Film Junk Podcast Episode #383: The Tony Scott Tribute

Film Junk Podcast Episode #383: The Tony Scott Tribute by Filmjunk on Mixcloud

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  • Colin

    Nice! Good way to spend the wildcard episode

  • Cy-Ed

    a fitting tribute

  • bard

    Great thinking, guys. Can’t wait to hear it.

  • Austin in Japan

    Sweet! This is going to be a good episode!

  • scott

    ENEMY OF THE STATE and stuff like that turned me off of Scott’s films, but I watched THE FAN on netflix last year and finally got why the guy was so great. That’s an awesome fucking movie.

  • Film Ape

    Best opening to the podcast in the history of the show.

  • patrik

    Fully agree that Tony Scott has more good to great movies than Ridley, but Ridley has a few absolutely outstanding ones such as Blade Runner and Alien obviously..

  • patrik

    Loooove Top Gun btw. It’s probably still my favorite Tony Scott film. With Domino coming in second.

  • patrik

    Top Gun and Domino is the highest octane TS movies I think.

  • jarny

    unstoppable and true romance our my two favs from him

  • This isn’t pertaining to just this review, but I notice this happens a lot for many different films with the online film community.

    I love how everyone was shitting all over Domino when it first came out, but now every so called “cinephile” says they loved it when it first came out. Bullshit

    The online film community are bunch of followers that cant think for themselves.

  • Kasper

    You guys are crazy, Taking of Pelham 123 is amazing. It’s just the perfect fun goofy action movie. I love John Travolta in this and From Paris With Love.

  • Henrik

    For all of you Hans Zimmer fans out there, this is from his pop-music career (which is basically what he was doing in film music as well, up untill the oscar for Lion King):

    I’m sure most are familiar with the song, and at about 2 minutes in, it’s STRAIGHT out of Days of Thunder, one of his best scores!

  • anonymiss

    so good! way to go big dick frank!!!! your my hero!!!

  • anonymiss

    and my crush ;-)

  • sansho1

    Pausing in the middle to say I don’t think Frank got sufficient props for the “using cars to illustrate Sweet ‘N Low” joke.

  • ultimolee

    Thought you would have started with his first film Loving Memory?

  • dirrrtyfrank

    Thought I might have mentioned it … but I was trying to acquire Loving Memory but my internet cut out on me.

  • I think Frank has to take a look at this:

  • devolutionary

    Man, you guys (Jay and Greg) really enjoy teasing on the poor ol’ KoC there. I thought it was fairly obvious what he meant by octane. I’m sure his Tony Scott rating theory would’ve been understood if he had just said energy instead of octane. Anyways, great discussion as always fellas.

  • Henrik

    I hope Frank hears this so he can clue in a little to how much Jay has begun to troll him.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    i said octane rating because it is indeed a true measure of a gasoline as pointed out in the post above. That’s what I meant when I was referencing the number posted on gas pumps … its usually a measure of the octane rating of the gas.

  • Kasper

    It was pretty clear, Frank.

  • kyri

    Ironically Tony Scott was driving a Toyota Prius,. ..a very low octane vehicle..

  • Lori C

    Fantastic ep, gentlemen! Just wish Greg would add his opinion more often… sometimes I forget he’s even there.

  • Special Sparkle

    I never forget that Greg is there, but that’s probably because I’m usually jerking off to a photograph of him during the show. And the shows can get looooong, baby. They can get really fucking long.

  • To be fair, I think sometimes Greg forgets he’s there.

  • Just started listening to the episode! I’ll be sending in an e-mail about my experience getting to work with Tony Scott on “Unstoppable”, so hopefully you’ll give that a read next week!

  • Adam D.

    The beginning of the podcast gave me a greater level of appreciation of the badassness that is the phenomenon know to us as Sean. “Sean hit you out of the blue?!” Killed me man. Classic baby. A special shout out to Frank in this episode. My man brought it big and held his ground with humor and passion. High octane all the way! May The King Of Comedy long reign.

  • kyri

    #Special Sparkle

    wonna share pictures?

  • Greg

    I had hoped no one would mention anything, but since it was brought up…

    I was pretty excited about doing this show. Maybe not as much as Frank or Jay, but my own octane level was pretty high.

    Shortly after I arrived at Frank’s my stomach began acting up and while the guys searched for headphones I excused myself and went out to my car to chug half a bottle of Pepto. Don’t ask why I keep that in my car.

    About 10 minutes into recording, I excused myself again and laid waste to Frank’s very clean washroom. It was a bad scene. It took me almost until we got to Domino before I started to feel slightly better.

    Jay, being a very excellent moderator, kept throwing it to me because he could probably tell I wasn’t saying much and sometimes he goes out of his way to make sure I get my opinions in. Trying to come up with a coherent thought while Mount Vesuvius was waiting to erupt was quite difficult.

    I feel bad about my lack of involvement because I went on to the Film Junk facebook page and tried to get you guys as pumped as possible for the show. Sometimes I have a lot to say about a movie and sometimes I don’t, but I was ready to go into this because I love Crimson Tide, True Romance and Unstoppable so much. If my illness took the show down a notch for you then that really sucks because Jay and Frank gave 5 out of 5 performances and unknowingly covered for my interior rumbles and grumbles.

    Sometimes when the eggs smell funny, you should just skip the omelet.

  • sansho1

    Greg, you should have said something! I consider Film Junk to be primarily a gastrointestinal health podcast. The movie talk just fleshes it out a bit.

  • devolutionary

    Greg would definitely be the one to moderate Food Junk, or possibly Stomache Junk!

  • @32 YES! I said the same thing on the Facebook posting! That would have been perfect. Maybe Jay could have given Greg some pointers on how to properly lay waste to a friend’s washroom, between the movie reviews I mean. :P Gastrointestinal Health Junk ftw!

  • Kasper

    Greg, while you did feel a bit absent at times you hid your illness well!

  • Lucas3D

    I need to revisit this episode to see if I can hear the diarrhea in Greg’s voice.
    Great episode thanks guys, the opening music caught waaay off guard, sniff, you bastards.

  • Bob S.

    Just so we’re all clear, Frank really loves (i.e. hates) Tony Scott’s films, right?

  • antho42

    My favorite scene in True Romance is the Gary Oldman scene. It is so surreal.

  • Brendan

    The real reason Tony Scott gets forgotten next to his brother is that Ridley Scott is a much better name. “Ridley Scott” sounds like an auteur dicrector. “Tony Scott” sounds like an insurance agent or a dry cleaner. He should’ve gone with “Anthony” or “Antoine” or “Tone Loc.” At the very least, a middle initial would’ve helped; “Tony D. Scott” is already more memorable. And if he went full name, “Anthony David Scott,” he would’ve had a dozen Oscars.

  • sansho1

    I tried to watch Crimson Tide last night…Tarantino speaking through Gandolfini was unnerving. And was this the movie Greg said consisted solely of one-liners? Because it’s true! What was all that Hackman gibberish about the fucking sunset?

  • Falsk

    I love that “how was the mise en scene?” is the new “it is what it is”. You wonderful assholes, you. <3

  • Kasper

    Hahaha Falsk, spot on.

  • @41 — As much as I hate it when someone has such an off-the-wall criticism of the show, that one e-mail has led to one of the better running gags in recent memory. If you missed a week, you might wonder why the hell they keep asking that, but for regular listeners, is a really great callback. Speaking of running gags, I miss the hilariously out of context remixes that people were doing for a while :(

  • Kasper

    #43 The whole remix thing kind of ran its course. They were funny for awhile but it’s nice that there’s no longer any new ones being made. Perhaps they’ll have a resurgence at some point!