Film Junk Podcast Episode #381: The Bourne Legacy

0:00 – Intro
2:20 – Review: The Bourne Legacy
41:45 – Headlines: Ben Affleck Rumoured for Justice League Movie, Sony Making an ALF Feature Film, Bill & Ted 3 Gets a Director, The Expendables 3 Casting Rumours
56:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Identity (1988), The Ninth Gate, Grosse Pointe Blank, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, Singles, Three Days of the Condor, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Hit So Hard, School of Rock
2:06:50 – Junk Mail: Children of Men Olympics, Total Recall Post-Production Changes, Most Anticipated TIFF Movies, Indie Directors Transitioning to Big Franchises, Thinking About Ratings While Watching Movies, Biggest Cinematic Disappointments, Why We Don’t Discuss TV + Dwight Howard, KOC’s Favourite TV Comedy, Film Junk App + Cantankerous + Movie Organization Manifesto: Part 3
2:40:25 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:43:40 – Outro

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  • Kasper

    Frank is right on the money – the first I’ve ever heard who has agreed with me on the quality of the Bourne movies: 2, 1 and then 3.

  • Gerry

    Jay please post the unedited Cantankerous podcast.

    20 minutes of Reed having to be persuaded to tell a story. Sounds frakking awesome.

  • rjdelight

    The King didn’t see The Campaign??

  • Just FYI, the Bourne books have literally nothing to do with the movies. The original Bourne books are a spy thriller set in the 80s. Bourne is *completely* different (a somewhat normal family man, whereas movie Bourne is a loner/on the run/etc.).

    Now, I’ve only read the Ludlam books, so I can’t comment on any directions they’ve taken the series since, but I still doubt the later books have anything to do with the movies either.

    P.S. I like the trilogy of movies way more than the books.

  • Actually, Damon and Greengrass teamed up again in Green Zone. Which was mediocre.

  • Yeah I think we mention that a bit later in the show. I guess Greengrass and Damon do not automatically make a movie good… the story needs to be there too.

  • Jay, enough with the five star scale. Nobody gives a shit about your personal scale. Just say what it is out of four stars.

  • Bob

    Keep the 5 vs 4 star going. It’s the best, especially when the two are mixed up.

  • projectgenesis

    Just a friendly question: Sean, in the show notes could you switch Jay’s rating bar to a possible 5 stars instead of 4? That way, we don’t have to guess and translate his 4 star rating if we want to see a movie before listening to the podcast.

  • Probably not. It would be a bit of work and it’s kind of one of the reasons I resisted changing over to 5 stars in the first place. Just check his Twitter or Letterboxd if you need to know the 5 star equivalent.

  • Kasper

    I like The Ninth Gate a lot, a bit surprised it wasn’t Jays thing. It’s a bit of a goofy ending but in a good way.

    Oh and Roland Emmerichs Universal Soldier is amazing. Can’t believe neither Frank nor Jay mentioned it.

  • patrik

    I like The Ninth Gate quite a lot as well, it’s an enjoyable watch. Spy Game too, for me anyway.

  • Brendan

    I read Ludlam’ Bourne trilogy long before the movies were made, so it took a little while to get over the changes and omissions. I still wish the movies included the “rest is a weapon” tenant that was repeated through the books. It’s been a while since I read them, but as I recall, another aspect of the novels was that the third book took place years after the first two, and focused on Bourne as an older man, still struggling with a lot of memory gaps, and having to get back in the game to go after Carlos “The Jackal.” It makes wonder if The Dark Knight Rises borrowed from that book, intentionally or not.

  • kyri

    to say that The day after tomorrow has an agenda is just silly, Ronald just did his thing there like he did every other time.

    [Allien doomsday theory: Independence day]
    [Bio-genetics doomsday theory:Godzilla]
    [2012 doomsday thing: 2012]
    [Global-wabal: The day after tomorrow]

    nothing personal.. it’s just his thing.

    even in 10,000BC he plays with such theories putting the pyramids at that time..

    you never know which one of these theories might be correct.. you gotta do them all!!

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Loved Sean’s “ohh destroyed”(he’s been doing a lot of impressions lately, quite effectively). Also, loved Frank’s Emmy Rossum story.

    Why did you guys laugh at the 2:09:39 spot? Jay was giving you money, something happened and you all laughed.

  • “Day After Tomorrow” had one of the greatest unintentionally hilarious laugh out loud moments I can remember. There’s a scene late in the film where the President is in the White House, or wherever they were, when of his assistants or advisers comes in and says something like “You’re the last one here, sir. We need to go”.

    WHAT?!?!?!? I don’t care if you ARE the leader of the free world, it is NOT up to you. Your ass is the first one out the door when shit goes south. I forget what exactly he was hanging around for, but they left, and he didn’t make it. He pretty much died so that the VP, who’d been a complete ass up to that point, could have a change of heart and give Quaid (or whoever) the “we should have listened, you were right all along” speech. Speaking of which, there was literally NOTHING that would have changed if they would have taken Quaid more seriously at the beginning. It’s not like “Deep Impact” (or Emmerich’s own equally ridiculous “2012′) where they spent a year preparing in secret for the shit to hit the fan. It pretty much happened the next DAY.

    Other favorite stupid stuff in “Day After Tomorrow” included people favoring the possibility of freezing to death over throwing books in a fire, smart people having to have things explained to them like they’re third grade science students and not people that are smart for a LIVING, and the idea that “There HAS to be life-saving antibiotics on that random Russian ship that washed up right next to the library”. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, but wasn’t there some kind of commentary on our busting down on illegal immigration? I think I remember there being a bit about how the population of the U.S. was having to evacuate to Mexico.

    I haven’t seen “10,000 BC”, but I hear that the ignorance towards geography is pretty astounding. “Universal Soldier” is incredible, definitely Top 3 JCVD/Top 4 Dolph.

  • scott gibbons

    Yeah, i also have Greenburg and Greenzone, quite spooky, but inbetween i have Greenstreet, its a little diferent, but i think it would Annoy you also.

  • Frank, the songs that feels like they belong to GROSSE POINTE BLANK to me are “Let My Love Open the Door” and “Under Pressure.” Everytime I hear them I think of the reunion from the film and especially that great scene of Cusack and the baby staring at each other and Cusack re-evaluating his life as he talks to his classmates. Those songs fall with all of the John Hughes heavy-handedness that totally work for me and are as iconic as say “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” in the Breakfast Club. And all of the the Clash, Jam Specials stuff is nice too and still hasn’t been done as much.

  • @ IcarusArts

    I have to disagree, as “Look Who’s Talking” used “Let My Love Open the Door” in what I believe was the opening title sequence, a terrifying, nightmare-inducing journey of sperm blasting through Kirstie Alley’s body. “Let My Love Open the Door” opens the door alright. It kicks it right the fuck off it’s hinges into a world of pain.

  • how about for TV discussion for stuff like Celebrity Apprentice that you ALL watch and enjoy talking about why not just still record a conversation about it and throw that either up as a bonus podcast so that people who are interested can listen and those who aren’t can not listen? or put it after the outro sort of like the spoiler discussions and then again if people want to skip it they easily can but those that are interested can keep listening?

  • I think I said it elsewhere in the site, but a Justice League film is bound to look too silly for it’s own good if not embracing the right tone. I think it should differ from The Avengers and not try and emulate it. It should be no more than two hours long, not be an origin story, set preferably in space or Metropolis for the most part, and either not involve Batman at all or have him in a cameo role.

    I still think it’s a tall order.

    One of the biggest cinematic disappointments I can recall was Van Helsing. The director of the hugely-entertaining The Mummy is making a movie with all the other Universal monsters? Sounds awesome. Then the movie came out and it was a wet noodle of bad CGI and incoherent noise. I’ll admit I haven’t re-watched it since. Maybe it gotten better over the years… or maybe not.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    Not to be a challenging dickhead and I respect the opinions and thoughts of @IcarusArts and @PlanB … but “Let My Love Open the Door” will be forever be remembered as the CLOSING credits song of Look Who’s Talking … the opening credits song is “I Get Around” by The Beach Boys … but that song is attached to the hip for life to Flight of the Navigator

  • Oooooooohhhh, thank you for correcting me. I had it all switched around. Maybe now I can hear the song again without having the horrifying visions of Kirstie Alley’s insides. I am in debt to you Frank for freeing me from the nightmare.

  • Oh wait, hold on a fucking second! “Three Kings” OWNS “I Get Around”!

  • Of course, I respect your opinions as well @Frank and I certainly won’t dis Flight of the Navigator, but best use wins out over first use (otherwise discount half of Tarantino’s soundtrack selections) and for my money that is Grosse Point Blank. Those songs actually engrain themselves in the DNA of those scenes pretty significantly. Closing credits of Look Whose Talking doesn’t even rank. And though I like the usage of “I Get Around” a lot, that one also has a pretty strong challenger in Three Kings, if you ask me. Which you didn’t.

  • Oh, sorry @Plan B. I didn’t see your last post. I agree.

  • schizopolis


    Does the last scene in The Bourne Supremacy of Bourne walking in NYC after spying on Landy hurt its trilogy cred? Notice that it’s spring or fall in NYC. Whereas that same scene recreated in Ultimatum, it’s winter in NYC. For me, that continuity error is annoying. They should go back and fix it.

    Bourne Trilogy ranking for me is 1, 2 then three. Identity is character heavy and set the benchmark for the spy-thriller genre. I love his speech in the diner.

  • @IcarusArts

    It’s all right, you’re just as passionate as I am about the “I Get Round” issue.

  • I’m sorry, I meant “I Get AROUND”. “I Get Round” sounds like it’d be a Weird Al joint, or something by one of those rapping people that doesn’t know how to spell.

  • I hated Legacy.. it was long and for the most part boring.. I actually think it devalues the previous 3… The final action scene was the final nail in the coffin the Terminator LARX is laughable.. the jumping from one motorbike to another without a speed wobble is ridiculous.. it lost all sense of realism i feel the previous 3 had established..