Film Junk Podcast Episode #382: The Expendables 2

0:00 – Intro
3:25 – Review: The Expendables 2
36:30 – Headlines: – Daredevil Reboot is Dead, Raiders of the Lost Ark Coming to IMAX, David Cronenberg Hates Superhero Movies, Man Shoots Himself in the Butt During Bourne Screening, The Last Stand Trailer, Bullet to the Head Trailer
56:20 – Other Stuff We Watched: 2012, Lone Wolf McQuade, Dream House, Beginners, The Usual Suspects, Adventures in Babysitting, The Dark Knight Rises, ParaNorman, The Campaign
1:18:50 – Junk Mail: Film Junk vs. ’95-’96 Chicago Bulls, Pre-Ordering Blu-rays Before the Movie Even Hits Theatres, Defining a Masterpiece, Comedians That Grew on Us Over Time, Favourite Westerns, Favourite Action Movies from The Expendables 2 Cast
1:44:15 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:46:20 – Outro

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  • sansho1

    I don’t recall The Usual Suspects as being a Pulp Fiction wannabe. It came out less than a year later — which would be enough time to throw together a shitty script and get it filmed, but The Usual Suspects wasn’t a hack script. If anything, I’d say it owed a debt to Reservoir Dogs.

  • bullet3

    That first junk mail might be the funniest moment of Film Junk 2012.

  • So what Sean is telling us is that Dick Wenk co-wrote The Expendables 2. Parents can be cruel.

    Oh, and for DVD releases I thought Greg said “Dick Taters”. Something is wrong with me.

    Not an action movie but “Idiocracy” is the best Terry Crews movie.

  • Austin in Japan

    Hey Jay, a few episodes back Sean was talking about Dick Tracy and you mentioned a show you’d been watching about Toy Collecting. What was the name of the show? It sounds cool and I want to watch it. I think you said it was ‘the toy collectors’ but I looked that up and couldn’t find it. Was it ‘Toy Hunters’?

  • Indianamcclain

    I wasn’t that big a fan of Expendables 2.

  • schizopolis

    I highly recommend Way of the Gun. Except for the opening scene with Sarah Silverman, it’s not a pulp, Tarantino-ish movie at all. It’s a modern Peckinpah western with Mamet dialogue. Great performances by Benicio Del Toro and James Caan. The marketing killed this movie because everyone expected it to be pulp (including me), but it gets serious and paranoid really fast. I watch this movie every year or so. Great director’s commentary by McQuarrie on the DVD too.

  • Tahir

    Have to agree with Sean – great beginning and ending but the middle was a tad lackluster.
    The callback lines got a bit silly but,overall, I
    enjoyed the film.

    And just for Greg…
    Just had a look at Arnie’s imdb page and there’s a
    listing for a sequel to Twins called Triplets.
    Arnie, Devito and Eddie Murphy to star.

    “Julius and Vincent Benedict discover they have a third sibling.”

    Wow – could this work ? The idea itself is freaking hilarious.

  • Jason_Miami

    The Usual Suspect parody you guys were thinking of, I believe, is the 1998 Leslie Nielsen classic ‘Wrongfully Accused.’ It’s mostly a parody of ‘The Fugitive’ but there’s that throwaway scene. That scene is also great because the guy he’s talking to is the guy from ‘America’s Most Wanted.’

  • Stan the Man

    Thanks for reading the e-mail guys. Great episode!

  • Henrik

    Frank saying Cheel-i was amazing…

    And I think he’s right, it’s a trend. Could have been called a gimmick before, but it’s not both at the same time! Cheel-i… That’s funny

  • patrik

    Scott Adkins is awesome in Undisputed 2 and 3. Very entertaining fighting movies.

  • kyri

    #2 …overstatement

    feature length animated Gif joke alone was 10 times more funny than that.

  • patrik

    Is Wesley Snipes out of jail in time for the next Expendables? He could play a drug lord villain that they have to take down..

  • Greg

    @Kyri: Maybe to Frank. The junk mail was much funnier.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    @Greg .. how dare you besmirch the opinion of the KOC

  • The person comparing you to the Chicago Bulls got the year wrong. It was the 1997-1998 Bulls that went 72-10. That was the end of their second three-peat of the 90’s, and the team as we knew it pretty much disbanded after that. The 1995-1996 season was Jordan’s first full season back (he came back in the middle of the 1994-1995 season) after having been retired for a couple of years following the murder of his father.

    As far as Amazon pre-orders are concerned, you have to remember that they have no investment at all in whether or not you see a film in the theater. It’s their business to get you to buy the thing after the fact, or to watch a film on their own on-demand service, and I’m sure the studios don’t mind their products being available for pre-sale so early, because it IS in their best interests for you to spend as much money on their products as possible, whether it’s in the theater or online. Speaking of that, having worked at a movie theater and a comic store, I’ve known a LOT of people that bitch about how much something is going to “suck” at one job, while being there at the other when they end up being the only ones there for the opening weekend of “Jonah Hex” or something. Sometimes, they will skip the theatrical release altogether, but then drop 20 bucks on the Blu-Ray when it comes out, but ONLY the Blu-Ray and not the combo pack with the DVD and digital copy, because someone has to show those studios who’s boss…

    No one pointed this out during the Expendables review and the discussion of how Arnold hasn’t really evolved, but did anyone else notice in the firefight at the end that Schwarzenegger didn’t seem to know how to handle his gun at all? Maybe it’s because it’s been so long, or maybe it’s because he’s best known as being an unstoppable killing machine that doesn’t have to sell the effects of firing a big-ass gun, but he really looks like he’s having a series of violent seizures. I really liked the supporting cast a bit more in this second film, and I think it’s a combination of them just being stronger in general and the older guys’ banter just being SO corny and forced, with the trading off of catchphrases and non-stop winking to the audience. Like I said, Arnold may have been having a seizure, but I don’t know Willis and Stallone’s excuse.

    I really liked Couture’s role as the guy that just craps on everyone else’s efforts, because he really doesn’t have his own schtick. You mentioned the “retards” line, but there was also a bit when Dolph’s bomb didn’t go off that I liked. Dolph said something like “I think it’s because the phosphorus was wet”, and Couture just says “Maybe it’s because you suck”. It’s just so childish and NOT clever, but it’s better than hearing Arnold say another variation of “I’ll be back”.

    A friend of mine had only this to say about Chuck’s role in the film: Norris Ex Machina.

    Did anyone sit through the credits of the film in hopes of there being an extra scene at the end where the Expendables, all exhausted and worn out from saving the world, are quietly sitting around a table in some burnt-out diner somewhere eating their “last” meals? Couture would of course be chomping down on some Frosted Flakes or something.

  • @12 —- I agree. It reminds me about when I joke with folks about what the first movie “based on the best-selling iPhone app” will be.

  • Steve Kasan

    My favorite line in EX2 was when Arnold called Dolph Frankentstein. For some reason, I guess it’s because Arnold said it, or, like Frank with the funny voices I just kept laughing so much.
    I do agree with Sean, I was disappointed with the final fight with Van Damme and Stallone. Lenght and it was too one-sided. Yeah, JCVD can do the helicopter kick, but, could have been much much more.
    Another favorite part was the slight subtle things Dolph would do in the background like pat the lady when they walk out of the church and the eye wipe.

  • Essie

    @ 16 –

    95-96 was the 72-10 season, just as I said.

  • @19 — Huh, my mistake, I guess I had the years mixed up. I think I may have thought that the second threepeat and the killer season were the same year, as they were pretty unstoppable again at that point, and it was a given that they would KEEP on winning. I was going to look first, but I thought I was SO sure. Hmmmmmmm. My apologies!

  • Greg

    Next time someone can compare us to the 2012-2013 Los Angeles Lakers who go 73-9 and win the NBA Championship. Frank would be Dwight Howard then.

  • Bob

    These comments are turning into quite the shanty town. No?

  • kyri

    They do share the same upper body physique…

  • Steve Kasan

    The opening junk mail was fantastic. To @Greg, another comparison aside from the upcoming 2012-13 Lakers, the Film Junk crew can be like the Chicago Cleavage from Married…With Children.
    It is 1994 and Baseball is on strike, downstrucken Al and his NO MA’AM group forms a new baseball league sponsored by the Nudie bars. The Jiggly Room is the main sponsor for the Chicago Cleavage.
    There were the Boston Bazooms, Buffalo Bodacious Ta-Tas, and, the San Francisco Guys.
    Greg would be Al for obvious reasons. Jay is Jefferson. Frank is definitely Bob Rooney and Sean would be delegated to Griff. Plays it straight but has out there comments.
    Reed on special appearances would be similar to when Akbar, owner fo the Jiggly Room, would appear on episodes.

    How did the Chicago Cleavage do? Well, the league went on strike. So no baseball from the Nudie League.

  • rjdelight

    And another piece of Film Junk lore is forged – The Wild Card Show. Perhaps Way of the Gun could be the premiere?

  • @dirrrtyfrank

    Have you checked out the Rich Eisen podcast? It’s not as good as the BS Report but still pretty good.

  • bullet3

    Jay, if you do follow through on re-watching Universal Soldier, I highly recommend you also watch the true sequel Universal Soldier: Regeneration, which wisely ignores the awful Universal Soldier: The Return, and is the best film in the series. It mixes the Children of Men aesthetic with a John Carpenter type plot (and music), and is really a hidden gem of an action film (Van Damme and Lundgren return).

  • I too thought that “Universal Soldier: Regeneration” was pretty great, even if Van Damme and Lundgren are on the bench for most of the film. I remember “Universal Soldier: The Return” being pretty bad, so I re-watched it on Netflix last week, and it was even worse than I remembered. Wasn’t this JCVD’s last theatrical feature before disappearing into straight-to-video hell for almost a decade? “The Return” had production values that didn’t look much better than the made-for-cable “Universal Soldier” films (anyone else seen THOSE?), and aside from Michael Jai White and Bill Goldberg (who is seen in “The Return” basically playing Bill Goldberg), all of the other UniSols were a bunch of schlubby stuntmen. At least the first film was populated with some recognizable “that guy” actors.

    But yeah, “Universal Soldier: Regeneration”, a damn fine straight-to-video flick directed by Peter Hyams’s kid (I think he himself may have been the D.P.) is well worth checking out. Both the main baddie and the good guy that isn’t Van Damme are MMA fighters, and the three main fights (those two fighting each other, JCVD vs. Dolph, and JCVD vs. the big bad) are all pretty sick.

  • bullet3

    The single-take Children of Men style sequences with Van Damme are some of the best action scenes of his career. has a good review of it.

  • Greg – no one said anything when you mentioned “AIRPLANE” as a masterpiece. I agree! Other comedy masterpieces:

    A Fish Called Wanda
    Willy Wonka
    Dr Strangelove
    Dazed and Confused
    Bottle Rocket
    Big Lebowski

    And I need a couple more rewatches, but I might put “In the Loop” on that list as well.

  • Brendan

    @Andrew, I’m not sure about Dazed and Confused, I tried watching it but bailed out pretty early. It may get better, but it didn’t grab me. Maybe I didn’t give it a fair shake.

    Other than that & Bottle Rocket (haven’t seen), I’d agree that a case can be made for each of those comedies.

    One film off the top of my head that I think could also be considered a comedy masterpiece is This Is Spinal Tap.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    As I was walking around the house today I thought of Dazed and Confused as a comic masterpiece … I would also concur with Big Lebowski. Good call @Andrew !

    It’s just tough sometimes to think of those things on the spot , without a little bit of research and prep time.

  • JohnnyBlazed

    When are you guys doing the Bond premium cast? Can you include Live and Let Die please, its my favorite Bond film. The one with the ski chase is pretty cool too, but I forgot what its called.