendables if Quentin Tarantino did it.. I’m sure he could do something with.

  • FYI: I may have jumped the gun on the mobile Bandcamp thing. It looks like you can stream the previews and purchase episodes, but you can’t stream the full episodes on their mobile site yet.

  • kyri

    creating an app that allows you to buy podcasts from it it’s not the easiest thing in the world ….when you do it for apple.
    in -app purchases is a pain in the ass.. and when you download something. apple doesn’t allow you to save it to the itunes library.. so you have to have them in a space inside the app. generally it’s a mess. like everything apple ‘regulates’

  • Yeah that’s why I thought it was kind of smart that Bandcamp was getting around it by doing everything on their own site. But they only have artist logins, no user accounts for regular listeners, so they can’t track who has purchased what albums and allow you to see the hidden tracks.

  • patrik

    I think Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is VERY high octane.

  • patrik

    Oh and Sean you’re crazy. You gotta rewatch Sunshine on blu-ray asap.

  • Schizopolis

    I hated Monsters. It wasn’t the Before Sunrise meets District 9 plotline that I hated. And the the filmmaking was decent for its budget. It was the two hipster morons that I completely loathed. They should’ve cast Lizzy Kaplan as the female lead instead of that milquetoast blonde just so I could hate the movie more.

  • Kasper

    #2 Sounds like doing American versions of danish tv shows is “the thing” lately – especially because they’re now picking up third rate shows. The danish version of “Those Who Kill” in itself is like a shitty knock-off of popular American crime shows.

    #9 Nawww brah, Solaris is great!

    #10 What’s wrong with Lizzy Caplan?

  • Special Sparkle

    I’m sure someone has pointed out that The Expendables (part 1, 2, or hypothetically-all-female) owes at least some of its brilliance I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, which did the same thing for blaxsploitation flicks.

  • Forgot to mention The Fugitive and U.S. Marshalls during the unofficial sequels discussion on the show.

  • How has it taken this long for me to find out that Sean is a New Jersey Devils fan? That’s crazy. Talk some sense into him, Greg.

  • sansho1

    Other female Expendables: Michelle Rodriguez, Lynda Carter, Michelle Yeoh, and, of course, Shelley Hack.

  • @11 — I think I remember seeing that the original series was from just last year, so maybe it’s also following the new trend of trying to get an American version of a show out before everyone can pull the old “It won’t be as good as the original (which I’d never even heard of anyway until it popped up on Netflix)” card, which seems to be pretty common, whether the original is actually any good or not.

    As I was helping set up the production offices today (the pilot is only in pre-production and still doesn’t film for another month), I heard one of the producers talking to someone on the phone about the script, and I already know who the killer is (or whatever the big mystery is). Dammit…

  • Henrik

    Apocalypto is insanely high octane! And I know Jay has an agenda against The Raid, but if you don’t consider that high octane, I don’t know what… Maybe The Accused or something.

    How about a Kickstarter for a Leonardo DiCaprio-as-Atari movie? Sounds like a great idea to me!

  • Kasper

    #16 Yeah, the show is from early 2011. And don’t worry, it’s not like it’s the same killer being chased throughout the show, and you always know who it is right off from the bat.

    The episode structure here was basically 5 TV movies cut up into 10 episodes, so each case took 2 episodes where you followed the cops and the killers simultaneously.

  • If you guys are doing a show next week and don’t want to go to the theater because of Tiff. I recommend checking out V/H/S it’s available on VOD and by other means.

  • There is a good chance we will end up reviewing V/H/S… assuming Frank can handle it, of course.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Tuesday the 17th rules. Ty West segment is brutal(oh shit she put his toothbrush in the toilet, so scary).

  • Chris B

    I enjoyed the Jay’s Spoiler Pantomiming. You guy’s need to capture that on video next time!

  • @18 —- Oooohhhh, OK. I was thinking of something a bit more drawn out, like “The Killing”, where they’re just working on the one case the whole season, or there’s just the one Big Bad.

  • bard


    Thank you so much for putting Grandaddy at the end there. Are you a big fan? I could hear the little bit of electronics in the background while you were still talking and was thinking, “No way…”, but it was there. One of my top bands of all time. Great, great choice.

  • devolutionary

    The mysterious audio-only descriptive cues Jay gives for Compliance were amazing. I can only assume I know what you were describing after the awkward silences (and laughs). You guys said so much more by saying so little haha.