Game Junk Podcast Episode #13: Mass Effect 3 and New Super Mario Bros. 2

0:00 – Intro / Frank’s Summer Slump
11:30 – Headlines: OUYA, PS3 / PS Vita Cross Buy Program, Rocksteady Developing a Justice League Game, Steam Greenlight, Sony Acquires Gaikai, Consumers Can Resell Digital Games in Europe, EA Sues Zynga for Copyright Infringement
56:45 – Hot Button: Free-to-Play Games
1:12:10 – Games We Played: Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect, NHL 13 / Madden 13 / NCAA Football Demos, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Rage, Rayman Origins, Top Spin 4, Eternal Sonata, FIFA 12 (iOS), Pocket Planes, Jurassic Park Builder, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Fallout 3, Risk (iPad), Lollipop Chainsaw, Sound Shapes, Quantum Conundrum, Deadlight, Wizorb, Astronot, Spy vs. Spy (iOS), Gasketball
2:27:15 – Junk Mail: Game Center CX, Wii-U, Games That Take Over Your Mind When You’re Not Playing Them, Diablo 3 + Senran Kagura, 3DS Street Pass, Next Gen Consoles, Games to Play with a Significant Other, Mass Effect 3 Ending, Speed Runs
2:56:45 – Upcoming Releases
3:02:15 – Outro
3:06:05 – 3DS XL Unboxing

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  • Cy-Ed

    Hang in there Frank

  • Dan Squires

    Just made my weekend gents. Will listen at work tomorrow, it’ll curb the urge to not slit my wrists working on Sunday. ;)

    I bow to the Game Junk Gawdz!

  • Dan Squires

    Oh, while i’m thinkin about it, Jay n Greg bullied(Film Junk) poor Frank pretty good last week. I’m with ya man, i believed you the whole time, and you were right as rain, loves me the Tony Scott.

    Those two bully fuckers’ll get theres!

    Haha! That was classic F-Junk.

  • Kinda surprised none of you guys were giving Sleeping Dogs or Darksiders 2 a poke. Sleeping Dogs is pretty damn fun if you like that asian ass-kicking detective type of movies.

    So, thanks Huckcity, for answering my repeated Mass Effect ending question. Glad to basically put the one REAL gamer on the show in the driver’s seat for a little while. :P (kidding, kidding! don’t kill me Frank!)

    I was just very curious what actual game designers thought of the whole crazy internet rage about the ending and how it actually pressed Bioware into doing a free ending addon. I completely agree it was way overblown and I really think Bioware knuckling under and making that extended cut has done something that will likely encourage more instances of internet rage over various things people don’t like in games.

    Anyhow, too bad only Andrew finished it. Still curious about Sean and Frank’s opinion. Should I ask again later? :P

  • kyri

    It’s a weird summer for games in general, it seems that something is going very wrong.

    My sales on the App Store are hitting rock bottom.

    everything is dead.. but I thought it was just me.

    We (you) should have a more in-depth discussion on what is killing the industry.

    I am really interesting in your opinions.

    here is my theory.

    back in the old day, there was no marketing for games. It was merely the power of the game that sold the units.

    big companies started spending millions and millions of $ on marketing. This boosted sales initially, but also created a weird side-effect.

    it gave the impression that all there is out-there is the same old franchises.

    companies were trying to keep their titles alive instead of focusing on making fun and original good games.

    the casual audience that gave the boost. got bored of the same old. the companies kept spending millions force feeding titles to the throats of people and thus blind them from finding good titles without marketing..

    and so that weird marketing-oriented strategy model in combination with the economic crisis killed the industry…

    I don’t know.

  • kyri

    I am interested in your opinion.

  • milath: I picked up Sleeping Dogs and I do plan on getting to Mass Effect 3 before the end of the year. Darksiders II sounds like my kind of game but I have yet to play the first one.

    kyri: A big part of the lull is definitely because developers are waiting for the next-gen consoles to be announced. But the longer we go without any announcements, the more chance there is that a lot of those mainstream gamers will just lose interest in video games altogether. I think you’re also right though… there are only so many Call of Duty games people will play before they get bored and then all the publishers will regret having put all their eggs in one basket.

  • Dan Squires

    Even though the port to PC was tragic, Dark Souls deserves your attention guys.
    One of the most brutal and engaging pieces of work to come out on any platform.

    Put down that overrated, over hyped, mediocre Mass Effect series and pick up a true masterpiece.

    It’s simple at it’s core(3rd person action rpg)but the design and atmosphere are brilliant, and you will die. You will die alot.

    Poke it!

  • Henrik

    Bioware is way better at doing action games than at doing RPGs, I really enjoyed Mass Effect 3 it was gorgeous.

    It’s bad having to pay to unlock content, but fuck, I am playing Batman and I can’t unlock a ton of challenge rooms, because I can’t figure out how to get the trophies, and can’t be asked to puzzle it out. How lame is that? I just wanna beat shit up in challenge rooms, not tap buttons to fly batarangs at shiny lights, and the game won’t let me… I’d almost rather be able to pay .99 and get that shit unlocked.

  • @Sean: I think you’ll enjoy the story/presentation at least in Sleeping Dogs. Also, I would just go ahead and play Darksiders 2 if I were in your shoes. DS1 is good and all, but DS2 is way more fun to me anyway. Just watch the cutscenes from DS1 on Youtube for the story and play the better game! :P

    @Henrik: Completely agree. Unlocking content via gameplay is a good incentive to play more, but at the same time it sucks if you don’t have the time to put into it.

    @Dan: Dark Souls is awesome and all, but I doubt the guys have the time to put into such a difficult game. Hell, it takes them a while to get a relatively easy game like Mass Effect done! Something that is so unforgiving would probably not go over that well with them. :P

    I wouldn’t mind hearing their opinions on it tho, with or without finishing it.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Franklin, Suda 51(Goichi Suda) is a person not a developmet team. That would be Grasshopper.

    Earth Defence Force

    Naughty Bear sucks. Rented free at the library, returned it the same day. Yup they have games at the library now. Well at least here in Mississauga.

    Deadly Premonition is a good bad game.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Anyone interested/living in the area here’s a link to the PS3 games in the Mississauga library branch.!S517607~!1100001~!1100002&aspect=basic_search&menu=search&ri=1&source=~!dial&term=Sony+PlayStation+3+video+games&index=SAW

    You don’t even have to go there to see what games are available/not rented out. Just reserve the game you want from that link online and they’ll send the game to the library of your choosing for you to pick up.

    They also have 360 and Wii games but you have to search for titles individually on the site. For some reason they’re not listed out like the PS3 games are.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Huh? If you click the link it doesn’t work. Have to copy and paste the whole thing.

  • Dan Squires

    @Milath: Agreed, these canucks are a buncha pussies. ;)
    I am of the PC(self absorbed elitist) master race. I don’t have time for handhelds, that’s kid stuff. The xbox and ps3 both have become dust collectors in my office. At this point in 2012 anything and everything looks like complete ass on a console.

    Yes, i realize graphics alone do not a good game make, i’ll always sit down to the Uncharted’s n Red Dead’s. And don’t get me started on how amazing Red Dead would be on a proper PC. Fuck you Rockstar.

    I challenge Frank and the guys to give Dark Souls a shot, If you can get past the pain of getting raped by a common skeleton, you’ll begin to see it’s genius, it will be the game you find yourself playing until 3am before you can pull yourself away.

    Or Frank might suck so bad he’ll simply run back to his DS for some Kirby comfort. ;)

  • Hell yeah.

    I *dare* you guys to play Dark Souls. I bet none of you will get past the first boss! :P Ok, maybe Frank. But yeah, that game is a serious exercise in frustration. heheh

    And I’d love RDR on PC too…. Maybe it’s a secret project? Probably not.. :( Oh well. At least we still get the GTA games on there… eventually.

  • I will admit that I’m interested in some elements of Dark Souls, but I think I can safely say I will be staying far away from it. There are too many other great games to spend my time on instead of suffering through a masochistic experience like that. It does sound like something Huckcity might be able to stomach though!

    @Tum Tum: I believe Huckcity has rented games from the same library previously. I might have to look into it.

  • Falsk

    My heart is exploding with joy at the Bit Trip Runner opening music. Eeeee.

  • Apparently, there may still be hope for me to play Dark Souls:

  • HuckCity

    @Tum Tum: good old Mississauga library. I have been known to borrow a game or two from there.

    @Dark Souls talk: I probably could be convinced to give it a go, but I also have a pretty low tolerance for getting my ass handed to me these days. I would like to give it a try, but I’d probably wait for a deal just in case it’s not my thing.

  • HuckCity

    @milath: I’m interested in Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders 2, but I’m having troubles finding time to dive into something new these days. I’m trying to work my way through some of the games I currently own and havent’ finished before I invest in new ones.

  • @huckcity I hear that. Finding time isn’t easy when your choice of entertainment routinely takes 10 or more hours just to complete and you have most of your days and nights spoken for by life and wife. :P

    Hope you get a chance to check them out soonish tho. They’re both pretty damn good games.

    And as for Dark Souls, the main point of frustration comes from everything respawning when you die. So if you get all the way to right before the next checkpoint and die, you have to re-kill everything to get back to the same point again.

    While that’s relatively easy early on, it’s later in the game when you’ve just barely made it through a large amount of difficult fights and then have to do it all again because some asshole fuckin boss one-shotted you when you weren’t ready, that it gets frustrating.

    I’ve only made it to around the middle of that game before I got so fed up I vowed never to touch it again. hehe

  • Colin

    Frank realizing that the Gold Nunchuck had come and gone was hilarious… sorry you missed out bud.

    Got mine as soon as they went available and quickly sold it for $90.

  • anonymiss

    frank, i will suck your cock if you do more film junk

  • HuckCity

    @milath – would you recommend starting with Demon’s Souls or just jumping into Dark Souls?

  • dirrrtyfrank

    I fired up Dark Souls last night … having briefly played Demon’s Souls I would say just jump into Dark Souls, the barrier of entry is a little lighter.

  • HuckCity

    PS trois?

  • Dan Squires

    I’m the one who brought up Dark Souls and challenged you’s guys! What, no love?

    In all seriousness, Demon Souls is a bit easier and getting a buddy to join your game is a helluva lot easier in Demon Souls.

    They fubard Dark Souls Multiplayer imo, it’s buggy and very hit n miss trying to get together with a friend.
    That said, Franks right, go with Dark Souls.

    If you can, do your best to stop thinking about it in terms of just getting through it. You’re going to die alot, take it slow, enjoy it, embrace the fact you will comeback and get a little further.
    Learn the patterns of each encounter you get into, and when you die to that bad ass Armored Boar that just raped your face, try strafing around him and poke him in his soft, bacon filled ass.

    And Sean, do you need me to get you a fuckin tissue? Just just play the game as it was intended, when you learn it’s way(the small messages & blood stains on the ground from other players throughout is genius) it really isn’t too difficult.
    Does it take patience and persistence? Yes. Is it rewarding as hell? Yes.
    This is what old school gaming is about gentlemen.

  • @Dan hahah sorry dude. I guess I co-opted your suggestion somehow.

    @huckcity Yeah I’d agree with everyone else. Dark Souls is just a ‘spiritual successor’ to Demon’s Souls. Sorta like Bioshock is a spiritual successor to System Shock. No story connections whatsoever so no real need to play the first one.

    And to be fair, this is nowhere NEAR as difficult as old school gaming was. This isn’t 3 lives, 1 shot death and no continues Ninja Gaiden NES hard.

    It’s just the respawning of things you killed already that can be frustrating. It’s not the most difficult game on the planet by a long shot. But it can and will often make you grip that controller harder than usual and remind you of the old days at times. :P

    P.S. Damn Frank you lucky bastard. You have some random female fan offering a blowjob for doing something you’re going to do anyway. Score! heheh

  • Dan Squires

    Exactly Milath, it isn’t like you have 3 lives to finish the game.

    But also keep in mind, when you die in Dark Souls, your souls(which are the currency in the game) lay on the ground where you died, if you do not make it back to those souls without dying, those souls are gone forever.

    I remember losing a million souls from 1 death at higher level, it’s makes grown men cry, lol.

  • Henrik

    A game easier than Ninja Gaiden is of no interest to me!

  • Falsk

    Aww, Frank love… although I’m raging that everyone seems to have all the puzzle pieces but me… WTF!?

    @Austin in Japan … or whoever you are. I work at at a TV station and after a long day of plowing through Portal 2 I realized all the low squat light stands looked EXACTLY like the Turrets and we have small, moveable walls that totally look Portal-able. It was blowing my mind…

  • Lucas3D

    Thanks guys, I love that this was 3 hours llong, pretty epic. Depressed Frank is more chipper than me on a good day, and best unboxing audio ever… or was it?
    I’d like to see Frank follow the Game Centre cx model and find a fun way to make a video playing a beloved retro game from his library, I’d buy it for a minimum donation easy. Franks pretty entertaining you could make some extra cash on the side playing games while you look for your future prospects.

  • I pretty much agreed with everything that Andrew said about Mass Effect 3. I had to force myself into the game because it just wasn’t as fun. What really bugged me was the fact that I had to play some multiplayer rounds so that it could count towards my readiness rating for the final battle.

  • HuckCity

    @Austin – I didn’t even try the multiplayer of ME3 because I don’t have an xbox gold account, but I totally agree with you that the whole “galactic readiness” push to multiplayer was annoying. Also a reason why I’m all about ps3 now.

    @Dan and Milath – I think you guys have convinced me to give Dark Souls a whirl. Once I get some time, I’ll be picking it up.