Kim Ji-woon’s The Last Stand Trailer Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Although The Expendables 2 marks Arnold Schwarzenegger’s triumphant return to the big screen in a non-cameo role, it is actually The Last Stand that will truly put his star power to the test after a decade out of the spotlight. The movie is also significant for another reason: no, not the comeback of Johnny Knoxville, but rather the English language directorial debut of Korean filmmaker Kim Ji-woon, the same man who brought us The Good, the Bad, the Weird and I Saw the Devil. If that’s not enough reason to be excited, I don’t know what is.

The movie stars Schwarzenegger as Ray Owens, the sheriff of a small town called Sommerton Junction. A disgraced former LAPD officer, Owens is once again called into action when a drug kingpin named Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega) escapes from an FBI convoy and makes a run for Mexico. The movie also stars Peter Stormare, Forest Whitaker, Harry Dean Stanton, Luis Guzman and Genesis Rodriguez, and it looks to be packed with explosions and high speed car chases. But can Arnold still cut it as an action star? The Last Stand hits theatres on January 18th; check out the trailer after the jump let us know what you think.

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  • kyri

    oh, boy…

    I wish the trailer looked more encouraging …

  • Colin

    I’m completely jacked for this movie.

  • rjdelight

    Such an 80s plot. I love it!

  • Kasper

    Haha I’m totally on board for this. It looks completely ridiculous.

  • La Menthe

    “I haev scene enouuuff blooood and death; i no whats cominn”. I’m sold!

  • Nic Lipelli

    Take my money…

  • Jesus, Harry Dean Stanton? Is he just there to stand around and make Arnold look younger?

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Love the G/B/W door slam allusion.

  • Jonny Ashley

    looks fun

  • patrik

    I am totally on board for this. WOOO!! “old”, fucking classic. No one can do what Arnold does and I have fucking missed him. I didn’t realise how much I missed him until I saw two seconds of him in the trailer for teh first “Expendables” and now I’m extatic.

    Ejaculation all over that trailer.

  • rjdelight

    @ PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Here’s there to be awesome.

  • Mike H

    WELCOME BACK ARNIE!!!! This definitely looks vintage Arnold, cannot wait to see this flick as well as The Expendables 2 this weekend!!!!

  • JC

    wish it were more serious… looks like Knoxville is reprising his “Ringer” role… is he supposed to be mentally ill??

  • I am in.

  • HFD

    Totally can’t wait. Love me some Ah-nuld!!

  • Shane

    Damn time Arnie got a full “reboot”. Don’t fuck it up, you dirty Austrian!

  • Maopheus

    Yet, another movie where Arnie has a Wasp name but no attempt is made to explain why he speaks with an Austrian accent. I don’t know whether it’s lazy writing, but why can’t screenwriters just throw in 3 lines of exposition to explain it. Hell, at least in Predator, the guy’s name is Dutch. His character’s background is never explained but just from the name alone he’s obviously an immigrant of Germanic descent. Just giving a German-sounding name alone is enough.

  • Steve Kasan

    all I can say is, YEAH! In macho randy savage tough guy tone

  • Bryan

    How did you not point out Johnny Knoxville!

  • Bryan

    Whoops you sure did. My mistake.

  • Ray Owens? Yep, that sounds like a name someone with a thick German accent would have. Just add it to the long list of improbable names Arnold’s characters have had throughout his career. Let’s look at the checklist, shall we?

    Gordy Brewer
    Adam Gibson
    Jericho Cane
    Howard Langston
    Harry Tasker
    Jack Slater
    John Kimble
    Douglas Quaid
    Ben Richards
    Joe Santo

    At least in the upcoming movie, The Tomb, he’s named Rottmayer. “It’s not a tomb!”

  • Xidor

    Looks like the same small town as Thor.

  • @21 —– How could you have possibly missed John Matrix?

  • I think we ought to be more excited about the director than the star here. It’s great to see Arnold in action again, but some parts of the trailer feel like too much of a self-parody at times (by the way, am I the only one that gets reminded of buddy Stallone’s Copland here?)

    However, Kim Ji-woon is fantastic. I’ve watched A Tale Of Two Sisters and I Saw The Devil and they’re both great (and completely different genres). His storytelling style is fresh and his visuals are kinetic without being overbearing.
    It remains to be seen if he gets too absorbed into the Hollywood machine, but the visuals in the trailer are impressive for sure.

  • @23
    D’Oh! I guess I just blocked that one from my mind because Commando was horrible.