Film Junk Podcast Episode #378: The Dark Knight Rises

0:00 – Intro
3:45 – Review: The Dark Knight Rises
36:00 – Headlines: Jessica Biel to Play Viper in The Wolverine, Dwayne Johnson Confirms Lobo Casting Rumours, Anthony Mackie in Talks For Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Gary Ross to Direct Peter Pan Prequel, Hellboy 3 Might Happen, The Dark Knight Shooting, Fred Willard Masturbation Scandal, The Master Trailer, The Man of Steel Teaser Trailer
59:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: Harold and Maude, Wanderlust, The Devil’s Double, Brave 3D, Hardware, Lord of War, Silent House, Operation Condor (Armour of God II), Shallow Grave, Cast Away, Death Becomes Her, 127 Hours
1:21:20 – Junk Mail: Dark Knight Shooting, Movies That are Enjoyable Because of the Plot, Kathy Griffin Talks During Magic Mike Screening, Actors Playing Multiple Roles Within a Movie/TV Series, What’s Funnier: Die Hard or Lethal Weapon?, Remakes That Might Have Been Good if the Original Didn’t Exist
1:42:50 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:44:15 – Outro
1:45:14 – Spoiler Discussion: The Dark Knight Rises

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  • Jr


    The fingerprints were for the stock market heist so that they could make purchases with Bruce’s fingerprint authorization. I’ve noticed that there are many things, not only in the Batman films but in most of Nolan’s films that are shown like this. Plot points that are not addressed directly but shown in very brief moments. So the explanation is usually there, just easy to miss.

  • Greg

    Bob: Light. Very light.

  • Justin

    I love it when Andrew James and the hipster cast make comments about the quality of the show.

  • Greg

    Anyone else think that the above pic of Batman looks like Jay under the cowl. They have the same shaped head.

  • patrik

    Man o man.. Alfred totally missed out on Bruce banging Talia.. He’s been striving for 2,5 movies and then he’s not there when it happens..

  • kyri

    Batman & Jay do look fairly much alike.. yet still neither Superman nor Ironman could physically create a Sonic Cone.

  • James Bond

    Jay, was the movie you were trying to think of in the Spoiler section Ghost Protocol?

  • James

    Absolutely loved the movie. Best I’ve seen in at least 1,5 years. It has flaws, sure, but also some of the most memorable and balls out landmark sequences in a movie of this budget. The siege scenes, kangaroo courts, the abyss/climbing scene, the kid singing before Bane is blowing shit to hell, ect. And you really feel for the characters. The build up to the comeback and is 100% earned and the title “Rises” makes sense. You see all the men of Gotham rise as well. And I loved that we FEEL Bruces bravery in that he has no problem going against Bane in a fistfight nr.2. He just does it. That is bravery from the bones without spelling it out to me.

    I also thought the ending was extremely satisfying.

    I can’t understand why Jay loves escape from new york and not this. Rises blows it out of the water

  • Franck Lloyd

    Please don’t let Jay review any more films with a decent plot. This wasn’t the first time that we discover, only after a heated discussion, that he had missed an essential plot point. (The timing of Talia’s explanation, the repair of the autopilot, …) Just let him be the loveable grouch with the monotone voice.

  • WOW. Nuno’s thoughts on what the ending Gould have been were the exact same things I was thinking when I saw it. Down to the frame I thought it should have ended at. Knowing Smile and then cut to black and then the end.

  • JohnnyBlazed

    Think I’ll wait for this one to come out on Blu. I find Batman a bit gay.

  • Surprised at how much I liked this. Although, as with most Nolan films, when watching I’m completely engaged, but after the experience feels empty for some reason. Nolan’s films are good looking snacks? Fine.

  • Jr

    I agree with that. It would have been awesome. Of course, if he had done that, the entire internet community would be complaining that he ripped of the ending of his last movie.

    Batman finds Ghost Rider a bit gay.

  • Other Greg

    Regarding Greg’s comments on the audio, this is from the New Yorker review:

    “But the over-all sound balance in “The Dark Knight Rises” is so screwy that everyone’s dialogue, not just Bane’s, is forever being swallowed by ambient noise, and I began to wonder if we were even meant to follow the labyrinth of the plot.”

  • Mrespony

    The ending had me thinking about the last few panels of The Dark Knight Returns, whose influence is most prominent in this last film. Even the idea of Batman expecting to die, fantasizing about the best way to go, but then finally realizing that life is worth it. At the end of that series the “Batman” was thought dead as well, with Bruce Wayne continuing his work with a new generation of young heroes. Kudos to Nolan for getting as close as possible to bringing that particular Batman storyline to film, and for that, I loved it.

  • Mrespony

    oops, incomplete thought there. What I meant was “Even the idea of Batman expecting to die, fantasizing about the best way to go, but then finally realizing that life is worth it, a theme that runs through TKDReturns is present, although characterized differently in TKDRises.

  • mrhorse


    i think there’s a symmetry there with bane and batman killed & stabbed respectively by a lady. marion seemed plucked out of a giallo film, for some reason it remined me of those.

    btw, that movie Jay was trying to remember, right at the end, it might be The Peacemaker.

    most excellent podcast, i must say. just got around hearing it, great stuff. thank you!